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Sports in the Ardisphere

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Cricket was originally popular with the Ingerish settlers in the far south, but it has become truly a national sport and is played and enjoyed by Ardispherians of all ethnicities. The T20 version has become the most popular, eclipsing the original test-match style, because of its faster pace and shorter playing time. Locally, it is called 20x20 (proununced veinte por veinte), and the Liga Ardesférica de Primera is the highest level of professional play in the country, with three clubs located in the capital metropolitan area and 5 other clubs in other population centers.


There are two main classes of motorsports popular in the Ardisphere.

Premier Formula (OGFIA) and related race events are held at many tracks in the country, with the most prominent being the Autódromo Miguel Monteblanco (host of Ardisphere Grand Prix and VC 1000, the Autódromo Evita Jaegal which hosts the Marverde/Jeongto Grand Prix and the Autódromo Internacional Princesa which hosts the 24h Resistencia de las Islas.

There is also the very popular Ardescar racing format (connected with the OGFIA Formula Plus format), using modified stock cars (Automóviles de Serie), mostly on shorter, oval courses. Significant tracks include Autódromo Tacio La Rosa at Palacio de Maíz, DL, the Autódromo Cartagén at Cartagén, DS (Suburban Ciudad Quiroga, DS) and many others.

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Main article: Football in the Ardisphere

Soccer/football is the most popular national sport in the country. The men's national team have been regular competitors in the OGFIFA World Cup but have never finished better than the fourth place achieved in 1934. They also compete in the Archanta Cup which they won in 1988 and 2008.

The domestic league system is divided into four professional divisions and three concurrent amateur league systems: one side for universities (two tiers), one for high-school teams (three tiers), and another for adult amateurs which has a four-tier structure.