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Historical and Cultural Notes

Precolonial Epoch

In the precolonial period, "Tarraset" was not a significant region. From 1145 AD, it was organized as a minor county under the Monarch of Lyr. Prior to that, there had been a nominally independent chieftain at Deh during the later Horde years. From earliest records that mention the region, in 300 AD, until the arrival of the Horde in 1092 AD, the area alternated under various vassals of either the Monarch at Ullaper (to the west) or Monarch at Mwrmi (to the east). The oldest continuously occupied temple is at Tarraset, with some components of the structure dating from about 660 AD, and the second-oldest temple is at Soapacwi, which as a complete structure dates from 1129, having been built after the previous temple was burned by the Horde.

Precolonial Map

Luciano Maperitive DT Histórico.png

The "25" fundadores and the 19th century Tenencias de Tárrases

After Omar Carapreta founded his Duchy under the King of Lyr, he distributed the lands in the feudal, Mahhalian style to his crew members, in landholdings called tenencias. A total of 22 crewmembers receieved lands, and Carapreta reserved a large area for himself, divided between the main port area and the northern Isla Escondite. Several other crewmembers are considered to be among the group of "founders" (fundadores) but did not receive land.

The five ships (Los cinco barcos)

There had been five ships in Carapreta's "navy." These five ships form an important part of the folk history of modern Tárrases.

  • Los Pantalones del Papa - "flagship" - parked at Viejo Tárrases but not seaworthy, functioning as a museum
  • Pecuod - wrecked at Laguna Cedros
  • Los Muertos No Pueden Cantar - destroyed
  • Aguantadolores - destroyed
  • Craquen - still in service for "sail ship" training for the Tarrasean Legion

Flagship officers

  • 01 Omar Carapreta Capitán
  • 02 Crisóstomo Yarborough Quartermaster/Cabo
  • 03 Benedicto Daha Navigator/Navegante
  • 04 Elspeth Foliot Boatswain/Contramaestre
  • 05 Aureliana Bluzco Master Gunner/Condestable
  • 06 Emiliano Castillo Shipwright/Carpintero de barcos
  • 07 Frederick Eddison Capellán
  • 08 Jeremías Gunn Guardián

Crewmembers that received land

  • 09 Juan Mena Chief Cook/Cocinero
  • 10 Epifanio Zapata Cooper/Tonelero
  • 11 Antiphus Ransome Clerk/Secretario
  • 12 Orlando Ferreira crew
  • 13 Luís Lewis crew
  • 14 Pablo Campos crew
  • 15 Gayo Kkessobor crew
  • 16 Mónica Liolios crew
  • 17 Ariel Lassopasytek crew
  • 18 Cristino Pahhanagoripet crew
  • 19 Emanuel Körner crew
  • 20 Constantino Faraón crew
  • 21 Samuel Beineix crew
  • 22 Osvaldo Von Kant crew
  • 23 Richard McCollum crew

Crewmembers that did not receive land

  • 24 Torcuato Santana crew
  • 25 Cosme Saavedra crew


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The Tarrasean Legion (La Legión Tarrasense)

Nicátor Santarrocío and Pia Derindonisset are viewed as the founders of the Tarrasean Legion in its modern form. They were both Tarrasean by birth but had fought as mercenaries in various overseas forces, and Derindonisset had also served the Monarch in Oa, in Mahhal, for a period of time. When Duque Román II sought to modernize the Duchy's military without antagonizing the Monarch in Lyr in the 1840s, he employed these two to create a force that was both up-to-date but also embedded within Mahhalian tradition. The resulting force was so effective that the Monarch of Lyr exercized the right to call upon the force for various guard and policing duties within Rewk Mahhal, specifically because, since it was in some sense "external" to the various monarchal militaries, it could be perceived by all the Monarchs as neutral.

At first, the Legion was mostly made up of Tarraseans, but over time, as the size of the force expanded and the number of distinct duties within Mahhal increased, the Legion evolved into the mostly international, mercenary force that it remains today, where 90% of the soldiers and 60% of the officers are non-Tarraseans (and of course, given the Legion's definition, Mahhalians may not serve).

Festivals and Holidays in Tárrases

Important Tarrasean holidays include those listed below. Note that Saturday is considered a normal working day rather than a "weekend day." Sunday is the normal "weekend day" but almost all employers accommodate Sunic employees by allowing Friday as the "weekend day" instead. Thus most "bridge" holidays are on Saturdays rather than Mondays. Most offices and businesses operate 6 or 7 days a week. Retail establishments, including casinos and drug and alcohol sales, tend to operate 24/7 - there are no legal restrictions on when businesses may operate. Thus holidays are often not very meaningful for the day-to-day lives of Tarraseans. Often they are just an excuse for extra shopping or partying.

  • January 1 - New Years Day (2018: Monday, January 1)
  • March 9 - Founders' Day (observed nearest Saturday) (2018: Saturday, March 10)
  • March or April - Good Friday and Pascha (2018: Friday, March 30 and Sunday, April 1 + bridge day Saturday, March 31)
  • June 14-15 - Serpents' Battle (Derakassy cosmology) (2018: Thursday, June 14 and Friday, June 15 + bridge day Saturday, June 16)
  • June 22 - Winter Solstice (2018: Friday, June 22)
  • August 26 - Duque Omar Day (observed nearest Saturday) (2017: Saturday, August 26; 2018: Saturday, August 25)
  • September 23 - Creation (Derakassy cosmology) (2017: Saturday, September 23; 2018: Sunday, September 23 + bridge day Saturday, September 22)
  • November 3 - Duquesa Cleopatra's Birthday (2017: Friday, November 3 + bridge day Saturday, November 4)
  • December 22 - Summer Solstice (2017: Friday, December 22 + bridge day Saturday, December 23)
  • December 25 - Mesiamas (2017: Monday, December 25)
  • Sunic Calendar (thus varies) - Eid al-Fitr (2018: Thursday, June 15)
  • Sunic Calendar (thus varies) - Eid al-Adha (2017: Friday, September 1; 2018: Thursday, August 23)

Infrastructure Notes

Línea Corta Tarrasense

The Tarrasean short line railroad was built in the 1930s to facilitate movement of goods between the two main port areas (at Puerto and Espadas y Cascos) and the interior of the island between them. The railroad is not profitable, but it is maintained as a point of pride by the government with substantial subsidies. Some discussion has recently taken place regarding the idea of using the railway right-of-way to put in a commuter rail line or extend the light rail system across the island (see below).

