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Chang y Sainz

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Industria Ferroviaria Chang y Sainz
Chang y Sainz Logo
Traded asCS, MVVC
Industryrail transport infrastructure
HeadquartersAncho del Río, DF, Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere
Area Served Worldwide
Productsrail rolling stock
 locomotive engines (diesel and electric)
 electric rail infrastructure (wiring, switching systems)
Total Equity27.5 bn $Ar

Chang y Sainz (formally Industria Ferroviaria Chang y Sainz, Ltda.) is an Ardispherian manufacturer of railway infrastructure, both installation (e.g. track, ties, switching equipment) and rolling stock (e.g. locomotives and wagons; tram and subway cars).

The corporate headquarters is located at their legacy manufacturing campus at Amadeo Sainz No. 7000, Barrio Ferroviarios, Ancho del Río, DF, just north of central Villa Constitución. They have additional facilities throughout the Villa Constitución metro region, as well as a tram-car assembly plant in Cerro y Casa, DO.

Chang y Sainz also has some major overseas locations in countries where their infrastructure is popular, including the assembly facility in Freedemia, located in Mathersboro (suburban Quentinsburgh map).

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