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EMAVAR (formally Empresa Aviónica Ardesférica, Ltda.) is a world-class manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft based in the Ardisphere but with locations and customers worldwide.

EMAVAR Headquarters in midtown VC, with the modernist "Workingman" sculpture in front.
The corporate headquarters is on Calle Mapamundi No. 8101, Barrio Llano, Villa Constitución, DF, (near Zigurat Tower), but their premier commercial aircraft manufacturing campus and private airport in suburban Aqueruña, DC (map), has the most employees. Other major operational locations include their military aircraft division at Bellas Aguas, DO (map), and their testing and a research campus in Dos Lagos, DL (map), near the Ardispherian Space Launch facility at Bahía de los Espíritus, DB.


Their best known products are their commercial jetliners, including the smaller (two engine) e43- and the larger (four engine) e47-series aircraft models. They also make a large, twin-rotor heavy-lift helicopter under the Zebra series, including the 23-passenger Zebra 9 and the heavy-lift cargo helicopters Zebra F and Zebra G.

EMAVAR does not manufacture jet engines but is a minority shareholder in its chief supplier, KSS Industrial.