Brands and retail Chains with strong presence in Tárrases

  • Mi Bodeguita - Convenience store chain ubiquitous on every corner
  • Stubb & Flask's Coffee Company - popular coffee and tea
  • Cruz Amarilla - small format pharmacy chain also selling other household goods
  • PetroSphere - dominant petrol station chain (subsidiary of the Ardispherian giant)
  • Hamburguesa's - low-quality local knock-off of popular global hamburger chains
  • Fnord Bank - local subsidiary of the originally Rhododactylian global bank
  • Caja Negra - local savings bank and financial services company, controlled by the ruling family
  • Mahhal Majinihhanadawgamissy (also simply MM) - originally Mahhalian-language books but now a popular general bookstore and stationery
  • Supermercado Antárctico - local general supermarket chain owned by Mahhalian retailing giant Zahhassenit Kabussekaber
  • Mercaderes Gaviota - local general supermarket chain
  • Martímart - subsidiaries of Ardispherian chain, but targeted as more "upscale" in Tárrases than their international reputation might imply
  • TarrAzar - state-controlled casino operator (but not monopolistic - private competitors exist as well); largest Tarrasean company by revenues
  • PapaKim - Ardispherian-based international fast food chain (noodles, stir-fry, kimbap, Ardispherian "pande")
  • Cerveza Piratas - the only "native" Tarrasean beer
  • El Diario Tarrasense - the largest Castellanese language newspaper, owned by ruling family
  • Ransome-Eddison (Mahhalianized as Rensumeddyssun) - multilingual book publisher (Mahhalian, Castellanese, Ingerish, others), much larger than implied by the population of Tárrases since it effectively dominates the huge, officially censored (but poorly enforced) market in neighboring Mahhal. Many Mahhalian authors publish with Ransome-Eddison even if their work would not have been censored, because it gives them a kind of "censorship cachet"; third-largest Tarrasean company by revenues
  • Azza - the largest Mahhalian language newspaper, controlled by Ransome-Eddison; also operates the most popular Mahhalian internet portal that is outside of the national firewall, Azza.dt - in some respects, it is viewed as the "newspaper of record" for Mahhal, since Mahhal-internal newspapers are not considered trustworthy.
  • AruKKI, an upper medium price segment supermarket chain from Kojo
  • Gyinedoe, a lower medium price segment supermarket chain from Kojo, with two sub-brands: Gyinedoe To-Go and Gyinedoe City
  • Faermani, a Kojolese discounter chain
  • Viika, the dominant Karolian tea house chain, has two branches in the capital, although the menus lean more towards local tastes. Elhadian and Aratar hookahs are available in the cafes and along with the loose tea sold here are yet another product often smuggled into Mahhal.
  • Finira Motors and its sub-brand FAAR have three dealerships in the country. Finira is positioned as a slightly more up-market brand than domestically, and opened a showroom in a prominent spot on Calle Orlando Pimegorissy, advertising their electric cars and big saloons in the window. There is also an Autoexchange branch out in Ixekkodew for second-hand cars, many of which end up being taken across on the ferry to Mahhal.


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Name Location Map

Gran Hotel Piceas Casino Espada de Bronce, Juegos (node 40233691)
Casino TarrAzar Estrella Dorada Fundadores, Juegos (node 40233694)
TarrAzar - Centro de Apuestos Plaza Vidriera, Viejo Tárrases (node 40884859)
Casino El Sol Poniente Sol Poniente, Juegos (node 40886055)
Casino TarrAzar El Paraíso Imperio, Juegos (node 40886056)
Casino Club Mirador Helechos Mirador Bajo, Mirador (node 40945710)
Casino Imperio Imperio, Juegos (node 45228372)
Casino Bonk Zona Roja, Juegos (node 45272653)
Casino El Público Zona Roja, Juegos (node 45272654)
Casino TarrAzar Alcázar Santa Trifina, Viejo Tárrases (node 45423069)
Casino Faraón Playa Faraón, Faraón (node 45674428)
Casino Pantera Blanca Pantera Blanca, Los Ecos (node 45674429)
Casino El Castillo Playa Faraón, Faraón (node 45675325)
Casino Niebla Paraíso, Juegos (node 45810704)
Casino Hotel de los Daha Ansiedades, Cabo Gordo (node 45958537)
Casino TarrAzar Puerto de Tárrases Cruceros, Puerto (node 46378015)
Casino Clásico de Fuentes Fuentes, Jardín (node 46907753)
Casino Hotel Moderno Imperio, Juegos (node 47095370)
Casino Hotel Costa Gris San Andrés, Arykkiyra (node 47444775)
Casino TarrAzar Barbaterra Barbaterra Baja, Autódromo (node 47579486)
Casino Hotel Costa de Sombra La Costa de Sombra, San Caspio (node 47755791)
Casino TarrAzar Cabo Ginebra Cabo Ginebra, Faraón (node 47755792)
Casino TarrAzar El Diablo Amable El Diablo Amable, San Caspio (node 47784159)
Casino Hotel de la Mano Blanca Mundo de Brujos, Gran Plaza Country Club (node 48306687)

