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El Cabo, DS

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Z11, -24.77 °S, 123.72 °E
El Cabo
Official Name:
Ciudad de El Cabo Caroliano
Other Names:
Kepplinne, Karolian Cape, The Cabo, Capital Rebelde, Joya del Sur

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Ciudad in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Status Seat of Comuna
Federal Subject Flag of Departamento del Sur Departamento del Sur
Comuna Comuna de Islas
Elevation 15 m
Area 88.7 km2
Demonym cabeño, cabense, sureño, rebelde, brit
Population 246,000 (2014)
Density 2775/km2
Mayor (Alcalde) Adrónico Pitcavage
Airports Aéropuerto Regional Carlos McGillicuddy
Ferries Terminal de Transbordadores New Harbour
Passenger Rail No
Metro No
Tram 5 lines

El Cabo (Castellanese; called "The Karolian Cape" in formal Ingerish-language documents that are its legal charter, but informally referred to by its Castellanese name even by Ingerish-speakers; its Karolian name is the unrelated Kepplinne), is a major city in the Ardispheric Federation federal subject of Departamento del Sur (DS), situated on Isla Cabo Caroliano, which is directly south of the capital and which separates the Bahía Negra from the White Sea. It is the 5th most populous proper city in the country (2014 est. population 246,000), but its metropolitan area is only 10th most populous due to the island location limiting growth.

El Cabo is the center of both Ingerish-speaking and Karolian-speaking culture in the Ardisphere. The city was the capital of a separate, short-lived republic on the southern islands during the Ardispherian Civil War, and historically, as the city of Kepplinne, it was for a time a Karolian colony. Currently, only about a third of the residents are Ingerish-speakers, and fewer than 1% speak Karolian, but Ingerish and Karolian both remain historically important and most local place-names are in those languages.



The current mayor, inaugurated on March 1, 2016, is Adronicus (Adrónico) Pitcavage, a fourth-generation member of the Pitcavage political dynasty founded by notable local citizen Jeremiah Pitcavage. Unlike previous Pitcavages, however, the new mayor ran a left-leaning populist campaign, affiliating with the nationally popular but locally weak Partido Socialista in a by-election after the formerly popular mayor, Albertina Tewksbury-Sánchez, was felled by a complex scandal involving kickbacks from business and resigned. The campaign was notable when Pitcavage's mother, Leonina Pitcavage, endorsed his opponent, the local businessman Francisco Rodel, who was representing the local Partido Federal.

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