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Autódromo Tacio La Rosa

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The Autódromo Tacio La Rosa, is a 2,723 m (1.692 miles) oval motor sport venue located in the city of Palacio de Maíz, DL (map), a small city that lies about 25 km southeast of Cerro y Casa, DO, in the Ardisphere. It is an Ardescar-format track. "Ardescar" is the name in the Ardisphere for stock car racing (Automóviles de Serie) sponsored by the Gwynian Stock Racing Association (GwyStRAs) and largely in compliance with the OGFIA Formula Plus standard. Each spring in early November, the Autódromo Tacio La Rosa currently hosts one of the newest annual Ardescar races (started in 2010), called the fifu.fa 1000 (after its sponsor, the fifu.fa web retailing giant).