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Departamento Libertad (DL)

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Z8, -22.7 °S, 124.1 °E
Departamento Libertad
Official Name:
Departamento Libertad
Other Names:
El Imperio Interior, Norcentro, Colinas, Gran Altazor


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Luchar por la libertad, siempre
Federal Subject in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Status Federal Subject
Capital Villa Libertad, DL
Largest City Dos Lagos, DL
Area 19242 km2
Demonym Libertan, libertense, colinense, imperiense
Religions Ortholic 30%, Chogué 30%, Others 40%
Languages Castellanese, Altazorian, Lonica, Gohangukian, Vizcayan, Darcodian
Governor (gobernador) Damián Caballoparado

Departamento Libertad (Castellanese, by convention not translated, but Ingerish meaning is "Liberty Department") is a federal subject of the Ardispheric Federation. Its capital is Villa Libertad, DL, and largest city is Dos Lagos, DL.



Departamento Libertad is the youngest of the federal subjects, having been split off of the Departamento del Centro (which lies to the south) in 1947. It was done in an effort to provide the native Altazorian population, concentrated in the region, a stronger political voice and greater autonomy, and because the Centro was considered too large relative to the other federal subjects.


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