Registries (automated queries on collections on the map)

Transport Routes

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Type Name Map

light_rail Línea Gris - dir. Estoque TTG.EST (relation 44135)
light_rail Línea Gris - dir. Serpiente TTG.SER (relation 44261)
bus Línea 331 - dir. Pájaros TT331.PAJ (relation 44262)
bus Línea 370 - dir. Aérodromo TT370.AER (relation 44265)
bus Línea 270 - dir. Aérodromo TT270.AER (relation 44266)

Sports Venues

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Sport Name Location Map

golf Club de Golf Mirador Mirador (relation 34522)
motor Autódromo de los Alces Nuevo Tárrases (relation 37489)
ice_hockey Gerardo McKay "Tarrasedome" (Ice Hockey) Nuevo Tárrases (relation 43140)
cycling Velódromo Pavo Frío de Tárrases San Basílides (relation 43147)
swimming Centro de Natación Olímpica San Basílides (relation 43150)
athletics; soccer Estadio Universitario San Basílides (relation 43151)
gymnastics; volleyball Gimnasio Universitario Juegos (relation 43152)
cricket Ovalada Parque Nuevo Los Ecos (relation 43153)
ski; snowboard Centro de Esquí "Pantera Blanca" Viejo Tárrases (relation 43184)
wrestling; judo; boxing Pabellón Vidriera Torreblanca (relation 43331)
horse_racing; equestrian Hipódromo Antárctico Gran Plaza Country Club (relation 44255)
rowing Valquirias Rowing Club [[]] (relation 44423)

Schools and Universities

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Name Location Map

Instituto Politécnico Duquesa Eulogia Nuevo Tárrases (relation 30919)
Universidad San Basílides San Basílides (relation 30942)
Primaria Calle Pan Tostado Puerto (relation 34512)
Primaria Calle Pulpos Juegos (relation 34513)
Primaria Cerro Quemado Viejo Tárrases (relation 34514)
Primaria Vía Hermética Jardín (relation 39708)
Liceo Egidio Espartero Viejo Tárrases (relation 39711)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada El Estoque El Estoque (relation 41218)
Primaria Vieja de Lar Lar (relation 41372)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada Escondite Escondite de Piratas (relation 41397)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada Los Ecos Los Ecos (relation 41439)
Liceo Islita Polillas Islita Polillas (relation 41469)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada Islita Polilla Islita Polillas (relation 41470)
Liceo La Tormentosa La Tormentosa (relation 41519)
Primaria La Tormentosa La Tormentosa (relation 41521)
Secundaria La Tormentosa La Tormentosa (relation 41522)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada San Caspio San Caspio (relation 41584)
Primaria Faraón Faraón (relation 41671)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada Pahhanagoripet Pahhanagoripet (relation 41707)
Liceo Consolidado Tárrases Oriental Las Batallas (relation 41710)
Primaria Las Batallas Las Batallas (relation 41740)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada Boritake Pesyton Boritake Pesyton (relation 41741)
Primaria Pasaje Ardesfera Espadas y Cascos (relation 41796)
Liceo Consolidado Las Nieves Las Nieves (relation 41848)
Primaria Las Nieves Las Nieves (relation 41850)
Secundaria Vista del Mar Las Batallas (relation 41854)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada Torre de Dolores Torre de Dolores (relation 41873)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada Parque Podredumbre Parque Podredumbre (relation 41933)
Primaria de Alces Alces (relation 41948)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada Cefalóforos Cefalóforos (relation 41949)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada San Ajitófel San Ajitófel (relation 41950)
Primaria Punta Cañones Viejo Tárrases (relation 41987)
Primaria Central de Sofía Sofía (relation 42049)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada Cabo Gordo Cabo Gordo (relation 42236)
Liceo Consolidado Tárrases Noroccidental Terrazas (relation 42349)
Primaria Las Oruguitas Las Oruguitas (relation 42350)
Primaria Parque Ostras Las Oruguitas (relation 42351)
Secundaria Soa Bolledessy Las Oruguitas (relation 42352)
Primaria de Araiavvigas y El Tubo Torreblanca (relation 42697)
Secundaria de Planeta Torreblanca (relation 42709)
Primaria-Secundaria Consolidada El Mirador Mirador (relation 42740)
Primaria Calle Arcoiris Torreblanca (relation 42764)
Primaria Isla Azulejos Puerto (relation 42792)
Secundaria del Puerto Puerto (relation 42796)
Liceo Consolidado Jardín-Sofía Jardín (relation 42873)
Primaria Altos Majalianos Jardín (relation 42875)
Liceo Universidad San Basílides (relation 42891)
Primaria Alcázar Viejo Tárrases (relation 43037)
Liceo Consolidado Los Ginóbili-Submarino Submarino (relation 43122)
Primaria Sogoahhal Sofía (relation 43750)
Hwnissy Mahhal Hhokkanoam (Liceo Majaliano "Hwnissy") Sofía (relation 43947)
Secundaria Consolidada Eje Occidental Autódromo (relation 44552)
Colegio Winburgh Autódromo (relation 44601)
Liceo Público Consolidado del Eje Occidental Espadas y Cascos (relation 44602)


