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Heogu University

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Heogu University
허구대학교 / Universidad Ficticia
Heogu University Seal
"Quaecumque ficta..."
Whatsoever be fictitious...
 • CityNudae-si, CC
 • RectorIm Yun
 • Undergraduate4800
 • Postgraduate1500
ColoursCeleste and Gold
AthleticsLos Pegasos / 천리마

Heogu University is a notable private university in the Ardispherian federal subject of Colonia Coreana. Located in the ancient town of Nudae-si (Santo Tomás de las Torres), the university offers a fully bilingual curriculum in the Gohangukian and Castellanese languages at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Founded in 1889 by the noted native-rights activist and early anthropologist Calvino Kamagorgue to provide a liberal arts education in both Castellanese and Gohangukian to the many native Ardispherians still living in the Colonia Coreana (including Altazorian, Caruque and Lonica ethnicities), the University has expanded into fields as diverse as agronomy, engineering and law.

The school's most famous departments are no doubt the undergraduate and graduate departments of linguistics, linguistic anthropology and cognitive sciences, and it is notable for being one of the few universities world-wide to offer a graduate degree in constructed languages. The Ardispherian Summer Institutue (IAV from Instituto Ardesférico de Verano), in a long-term partnership with the JP Goh Foreign Languages Institute at Arksbury International University in Gobras City, is world-famous for doing extensive work at the recording and preservation of endangered and artificial languages.

The school also has a limited athletics program for undergraduates, including a football (soccer) team that frequently finishes in the top 8 nationally. The university mascot and symbol is the "Thousand-mile Horse" of Gohangukian mythology, which is similar to the figure of Pegasus in Ulethan mythology.

The school's most notable graduate is probably Luciano Vidriera, who was president of the Ardisphere from 1970-1980, but who played aldepaloti (the popular Ardispherian native sport) and received a degree in forestry from Heogu in the 1950s. Other notable graduates include educator Consuelo Li Liolios and businessman Timeo Moro Guang. The author Maria Tarrant was not a graduate but held a professorship at the university for many years and her name is frequently associated with Nudae-si and the Lower Yeonggwang Valley region because of her novels set there.