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Costa de Dragones

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The Costa de Dragones (Castellanese, Ingerish Dragons' Coast) is a geographical region in the south-central Ardisphere, overlapping the federal subjects of Departamento Occidental (DO), Departamento del Centro (DC) and Departamento Libertad (DL). It is fundamentally a vast inland delta of the Río Albañiles and Río Hierro. Geologically, it was originally an inland sea which was separated from the Bahía Negra by the uplift of the coastal hills. The sea was gradually filled with silt, but even at the time of the first Castellanese colonization in the 1500s, there were substantial wetlands and sea-level lakes throughout the delta. However, subsequent drainage and dike-building led to a "filling-in" of the area. There are still portions of the delta where the land is below sea-level, and even at the northernmost extent the Río Albañiles is only 20 m above sea-level, 200 km inland. The city of Albañiles is below sea-level despite being 100 km inland, and is protected by dikes.

The region is intensely agricultural, forming the heart of the Ardisphere's food-growing industry, but the edges are exceptionally urbanized, especially at the southern boundary near the point where the two rivers finally join at the capital metropolitan region of Villa Constitución, but also at the northwesternmost extension that includes metropolitan Cerro y Casa.

The name is due to the many dinosaur bones littered along the edges of the basin (beneath a great deal of sediment in some places but in other places surfaced due to erosion and geological uplift). Before they were identified as dinosaur bones, both the Altazorians and later the Castellanese tended to refer to them as Dragon bones. The use of the word "Costa" coast seems incorrect today, but it was more appropriate when there were still substantial stretches of open water 400 years ago, and nowadays the term is connected to the region despite the changes in character. In fact, one common colloquial name in Castellanese for Ardispherians (especially of this region) is "costense" (inhabitant of the coast).

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