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Shop Type Amenity Name Map

yes yes Gran Hotel Estrella Dorada (node 40233689)
yes yes Gran Hotel Piceas (node 40233690)
bookmaker casino Gran Hotel Piceas Casino (node 40233691)
bookmaker casino Casino TarrAzar Estrella Dorada (node 40233694)
yes restaurant Café Dedo Azul (node 40881574)
yes yes Sociedad Histórica de Tárrases (node 40881586)
department_store yes Almacenes Yi Suc. 39 (node 40881997)
yes yes Cervecería Piratas (node 40882000)
yes yes Telefónica Tarrasense - Central de Conmutación (node 40882005)
yes brothel Burdel Arcoiris (node 40883707)
mall yes Centro de Compras Plaza Vidriera Oeste (node 40883714)
books yes Librería Rey Ratón (node 40883717)
bookmaker casino TarrAzar - Centro de Apuestos (node 40884859)
yes bank Banco Ducal de Tárrases (node 40885067)
yes yes TarrAzar Compañía de Casinos y Turismo - Gerencia Mundial (node 40885069)
bookmaker casino Casino El Sol Poniente (node 40886055)
bookmaker casino Casino TarrAzar El Paraíso (node 40886056)
yes yes Hotel El Paraíso (node 40886058)
yes yes Hotel Sol Poniente (node 40886059)
yes bar Cantina McKay's (node 40886428)
yes restaurant Parrilla Nieves (node 40886429)
yes yes Industria Pesquera Trejo Ltda (node 40917664)
yes bar Cantina La Red (node 40918633)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 40918635)
yes bar Cantina Antenas (node 40919496)
yes pharmacy Farmacia Nuevas Alturas (node 40921908)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 40921909)
yes restaurant Restorán Nuevas Alturas (node 40921910)
yes bar Cantina El Gringo (node 40927479)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 40927483)
yes restaurant Restorán El Gringo (node 40927484)
bookmaker casino Casino Club Mirador Helechos (node 40945710)
yes yes Gran Hotel Mirador Helechos (node 40945711)
yes fast_food Hamburguesa's (node 40945712)
supermarket yes Supermercado Finos (node 40945713)
yes bar Cantina Caballo Negro (node 40947621)
yes restaurant The Eleventh (node 41256901)
yes bar Cantina Héroes (node 41258087)
yes yes Casa de Huéspedes "El Turista" (node 41258092)
yes yes El Diario Tarrasense (node 41258095)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 42804680)
mall yes Gran Plaza Country Club (node 42903817)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 42948959)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 42950600)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 43022549)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 43022552)
gift yes Tienda de Regalos - Monumento Serpiente Ascendente (node 43022561)
yes yes Compañía Jessitim Shipping Ltda (node 43672204)
yes pub Escondite de Piratas (node 43672205)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 43672208)
yes cafe Restorán El Barco Grande (node 43672212)
supermarket yes Grandes Compras Piráticas (node 43674949)
books yes Librería Arga (node 43674951)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 43674952)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 43674954)
yes restaurant Restorán El Timbre (node 43674956)
yes restaurant Restorán La Vela (node 43674957)
variety_store yes Varidades Archipelágicas (node 43674958)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 43680030)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 43749168)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 43749170)
yes restaurant Restorán Duelo (node 43749173)
yes restaurant Restorán El Farito (node 43749174)
supermarket yes Supermercado Lluvias (node 43749175)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 43809285)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 43809286)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 43811622)
yes restaurant Restorán Gorrión (node 43811624)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 43849367)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 43849368)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 43849369)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 43867808)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 43867809)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 43909532)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 43909533)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 43909535)
yes restaurant Restorán El Paso La Tormentosa (node 43909538)
supermarket yes Supermercado Lo Mejor (node 43909539)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44046841)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44046842)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44111720)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44111721)
supermarket yes Supermercado que Vende Cosas (node 44111724)
yes cinema Cineplex Espadas y Cascos (node 44254449)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44254451)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44254452)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44296951)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44303856)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44303857)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44305557)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44305558)
medical_supply yes Bodega Médica de Mayoreo (node 44308440)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44308442)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44308443)
supermarket yes Supermercado El Grande y Excelente (node 44308444)
yes restaurant Restorán El Águila (node 44312986)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44316652)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44316653)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44318540)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44318542)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44375895)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44375896)
yes restaurant Restorán La Playa Roca Podredumbre (node 44375898)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44379102)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44382590)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44382591)
yes yes Hotel del Teatro (node 44392160)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44392164)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44520884)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44623339)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44623342)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44726425)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44726426)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44872178)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44872181)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44872184)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44872188)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 44891607)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 44891608)
