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Sagua Autocar

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260px sagua logo.png
Sagua Autocar is a focused truck, bus and coach manufacturing company with headquarters at tbd in Jeongto-si, CC, Ardisphere.

Founded in the 1960s as a bus refitter, purchasing used buses internationally and refurbishing them for domestic market, Sagua has grown to be a mid-sized manufacturer of urban and regional buses, van- and coaches for both domestic and international markets, and also manufactures or adapts an array of small special purpose trucks (tankers, tow trucks, street cleaners, etc.).

"Sagua" is a castellanezation of the simple Gohangukian noun "sagwa" (사과), which means "apple." The original shop built by the founder, Laurencio Seungmin Pak, in 1961, was at the site of his grandfather's apple orchard in the northern reaches of Jeongto City. Hence the name and logo.

Current Models