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  • ...[[Castellanese]], [[Gohangukian]], [[Ingerish]] and [[Mahhalian]] ''(other languages to be added later)''. ...out-of-date. I intend to update it but I need to do some back-end work on the spreadsheets where I'm maintaining this data... please be patient.''
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  • | nicknames = Kepplinne, Karolian Cape, The Cabo, Capital Rebelde, Joya del Sur ...tion 246,000), but its metropolitan area is only 10th most populous due to the island location limiting growth.
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  • ...quese ancestor, given the long history the group has had in the region and the significant mixing that is inevitable over time. ...s traders and settlers in the Ardsiphere, especially in the central north, in [[Departamento Boreal (DB)]].
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  • |loc_name1 = [[Ardisphere]] ...bilingual curriculum in the Gohangukian and Castellanese languages at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
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  • ...ch had huge influence on the course of philosophy and political thought in the modern world. == Early Years and Education in Karolia ==
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  • ...e river constructed by the Tlönians between 600 and 800 AD, which provide the town with a striking skyline. Nudae-si's current population is about 29,000 inhabitants, in a land area of 19.3 km<sup>2</sup>.
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  • ...ed on the [[Mercado de Valores de Villa Constitución]] and is included in the [[IBA-150]]. ...talk-radio subsidiary, RadioRuido, on deck 3 of the observation floors of the tower.
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  • ...n 1996 she was elected to be the 6th Chief Secretary of that body, serving the single customary term until 2002. ...iplomatic career into the wider fray of politics, and she was not adept in the more rough-and-tumble of domestic politics.
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  • ...al corporations''' in their countries. Add your companies to the tables in the relevant sector, indicating any restrictions that you would like to include ...and brands is necessary for this listing page to work. All information on the companies on this page should be kept '''concise'''.
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  • |common_name = Ardisphere <!--Common name in English (used for wikilinks and to produce a default iso3166 code)--> |flag_border = <!--set to no to disable border around the flag-->
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  • ...ox/Unmapped/Bofobundah|Bofobundah]]. It uses a writing system adapted from the Parsan. ...and, countries with Bofobundan-speaking populations include the following (in descending order of number-of-speakers):
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  • ...nt, unrelated cultural and linguistic groups at the time of the arrival of the first Castellanese, Ingerish, Franquese and Karolian colonists. ...ntry that is now southern Colonia Coreana and north Departamento Libertad. The evidence of a Lonica-related substrate to northern Altazorian is particular
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  • ...ancestor, given the very long history the group has had in the region and the significant mixing that is inevitable over time. ...tory of Karolians as traders and settlers in the Ardsiphere, especially in the coastal south.
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  • ...|title=Official or used in|{{Mahhal}}|{{Tárrases}}|{{Aŭstrasuno Tero}}|{{Ardisphere}}|{{Gobrassanya}}|etc.}} ...ts dialects, used by the [[Mahhalians (Ethnic Group)|Mahhalian People]] in the [[Mahhal|Mahhalian Archipelago]].
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