yes restaurant Restorán La Almeja Alegre (node 44891611)
yes restaurant Restorán La Escalera Angosta (node 44891612)
yes restaurant Restorán La Vista Majaliana (node 44891613)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45072142)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 45072144)
yes restaurant Restorán El Soldado Majaliano (node 45124160)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45186711)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 45186714)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 45224133)
books yes Mahhal Majinihhanadawgamissy (node 45226010)
bookmaker casino Casino Imperio (node 45228372)
yes cafe Ahab (node 45272633)
yes restaurant Almejas con Amor (node 45272634)
yes bar Bar Lo Angosto (node 45272635)
yes bar Bar Media Pantalón (node 45272636)
yes bar Bar Polo Sur (node 45272637)
yes cafe Breeze (node 45272638)
yes brothel Burdel Apple (node 45272639)
yes brothel Burdel Bonk (node 45272640)
yes brothel Burdel Nilón (node 45272641)
yes brothel Burdel Rosas y Látigos (node 45272642)
yes restaurant Café Bonk (node 45272643)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 45272644)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 45272645)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 45272646)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 45272647)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 45272648)
yes bar Cantina El Banquero (node 45272649)
yes bar Cantina Sin Puertos (node 45272650)
yes nightclub Cardamomo (node 45272651)
yes nightclub Cartógrafos Drogueados (node 45272652)
bookmaker casino Casino Bonk (node 45272653)
bookmaker casino Casino El Público (node 45272654)
yes nightclub Champú (node 45272655)
yes cafe Ciencia (node 45272656)
yes cafe Cinnamon's Coffee (node 45272657)
yes cafe Copas y Copos (node 45272658)
yes nightclub Crunky (node 45272659)
yes restaurant Detrás del Otro Restorán (node 45272660)
yes cafe Dragones (node 45272661)
books yes El Cuento Fantástico (node 45272662)
yes nightclub El Tuerto y la Amazona (node 45272663)
yes nightclub Espejos (node 45272664)
yes bank Fnord Bank (node 45272666)
yes bank Fnord Bank (node 45272667)
yes bank Fnord Bank (node 45272668)
clothes yes Gina (node 45272669)
yes restaurant La Maison Tarraseanne (node 45272670)
yes nightclub La Piscina (node 45272671)
books yes Librería Bonk (node 45272672)
yes nightclub Luna Menguante (node 45272673)
yes restaurant Mi Abuelita (node 45272674)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45272675)
yes restaurant Restorán Steak y Papas (node 45272678)
yes nightclub Robert's (node 45272679)
yes nightclub Ropa Usada (node 45272680)
yes nightclub TRANQ (node 45272681)
yes nightclub Velocidad (node 45272682)
yes nightclub Víbora (node 45272683)
department_store yes Zahhassenit Kabussekaber (node 45272684)
yes nightclub 23¾ (node 45273643)
yes restaurant Restorán Fino de Piratas (node 45282943)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45322742)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 45322743)
books yes Librería Estudiantil (node 45382545)
yes restaurant Café Bolaños (node 45423067)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 45423068)
bookmaker casino Casino TarrAzar Alcázar (node 45423069)
yes bank Fnord Bank (node 45423070)
yes yes Gran Hotel del Alcázar (node 45423071)
books yes Librería ¡Bodega de Libros! (node 45423072)
yes fast_food PapaKim (node 45423073)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45424203)
yes pharmacy Farmacia Cruz Amarrilla (node 45462789)
yes pharmacy Farmacia Cruz Amarrilla (node 45462790)
yes pharmacy Farmacia Cruz Amarrilla (node 45462791)
yes pharmacy Farmacia Cruz Amarrilla (node 45462792)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45462795)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45462796)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45462797)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45462798)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45462799)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45462800)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45462801)
supermarket yes Supermercado Antárctico (node 45462802)
yes yes Casa de Huéspedes "La Playita" (node 45535227)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45535234)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 45535237)
yes restaurant Restorán Los Pájaros (node 45535257)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45535264)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45535267)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45535270)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45611837)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45613070)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 45613071)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45613073)
supermarket yes Gyinedoe City (node 45617896)
supermarket yes Gyinedo To-Go (node 45618339)
supermarket yes Faermani (node 45618372)
supermarket yes AruKKI (node 45621427)
supermarket yes Gyinedoe (node 45623184)
supermarket yes Faermani (node 45623367)
supermarket yes AruKKI (node 45623389)
yes yes Dento South Antharia Flagstore (node 45623858)
yes fast_food PapaKim (node 45626774)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45626775)
car yes Cord Showroom and Service (node 45628709)
yes bank Bank of Pasalia (node 45639927)
yes atm Bank of Pasalia ATM (node 45639931)
supermarket yes Super Duper Market (node 45640839)
yes atm Bank of Pasalia ATM (node 45640846)
car yes Cord Tarrasean HQ & Import (node 45641266)
yes restaurant Comedor "El Ardesférico" (node 45645183)
yes pharmacy Farmacia Cruz Amarilla (node 45645186)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45645200)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45645201)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45648268)
travel_agency yes Rakkan Airlines - Sucursal Tárrases Central (node 45648269)
sports yes Tu Equipo (node 45648270)
yes restaurant Restorán Pantera Blanca (node 45659739)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45659740)
supermarket yes Supermercado Antárctico (node 45659741)
yes yes Hotel Resort Pantera Blanca (node 45669405)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45671937)
