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PetroSphere Logo
Traded asPS, MVVC
Foundedby Nationalization Law, 1933; privatized 1982
FounderPresident Eva Shinoda
HeadquartersCaracol, DS, Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere
Area Served Worldwide
Productscrude oil
 refined petroleum products
 raw plastics
Service(s)petroleum extraction
 petroleum refining
 petroleum distribution
Total Equity101.2 bn $Ar
PredecessorPetróleos Ardesféricos

PetroSphere is a major petroleum extraction and refining company with headquarters at Torre PetroSphere, Calle Ispelia No. 1322, Barrio Pittsbourg in Caracol, DS, Ardisphere.


Originally, President Eva Shinoda nationalized the petroleum industry in 1933, due to public disatisfaction with the exploitation of Ardispherian petroleum resources by foreign companies. The name during the publically-owned period was Petróleos Ardesféricos, but when the company was privatized in gradual phases from 1962 until the final divestment in 1982, it adopted the short and catchier "PetroSphere" as its official name, using the name already being used for its retail gasoline-selling operations.

In fact, the PetroSphere retail operation is entirely franchise-based, now, so although the brand is publically visible and well-known, there are also competing retail brands of petroleum products and none of them have direct affiliation with the company, which focuses on extraction, refining and distribution.

The Ardisphere was a net-exporter of crude petroleum until the 1970s, drawing on the rich oil fields of the Au River delta and offshore in the Bahía Negra, south and west of the appropriately-named city of Yacimientos Petroleros, DS. Although the nation's declining reserves mean that it is now a net-importer of crude, it remains an exporter of refined products due to the extensive capicity developed by PetroSphere. Also, PetroSphere has expanded into natural gas extraction and shale oil production, of which new, extensive reserves have been proven in the coalfield regions of the northwest part of Departamento Boreal (DB). Despite the fact that with privatization, PetroSphere lost its national monopolies in extraction and processing, through active investment and development it retains a 67% national market share in extraction and holds more than half of the country's refining capacity.

Ardispherian Operations

Exploration and Extraction

  • Offshore platforms crude extraction in Bahía Negra (map)
  • Land-based crude and gas extraction in Comuna de la Delta, DS and Comuna Indenpendencia, DS (map)
  • Land-based crude and gas extraction in Comuna Manzanar, DL (map)
  • Coal mining in Comuna Caballo Blanco, DB (map)
  • Shale oil and gas extraction in Comuna Caballo Blanco, DB and Comuna Moyica, DB (map)
  • more...

Refining and Transport

  • Caracol, DS, refinery and export/import terminal (map)
  • Yacimientos Petroleros, DS, refinery (map)
  • Lagartópolis, DP, refinery (map)
  • Maquinópolis, DL (Cerro y Casa), refinery (map)
  • Sombreros Blancos, DB (Jeongto), refinery (map)
  • more...


More than 600 franchise fuel retail locations and affiliated convenience marts throughout the country.

International Operations

PetroSphere has also become an active player in international refining, exploration and extraction.

Exploration and Extraction

  • Recently the company signed a deal for shale oil exploration with the Lyr Kingdom in Mahhal (around city of Pawm and Gamaramiponet Prefecture) in wake of that country's 2004 liberalization of laws regarding multinational investment in resources and infrastructure. (map)
  • more...

Refining and Transport

  • The company acquired, expanded and operates a major petrochemical import and refining complex at Pittsbury Island (Quentinsburgh), in Freedemia (map)
  • more...

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