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IBA-150 (Índice Bursátil Ardesférico - 150) is the most-widely cited composite index of the main Ardispherian Stock Exchange, Mercado de Valores de Villa Constitución (MVVC). It is a composite of the top 150 Ardispherian publicly-traded or closely-held stock-equity companies by market capitalization. The index is weighted by free-float market capitalization, so more valuable companies account for relatively more of the index. A broader index called IBA-C (Índice Bursátil Ardesférico - Compuesto) is made up of all the stocks traded on the MVVC. The IBA-150 is used as a proxy for the state of the Ardispherian economy in financial reporting, as well as forming the definitional bases for a number of index funds and other indexed financial products. The base date for weighting calculation (IPA-150 = 100) is defined as January 2, 1985. As of December, 2014, values for the IBA-150 have been around 240.

Current Members

Here is a table of the members of the IBA-150 for December, 2014, in descending order by market cap.

Symbol Company Market Cap ($Ar billions) Headquarters Industry Employees Notes
GSE Saehan Group 211.3 Jeongto-si, CC map Consumer Electronics tbd
BD Bancodón 122.9 Villa Constitución, DF map Financials tbd
PS PetroSphere 101.2 Caracol, DS map Hydrocarbons tbd
FIFU fifu.fa 93.1 Orlando Duquederrosas, DO map Internet Services and Retailing tbd
IFH Industria Farmaceútica Hiyakawa 87.1 Colofón, DC map Pharmaceuticals tbd
GA Grupo Alarcón 78.2 Cerro y Casa, DO map Industrial Conglomerate tbd
MG Mokgang 73.9 Jeongto-si, CC map Mining Consortium tbd
EAA EMAVAR 71.3 Villa Constitución, DF map Aircraft and Avionics tbd 41% Owned by Ardispherian Federal Government
BG BanGrande 69.0 Villa Constitución, DF map Financials tbd
LDT Licores Don Tañan 67.9 Volquete, DC map Beverages tbd Closely held by Saint-Pierre family
R Ruífono 62.3 Josusí, DF map Media and Broadcasting tbd
FAA Finira (FAAR) 51.2 Worthington, DC map Automotive tbd Historically "Fabricantes Automotrices del Ardesfera" (FAAR), now wholly-owned subsidiary of Karolian automotive manufacturer Finira. This listing is thus a depository receipt stock for Finira.
DCH Dulces Chinchin 46.5 Eustaquio Estranjero, DC map Food Processing tbd
PK PapaKim 40.2 Jido-si, CC map Restaurants tbd
A Compañía Aérea Ardesférica 29.5 Sórabol, DC map Air Transport tbd 15% Owned by Ardispherian Federal Government
CS Chang y Sainz 27.5 Ancho del Río, DF map Rail Infrastructure tbd
CP Cocepoa 25.0 Cemento, DC map Cement tbd
AS AeroSur 24.8 Ciudad Independencia, DS map Air Transport tbd
D Draco Group 19.6 Villa Constitución, DF map Construction and Real Estate tbd
MA Marítima Ardesférica 18.9 El Cabo, DS map Sea Transport tbd
FF Ferrocarriles Federales 18.8 Torre de Ladrillo, DC map Rail Transport tbd 45% Owned by Ardispherian Federal Government
SA Sagua Autocar (사과자동차) 16.5 Jeongto-si, CC map Truck, bus and coach manufacturing tbd
O Ferrocarriles Orientales 13.5 Villa Constitución, DF map Rail Transport tbd
YI Almacenes Yi 11.7 Villa Constitución, DF map Retail tbd Closely held by Yi family
ABLA Alimentos Blanquiana 9.8 Bahía Negra, DS map Food Processing tbd
FBN Ferrocarriles Bahía Negra 8.1 Caracol, DS map Rail Transport tbd

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