bookmaker casino Casino Faraón (node 45674428)
bookmaker casino Casino Pantera Blanca (node 45674429)
yes fast_food Hamburguesa's (node 45674430)
yes yes Hotel Resort Faraón (node 45674431)
yes restaurant Restorán Playa Faraón (node 45674433)
clothes yes Ropa Para Esquiar (node 45674434)
sports ski_rental Rent-a-Ski (node 45675010)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 45675324)
bookmaker casino Casino El Castillo (node 45675325)
yes yes Hotel El Castillo (node 45675326)
yes restaurant Restorán Los Dormidos (node 45675327)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45710741)
supermarket yes All-n-One (node 45784722)
yes fast_food Dextraze's Pizza & More (node 45784723)
yes fast_food Dextraze's Pizza & More (node 45784724)
yes fast_food Quick Chicken (node 45784725)
yes fast_food Rockin' Rosie's (node 45784726)
yes cafe Scarborough's (node 45784727)
yes fast_food Dextraze's Pizza & More (node 45785316)
yes fast_food Quick Chicken (node 45785317)
clothes yes Witherwax & Fabozzi (node 45785318)
yes yes Finanz Meridon (node 45789782)
car yes Finira Motors Tárrases (node 45789783)
yes yes Katna O.V. (node 45789784)
yes bank Meridoniabaank (node 45789785)
musical_instrument yes Paliisos muusikäkauppä (node 45789786)
yes bank Privatabança va'Masbar (node 45789787)
yes bank Raadavaarli (node 45789788)
sports yes Ruunu butiikka (node 45789789)
sports yes Ruunu (node 45789790)
yes cafe Viika Teehus Rocaverde (node 45789791)
yes cafe Viika Teehus Vidreira (node 45789792)
yes cafe Cafe Ciudadela (node 45810697)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 45810698)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 45810699)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 45810700)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 45810701)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 45810702)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 45810703)
bookmaker casino Casino Niebla (node 45810704)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 45810705)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 45810706)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 45810707)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45810709)
yes nightclub Niebla (node 45810710)
yes restaurant Restorán El Pez que Huye (node 45810711)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 45810712)
yes fast_food Death by Donut (node 45814374)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 45852711)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 45852713)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 45852716)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 45893969)
car yes Finira Autoexchange (node 45893970)
yes fast_food Hamburguesa's (node 45893971)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 45893973)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 45893974)
books yes Mahhal Majinihhanadawgamissy (node 45893976)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 45893978)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 45893979)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 45893980)
supermarket yes Supermercado Antárctico (node 45893981)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 45915548)
bookmaker casino Casino Hotel de los Daha (node 45958537)
yes yes Hotel de los Daha (node 45958538)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 45958540)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 45958542)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 46011644)
books yes Mahhal Majinihhanadawgamissy (node 46011645)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 46011646)
supermarket yes Supermercado Antárctico (node 46011649)
yes restaurant Restorán Nieve Roja (node 46047522)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 46047524)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 46180938)
medical_supply yes Bodega Médica de Mayoreo (node 46261949)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 46261950)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 46261951)
yes bar Cantina Aquella (node 46261952)
yes cafe Ciencia (node 46261953)
yes cinema Cineteca Benegas (node 46261954)
yes fast_food Death by Donut (node 46261955)
yes pharmacy Farmacia Cruz Amarrilla (node 46261956)
hardware yes Ferretería Máquina Rota (node 46261957)
yes bank Fnord Bank (node 46261958)
supermarket yes Grandes Compras Piráticas (node 46261959)
yes fast_food Hamburguesa's (node 46261960)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 46261962)
toys yes Jugutes Pandora (node 46261963)
books yes Librería ¡Bodega de Libros! (node 46261964)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 46261965)
yes fast_food PapaKim (node 46261966)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 46261967)
car_repair yes Reparaciones Santisidro (node 46261968)
yes restaurant Restorán Steak y Papas (node 46261969)
clothes yes Simpleza (node 46261970)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 46261971)
supermarket yes Supermercado Antárctico (node 46261972)
variety_store yes Varidades Archipelágicas (node 46261973)
department_store yes Zahhassenit Kabussekaber (node 46261974)
yes restaurant Cafe Animalia (node 46265801)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 46336550)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 46336551)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 46336553)
bookmaker casino Casino TarrAzar Puerto de Tárrases (node 46378015)
yes yes Hotel Puerto de Tárrases (node 46378019)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 46378024)
yes restaurant Restorán Las Dos Muchachas (node 46381504)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 46410825)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 46411798)
shoes yes Pie por Pie (node 46412152)
yes restaurant Restorán Los Bomberos Cansados (node 46412153)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 46455924)
yes pub Ye Olde Ingerish Pub (node 46455926)
car_repair yes Reparaciones Señor Danilo (node 46507412)
yes restaurant Restorán Bymikkana (node 46507413)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 46509016)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 46509017)
yes fast_food Death by Donut (node 46509019)
clothes yes Gina (node 46509020)
yes fast_food Hamburguesa's (node 46509021)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 46509023)
toys yes Jugutes Pandora (node 46509024)
books yes Mahhal Majinihhanadawgamissy (node 46509025)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 46509026)
