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Isla Cabo Caroliano

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Z11, -24.7723 °S, 123.7969 °E
Isla Cabo Caroliniano
Official Name:
Isla de El Cabo
Other Names:
Karolian Cape Island, Kepplinne Island

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Island in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Highest Point Mount Garrison, 247m
Lowest Point Sea level
Area 223.2 km2

Isla Cabo Caroliniana (Castellanese, conventially untranslated, the Ingerish meaning is "Karolian Cape Island") is the largest island that is part of the Ardisphere. With a surface area of 223.2 km2, it is the most significant of the country's "southern islands." It is an important historical location in the Departamento del Sur (DS) and is the location of the important city of El Cabo, DS.

Currently the Isla Cabo Caroliano (with surrounding smaller islands) is not, in itself, a political entitiy, being subsumed into the slightly larger Comuna de Islas or the Departamento del Sur on the one hand, or on the other hand being subdivided into several municipalities, including the city of El Cabo and its suburbs, Jack Woss Creek, Earnaness, and Federation Way. Historically, however, it stood alone as a political entity for hundreds of years, and thus it tends have its own separate cultural identity.

Unlike any other part of the Ardisphere (except perhaps the Franquese influence in the far north), Karolian Cape Island was only incorporated into the Castellanese colony of Nuevo Castellán in the 1700s, having been either a Karolian or an Ingerish-speaking colony before that. This is partly why it has such a distinct cultural character today.


Pre-Colonial Era

Karolians and Ingerish

Nuevo Castellán

Federation and Departamento del Sur

Civil War


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