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Saehan Group

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Saehan Group
Saehan Logo
Traded asGSE, MVVC
HeadquartersJeongto-si, CC, Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere
Area Served Worldwide
Productsconsumer electronics (smartphones, PCs, etc.)
 business and consumer software
 household electronics (TVs, audio players, etc.)
 integrated chips (CPUs, memory, comp-on-a-chip, graphics, etc.)
Service(s)web services
 financial services
 B2B SaaS
Total Equity211.3 bn $Ar
DivisionssunShalla (consumer electronics)
 osO (software and operating systems)
 BlackBox (high-end servers)
 HanVision (household consumer electronics, LCD screens)
 HanTronic (integrated chips)

Saehan Group (formally Grupo Saehan Electrónica, Ltda.) is a very large manufacturer of electronic consumer goods, web services and software based in the Ardisphere but with manufacturing and distribution locations and customers in most countries in the world. By market capitalization and gross revenues, it is by far the largest business enterprise in the Ardisphere, and one of the Midas Magazine Global 50 corporations, worldwide.


Their best known products are their computers, smartphones and other consumer electronics. Computers and smartphones are successfully marketed under the "sun" brand (always lowercase), including sunGadget, sunPhone, sunPad, sunTab, sunComp and sunConnect.

Their software division produces the popular operating system osO, now unified with their embedded mobile platform formerly called sunGo. Recently, Saehan began allowing competitors to install the osO OS for free, having concluded that controlling the ecosystem was more important than short term profits. Their share price agreed.

For software development, Saehan has a valuable, long-term partnership with Wiwaxia's Rember Software, which has also enabled Saehan to leverage a broad, international talent pool. This partnership has been extended with a distribution deal with fifu.fa (an Ardispherian internet portal), and they recently expanded their "apps" development with an "App Factory" near Huambara, DS.

They sell some other consumer electronics, such as televisions, LCD screens and music players under the marque HanVision.

The company develops and sells a popular line of web and database servers to corporate clients under the marque BlackBox.


The corporate headquarters is in Jeongto, CC, forming the original nucleus of the so-called "Silicon Hills."

Major operational locations include the following:

Hardware Research and Development locations include:

Software Research and Development locations (in partnership with Rember) include:

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