yes fast_food PapaKim (node 46509027)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 46509028)
shoes yes Pie por Pie (node 46509029)
yes restaurant Restorán El Gringo (node 46509030)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 46509031)
supermarket yes Supermercado Antárctico (node 46509032)
sports yes Tu Equipo (node 46509034)
variety_store yes Varidades Archipelágicas (node 46509037)
variety_store yes Varidades Archipelágicas (node 46509038)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 46534323)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 46534324)
yes cafe Cinnamon's Coffee (node 46534325)
hardware yes Ferretería Máquina Rota (node 46534326)
art yes Galería Las Valquirias (node 46534327)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 46534329)
yes pub Taberna Puerco Purpúreo (node 46534330)
yes restaurant El Café Pequeño de Pepe (node 46564817)
yes pharmacy Farmacia Cruz Amarrilla (node 46606124)
yes fast_food Hamburguesa's (node 46606125)
yes fast_food PapaKim (node 46606126)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 46606127)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 46606128)
yes cafe Café de la Rosaleda (node 46903875)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 46905498)
yes pub Taberna Los Bluzco (node 46905499)
bookmaker casino Casino Clásico de Fuentes (node 46907753)
yes yes Hotel Clásico de Fuentes (node 46907754)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 46907755)
yes yes Gran Hotel Monarcas de Majal (node 47011335)
yes cafe Literatos (node 47011336)
books yes Mahhal Majinihhanadawgamissy (node 47011337)
shoes yes Pie por Pie (node 47011338)
yes restaurant Restorán El Baloniano (node 47011339)
clothes yes Simpleza (node 47011340)
yes pub Taberna Portón Norte (node 47011341)
gift yes Tienda de Regalos - Alcázar de los Duques (node 47011342)
yes yes Torre Antárctica (node 47011343)
bookmaker casino Casino Hotel Moderno (node 47095370)
yes yes Hotel Moderno (node 47095371)
yes yes Azza (node 47098584)
yes cafe Café Lectores Ransome-Eddison (node 47098586)
yes yes Caja Negra - Gerencia Mundial (node 47098587)
yes yes Fnord Bank - Gerencia Tarrasense (node 47098588)
books yes Librería Oficial Ransome-Eddison Editores (node 47098589)
yes yes Ransome-Eddison Editores - Gerencia Internacional (node 47098591)
yes restaurant Restorán Vista del Cielo (node 47098592)
yes pub Taberna Elipsis (node 47098593)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 47098594)
yes bank Banco Grande Ardesférico (node 47110308)
yes bank Bancodón (node 47110309)
yes bank Gohan International Bank (node 47110310)
yes bar Bar Ilusorio (node 47119271)
yes cinema Cineplex Ilusión (node 47119272)
yes cafe Cinnamon's Coffee (node 47160582)
yes pharmacy Farmacia Cruz Amarrilla (node 47160583)
yes bank Fnord Bank (node 47160584)
yes fast_food Hamburguesa's (node 47160585)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 47160587)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 47160588)
yes pub Taberna de Zaro (node 47160589)
variety_store yes Varidades Archipelágicas (node 47160592)
yes bar Bar de los Avestruces (node 47220840)
yes restaurant Pizzería Hermanos Magoo (node 47220841)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 47400938)
yes yes Hotel Bastante (node 47427902)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 47427904)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 47427905)
yes restaurant Pizzería Hermanos Magoo (node 47427906)
car_repair yes Reparaciones Mr Car (node 47427907)
yes restaurant Restorán La Redoma (node 47427908)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 47431921)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 47431922)
yes fast_food Hamburguesa's (node 47431923)
yes restaurant Comedor "Manantial" (node 47441065)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 47441066)
yes restaurant Restorán del Paso (node 47441068)
yes restaurant Restorán Familia Colón (node 47442249)
bookmaker casino Casino Hotel Costa Gris (node 47444775)
yes yes Hotel Costa Gris (node 47444776)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 47499799)
yes cinema Cineplex Costa Norte (node 47502187)
yes yes Hotel Desolado del Faro (node 47502188)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 47502191)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 47502192)
supermarket yes Supermercado Antárctico (node 47502193)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 47502194)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 47528575)
bookmaker casino Casino TarrAzar Barbaterra (node 47579486)
yes yes Hotel Barbaterra (node 47579487)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 47579490)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 47579492)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 47674713)
yes yes Casa de Huéspedes "Moco" (node 47755790)
bookmaker casino Casino Hotel Costa de Sombra (node 47755791)
bookmaker casino Casino TarrAzar Cabo Ginebra (node 47755792)
yes restaurant Comedor "Aéropuerto" (node 47755793)
yes yes Hotel Costa de Sombra (node 47755794)
yes yes Hotel Resort Cabo Ginebra (node 47755795)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 47755796)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 47755797)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 47755798)
yes fuel PetroSphere (node 47755800)
yes restaurant Restorán Bastante Delicioso (node 47755802)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 47755807)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 47765609)
yes yes Casa de Huéspedes "El Pobre" (node 47765611)
yes restaurant Comedor "Combates" (node 47765612)
yes restaurant Comedor "Serpientes Rostizados" (node 47765613)
books yes Mahhal Majinihhanadawgamissy (node 47765616)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 47765617)
car_repair yes Reparaciones Satélite (node 47765618)
yes restaurant Restorán Familia García (node 47765619)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 47765621)
yes pub Taberna Sol y Luna (node 47765622)
yes pub Taberna Árbol Grande (node 47765623)
gift yes Tienda de Regalos - Torre de Yarborough (node 47765625)
variety_store yes ¡Zango! (node 47766587)
yes cafe Café Más Alto (node 47770137)
yes restaurant Comedor "Arándanos" (node 47770140)
yes restaurant Comedor "Balonis" (node 47770141)
yes restaurant Comedor "El Rancho" (node 47770142)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 47770150)
variety_store yes ¡Zango! (node 47770564)
bookmaker casino Casino TarrAzar El Diablo Amable (node 47784159)
