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Josusí, DF

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Z14, -24.215 °S, 123.85 °E
Official Name:
Other Names:
Ciudad del Lago, Villa Lagucho, Woody Hall

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Ciudad (city) in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Federal Subject Flag of Distrito Federal Distrito Federal
zona (zone) Zona Noroeste
Elevation 29 m
Area 10.16 km2
Demonym Josuan, josueño, lagucho, woodyhallense
Population 47,000 (2014)
Density 4625/km2
Mayor (Alcalde) Fabiana Pärn
Airports No
Passenger Rail FFFF White Lines
Metro MetroVC Lines 2, 6, 10
Tram CCTT Bronze Lines

Josusí is an independent city in the Ardispherian federal subject of Distrito Federal. It is a medium-sized suburb of the capital, Villa Constitución, DF, and is notable for being the center of the Ardispherian television and film industry. Consequently, the city is considered quite glamorous and the name of the city, along with its several nicknames such as Villa Lagucho or Woody Hall, is used as kind of shorthand to refer to the Ardispherian culture industry.

Josusí's current population is about 47,000 inhabitants, in a land area of 10.16 km2.


The city's name is a Castellanesization of the Gohangukian 호수시 [ho-su-si = lake city], as it was originally founded by Gohangukian cultural autonomist and real estate developer Erasmo Yi in the 1890s. Its most unusual nickname, "Woody Hall," is the Ingerish-sourced name of one of the many housing developments.


The suburban city is roughly square in shape, about 3 km along each side. It sits in a notch of of its much larger neighbor, Villa Constitución, with Delegación V to the south and Delegación VIII to the east. To the west is the suburb called Ciudad Valdivia, and to the north the suburb of Ancho del Río. The city mostly lies in the shallow valley of the Ríachuelo Negro and Riachuelo del Pastor. The main commercial area is along the Parque Josu which surrounds the artificial lake called simply Lago Josu (meaning "Lake Lake") created by a dam on the Riachuelo Negro. In the south center of the community is the small hill called Cerro Solo.


In the colonial era, the area was completely rural and included several farms and ranches along the Riachuelo Negro and Riachuelo del Pastor.


Rail, Subway and Trams



Despite its small size, Josusí is host to the corporate headquarters of a fairly large number of Ardispherian companies, not just in media but in other industries as well, since it is considered a very high-status address. The largest company with headquarters there is Ruífono, but RTA (Redes de Televisón Ardesférica) is also based there, and there is one major movie studio in the city, Estudios Sueño, with another located just across the city line to the south, Estudios Hermanas Marín.



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