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Liga Ardesférica de Primera

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Liga Ardesférica de Primera (LAP, Ardispheric Premier League) is the highest level of the popular T20 cricket format played in the Ardisphere, locally called "20x20" (veinte por veinte). There are currently 8 teams. Each year the round-robin championship tournament is hosted by one of the league-member stadiums selected by the managing board in early January or early February (mid-summer).

In 2014 the Jeongto (Goyang) Tigers Stadium hosted, and for 2015 the "Pirates' Coffin" Stadium in El Cabo is scheduled. Regular season games and the championships are televised by RADtv (Red Ardesférica de Deportes TV network). These telecasts are among the highest-rated programming on Ardispherian television. Recent years have seen a lock on the "Huiquet Dorado" (Golden Wicket, the champion's trophy) by the Jaguares of Villa Constitución, but recent changes to the player salary rules and the loosening of eligibility for international players means that several other teams have been rising in proficiency, and 2015 may be the year when the Jaguares surrender their crown.


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League Franchises

List Key:

  • Team: Formal name for team
  • Mascot: Informal (popular) name
  • Colors: Team colors
  • Stadium: Address of home stadium
  • Metro: Metropolitan Region Served
  • Note: notes or observations
Team Mascot Colors Stadium Metro Sponsor Notes
Club de los Lagos VC "Jaguares" yellow/black Castillo Jaguares, Avenida 50 No. 14410, Barrio El Jaguar, Delegacón XI, Villa Constitución 1114 DF Villa Constitución Licores Don Tañan Current title holders
Club Barrio Galés "Chavos Blancos" white/blue Parque Deportivo Galés, Calle Tomás Arambel y Domínguez No. 300, Barrio Galés, Delegacón I, Villa Constitución 1017 DF Villa Constitución EMAVAR
Club Gran Playa DS "Rebeldes" red/brown Estadio Cassanova, Calle Baltasar Chong No. 771, Barrio Troya, Gran Playa 0931 DS Villa Constitución Ferrocarriles Orientales
Club de Islas "Piratas" black/white CI SportsPark "Pirates' Coffin", Forest Drive #101, Westpoint, El Cabo 0707 DS El Cabo / South Coast AeroSur
Club Coreanos TP "Tigres" orange/black 후랑이경기장, 후랑이로 1101, 경기장동, 고양시 9144 CC Jeongto / North Marverde Region Dulces Chinchin
Club Colonia Galés "Estranjeros" red/green Stadiwm o Ddieithriaid, Heol Orsaf Reilffordd # 665, Llandaf, Ynys Dieithriaid 8032 CG Ynys Dieithriaid / South Marverde Region Ciudad de Ynys Dieithriaid
Club Cerro y Casa "Lagartos" green/gold Estadio Jacarandas, Calle 4 Sur No. 1100, Barrio Angular, Cerro y Casa 4057 DO Cerro y Casa fifu.fa
Club Albañiles "Jinetes" brown/celeste Estadio Vaqueros y Jinetes, Calle J No. 1200, Barrio Vaqueros, Albañiles 4504 DO Albañiles / Costa de Dragones Bebidas Folwell

Recent Tournament Summaries

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The title sponsor for the league is the Saehan Group, and individual teams have sponsors as well.