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Ciudad Quiroga, DS

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Z13, -24.43 °S, 124.8 °E
Ciudad Quiroga
Official Name:
Ciudad de Ignacio Quiroga
Other Names:
Santa Lucía

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Ciudad in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Federal Subject Flag of Departamento del Sur Departamento del Sur
Comuna Comuna Quiroga
Elevation 40 m
Highest Point Cerrito el Fogón (92 m)
Lowest Point Río Hierro (23 m)
Demonym quiroguense, Quirogan
Population 111,000 (2014)
Mayor Guillermo Francisco Urianhai
Passenger Rail Commuter Rail - 3 lines
Metro No
Tram No

Ciudad Quiroga (Castellanese, in Ingerish "Quiroga City") is the fourth largest city in the Ardispherian federal subject of Departamento del Sur (DS), and an economically and historically important city in the country's southeast. In recent years, the continued growth of the capital metropolitan region around Villa Constitución, 100 km to the west, has caused many to think of Ciudad Quiroga as an "exurb" of the capital, but that is a fairly recent development. Ciudad Quiroga is now well-integrated with the capital in terms of economy and transportation, however, with several high-frequency commuter lines connecting westward.


The city is situated in the eastern reaches of the Río Hierro valley, near the bend in the river where the flow turns from southward to westward. To the city's northeast, upstream, the Río Hierro forms the international frontier and arrives at its first significant rapids at Nuevo Lidgate, DC (now dammed and with a lock), while to the west, downstream, the river flows northwestward and levels into the Costa de Dragones plain. Thus the city forms an important juncture for river traffic.


Ciudad Quiroga was called Santa Lucía in the colonial era, and has been an important city for almost 350 years.

City Government

The city's current mayor is the charismatic Guillermo Francisco Urianhai, a former Ardescar and Premier Formula racecar driver who also had a brief career in cinema. Originally from Departamento Boreal, he settled in the city when he became administrator for Ardescar, the national stock racing association that has its headquarters in nearby Cartagén, DS.




There are several important universities in Ciudad Quiroga. The largest is the private Universidad Sombroek on the north side of the downtown area, named for the famous educator Aurelio Sombroek who was originally from the region.





The city has a unique culture in several respects. On the one hand, it has retained an ethos more closely connected to the colonial era than many Ardispherian locations. On the other hand, however, a number of important immigrant groups in the region have contributed to a multicultural character, especially the Karolian Románš, a long-standing rural population that dominates the southern half of Comuna Quiroga, but who have also, in recent decades, migrated into the city and its suburbs in significant numbers, such that many neighborhoods in the city have become bilingual, especially the "Pequeña Carolia" ("Little Karolia") area south of the river. In 1970 the comuna government formalized the importance of the Románš minority by making the language co-official for the region, as is permitted by the Ardispherian constitution. ...