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Nuevo Lidgate, DC

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Z13, -24.3291 °S, 124.9310 °E
Nuevo Lidgate
Official Name:
Ciudad de Nuevo Lidgate
Other Names:
Enele (NL), Santa Brígida

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Ciudad (city) in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Federal Subject Flag of Departamento del Centro Departamento del Centro
comuna (county) Comuna Cualahualú
Elevation 40 m
Area 12.2 km2
Demonym neolidgateano, brigideño
Population 22,000 (2014)
Density 1808.3/km2
Mayor (Alcalde) Isabella Bang
Airports No
Passenger Rail Commuter Rail and Regional Rail
Metro No
Tram No

Nuevo Lidgate (Castellanese, Ingerish New Lydgate, Altazorian Palu Lidigati) is a town in the Ardispherian federal subject of Departamento del Centro. It is the largest town of Comuna Cualahualú (Cualahualú Commune) and an important agricultural and river-transport center at the first rapids of the Río Hierro, where a lock and dam are now located. The town was founded by a group of real estate speculators at the time the lock and dam were first built in the 1890s, and named for the city of Lydgate in Wiwaxia by businesswoman Veloria Wickham, who was originally from that city.

Nuevo Lidgate's current population is about 22,000 inhabitants, in a land area of 12.2 km2.



Prehistory - Bahagala Culture

Altazorian Period

Colonial and Early Federation Periods

A very large estate ("rancho") existed in the region during the colonial era, controlled by the infamous Gerónimo Van Ess, who kept a number Altazorians in slavery.

Riverboat Boom

Modern "Bedroom Community"





The town is perhaps most famous, these days, for being home to the multi-talented Xenakis-Bang Family, which includes the current mayor, Isabella Bang, her husband, entrepreneur Danilo Xenakis, her son, racer Néstor Xenakis and her daughter, the Ardespherian folk and hiphop sensation "Bequis!".


Sibling Cities

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