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Licores Don Tañan

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Licores Don Tañan (LDT) is an Ardispherian spirits producer and distributor. The large, privately held compnay is headquartered at Avenida Ístmo No. 299, Barrio Centro in Volquete, DC. Originally a distiller of the eponymous Guasco Don Tañan (guasco is a popular type of Ardispherian brandy), the company has since come to encompass over 30 different brands and has production, distillation and export-import facilities throughout the world.


The name Don Tañan is presumed to be a nickname or reference to the founder of the company, Partenio St-Pierre ("Tañan" is an uncommon but documented variant of "Teño", which is in turn a common shortening of "Partenio"). Historically, the company was called Destilerías San Pedro, based on a Castellanization of the founder's name, but in the 1950s the company renamed itself after its best-selling product. Although within the Ardisphere, its guasco remains its flagship and best-known product, worldwide it is the only the company's 5th best-selling product. The company remains wholly under the ownership of the 5th generation of the St-Pierre family, making them one of the wealthiest families in the Ardisphere.

Brand Portfolio

Legacy Brands

  • Guasco Don Tañan
  • Guasco Don Tañan - Etiqueta Negra
  • Mesco Ardes
  • Susco La Purísima


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  • Susco Susto
  • Coreo Gojan (고한복분자)
  • Wiskey Nysmith
  • Ron Meridio
  • Ron Relámpago
  • Chavilloz (an almond cream liqueur)
  • Zebra! (an innovative coconut-chocolate schnapps)
  • Ginebra Doña Dolletessy
  • Cerveza La Famosa
  • Cerveza Marverde
  • etc.

Production Facilities

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  • Legacy Guasco Distillery and Brand Museum in Volquete (map)
  • "La Famosa" Beer Brewery in Aqueruña (map)
  • Susco Distillery in Capital Boreal (map)
  • etc.