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Alarcón Group

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Alarcón Group (Grupo Alarcón)
Traded asGA, MVVC
Industryheavy equipment
 power generation
 medical equipment
 engineering and consulting
FounderAndrea de Alarcón
HeadquartersCerro y Casa, DO, Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere
Area Served Worldwide
Key PeopleOsvaldo Ariake, CEO
Productsconstruction equipment
 power plants, generating equipment
 medical equipment (x-ray, CT, MRI)
Service(s)business systems consulting
 toll road operators
 power plant operators
 b2b financial servicies
 engineering and design services
Total Equity78.2 bn $Ar

Alarcón Group (formally Grupo Alarcón Industriales, SA de CV) is a large Ardispherian conglomerate that includes heavy industry, equipment manufacturing and business consultancy divisions.

The corporate headquarters forms one of the anchors for the economy in the city of Cerro y Casa, DO (map). Other major operational locations include their consultancy and finance divisions, based in Villa Constitución, DF, their several nuclear power plants which they operate under contract with the Compañía Nacional de Poder y Electricidad (CNPyE), including Southland, DS (map), and Granja Grande (홍농읍), CC (map), and their heavy construction equipment arm based in Mesopotamia, DC.


The company was founded by the entrepreneur Andrea de Alarcón in 1928 in partnership with her former university professor, Dr. Esteban Rossa, as a device manufacturer. The concept was to commercialize some of his more practical inventions. The company experienced modest success until the 1940s, when the company received a contract to build generating turbines for the new hydroelectric facility being constructed at Lago Jenócrates Templeton, in the far north. This led to further work and expansion and by the 1970s the company was the largest private contractor building and operating nuclear, hydroelectric and conventional generating systems in the country. The company leveraged its success in this field to branch into other business domains, and now also dominates medical equipment and highway construction in the Ardisphere, although a kickbacks scandal in the highways division in the 1990s has led to some setbacks in that industry.

With the acquisition of Conner y Degetau in 1989, the company also became a global player in the business consulting and business financial services industries. Conner y Degetau maintain their separate offices in downtown Villa Constitución, being the largest single tenants in the Torre Yi (map).


  • Ingenierías Alarcón - civil and industrial engineering and construction division
  • Caminos de Cuota Ardesféricos - toll-roads operator
  • Atómicos Alarcón - designing and constructing peaceful-application nuclear facilities
  • Luz y Poder Alarcón - operating nuclear, solar, geothermal and fossil-fuel generating facilities
  • TecMed Alarcón - medical equipment manufacturer, including x-ray machines, MRI and CT scanners, and other complex equipment.
  • Conner y Degetau, Ltda - business systems consultancy (acquired 1989)
  • Parker - premium architecture and engineering
  • Financieras - b2b financial services (bonds, business loans, IPOs)

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