yes yes Hotel del Diablo Amable (node 47784162)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 47784167)
yes restaurant Comedor "Puente Lopetegui" (node 47786883)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 47786885)
yes restaurant Pizzería Hermanos Magoo (node 47786887)
yes restaurant Comedor "Conejo Salvaje" (node 47789117)
yes restaurant Comedor "El Salegar" (node 47789118)
supermarket yes Mercaderes Gaviota (node 47789121)
yes restaurant Parrilla Cerro Rosado (node 47789124)
yes restaurant Restorán Basáltico (node 47789127)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 47789129)
yes yes Casa de Huéspedes "El Pomo" (node 47793272)
yes restaurant Comedor "Limos" (node 47793273)
yes yes Gran Hotel Resort La Chimenea (node 47793276)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 47793278)
yes studio Radio MajalLibre (node 47793282)
yes restaurant Comedor "Frontera K" (node 47807382)
yes restaurant Comedor "Paso de Hongos" (node 47807383)
yes pub Taberna Boritake (node 47807389)
yes pub Taberna Cono (node 47807390)
yes pub Taberna Takwt (node 47807391)
yes yes Casa de Huéspedes "Gato Azul" (node 47812144)
yes cinema Cineplex Oriental (node 47812145)
yes bank Fnord Bank (node 47812146)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 47812147)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 47812149)
car_repair yes Reparaciones Los López (node 47812150)
supermarket yes Supermercado Lo Mejor (node 47812151)
yes restaurant Café y Taberna El Jardín (node 47933928)
yes restaurant Comedor "Columna" (node 47933931)
convenience yes Mi Bodeguita (node 47933936)
car_repair yes Reparaciones Cántaros (node 47933938)
yes restaurant Restorán Centro de Terrazas (node 47933939)
yes restaurant Restorán Mezquita (node 47933940)
yes pub Taberna Ciclopedistas (node 47933942)
yes pub Taberna Rinoceronte Congelado (node 47933943)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 47933944)
books yes Mahhal Majinihhanadawgamissy (node 47941196)
supermarket yes Supermercado Antárctico (node 47941197)
variety_store yes Varidades Archipelágicas (node 47941200)
yes nightclub Oxígeno (node 47989191)
yes restaurant Comedor "Las Pequeñas" (node 48020305)
supermarket yes Supermercado Antárctico (node 48020309)
yes pub Taberna Pelícanos (node 48020310)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 48028803)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 48028804)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 48028807)
books yes Mahhal Majinihhanadawgamissy (node 48033018)
yes restaurant Comedor "Laguna" (node 48036582)
yes pharmacy Farmacia Cruz Amarrilla (node 48036583)
yes bank Fnord Bank (node 48036584)
yes atm Instant Fnord (node 48036586)
supermarket yes Supermercado El Grande y Excelente (node 48036587)
convenience yes Tiendita Muy Conveniente (node 48036588)
variety_store yes ¡Zango! (node 48037286)
yes restaurant Comedor "Llovió" (node 48084281)
yes restaurant Comedor "Arroyo Alto" (node 48300274)
yes pub Taberna Las Gotas (node 48300280)
yes restaurant Comedor "Jabalí Marón" (node 48301803)
yes yes Fabricantes Gorila Ltda (node 48301804)
bookmaker casino Casino Hotel de la Mano Blanca (node 48306687)
yes yes Hotel de la Mano Blanca (node 48306688)
yes yes Casa de Huéspedes "García de Montano" (node 48308673)
yes pharmacy Farmacia Cruz Amarrilla (node 48308674)
yes pub Taberna Los Jefes (node 48308675)
yes yes Hotel San Alosio (node 48371581)
yes restaurant Restorán Hotel San Alosio (node 48371583)
yes restaurant Restorán Pastel de Carnitas (node 48371584)
variety_store yes Varidades Archipelágicas (node 48371586)
yes restaurant Comedor "Conejos Verdes" (node 48372952)
yes restaurant Comedor "Picas" (node 48372953)
yes restaurant Comedor "Delicioso" (node 48387719)
yes cafe Café Poseidón (node 48409400)
yes yes Gerencia MundoMar Tárrases (node 48409401)
yes cafe Stubb & Flask's Coffee Co. (node 48409404)
yes pub Taberna Tres Dragones (node 48409405)
yes yes Casa de Huéspedes "El Foso" (node 48447140)
yes pub Taberna El Foso (node 48447141)
yes restaurant International Spice Station (node 48556165)
yes restaurant International Spice Station (node 48556166)
yes restaurant International Spice Station (node 48556167)
yes restaurant International Spice Station (node 48558461)
variety_store restaurant Parrilla Las Orcas (node 48558463)
yes yes Hermanos Marcondes Chocolates y Dulces - Fábrica y distribución (node 48561111)
yes pub Taberna Roedores (node 48562262)
supermarket yes Casa de Huéspedes "Debesseremet" (node 48565571)
yes yes ¡Zango! (node 48567047)
yes bar Cantina Estatua (node 48567641)
convenience pub Taberna La Señora de la Cabeza (node 48578145)
yes yes Supermercado que Vende Cosas (node 48581599)
yes yes Casa de Huéspedes "Roca de Duques" (node 48631336)
yes restaurant Comedor "Fogatas" (node 48631338)
yes yes Mi Bodeguita (node 48631343)
variety_store yes Casa de Huéspedes "Calle 7" (node 48632679)
yes yes Tarreléctrica - Oficinas administrativas y gerencia (node 48672474)
yes yes Hotel Serpiente (node 48731412)
yes restaurant Restorán Hotel Serpiente (node 48731414)
supermarket yes ¡Zango! (node 48731504)
yes yes Hotel Resort de MundoMar Tárrases (node 48884479)
yes atm Caja Negra 24 (node 50098198)
yes bank Caja Negra (node 50098199)
yes yes Supermercado Lo Mejor (node 50098201)
gift pub Taberna Fiera (node 50194675)
gift ice_cream Heladería Antárctica (node 50194691)
music restaurant Pizzería Rana Alegre (node 50225575)
yes restaurant Comedor del Oso Loco (node 50225657)
books yes Tienda de Regalos - Jardín Zoológico (node 50333748)
yes yes Museo de Lucha (node 50890954)
yes yes Estudios Lucha (node 50890955)
yes nightclub Lucha (node 50890956)
yes yes Mahhal Majinihhanadawgamissy (node 52670624)
yes restaurant International Spice Station (node 52670625)
yes restaurant Restorán Los Duques Volantes (node 52670626)
yes fast_food Dextraze's Pizza & More (node 52670627)
variety_store fast_food Death by Donut (node 52670628)
convenience pharmacy Farmacia Cruz Amarilla (node 52670629)
atm Instant Fnord (node 52670630)
atm Caja Negra 24 (node 52670631)
bar Bar Internacional (node 52670632)
yes ¡Zango! (node 52670633)
yes Mi Bodeguita (node 52670634)

Mountain Peaks

The following data has been retrieved from this URL, using the External Data MediaWiki extension.

Name Elevation Map

El Faro 398 (node 8782480)
La Chimenea 755 (node 8782494)
Roca de Duques 421 (node 8782512)
Torre de Dolores 622 (node 8782521)
Pico Bueno 327 (node 8784392)
Pico Piedra Negra 289 (node 8784509)
Pico Craquen 272 (node 8784554)
Pico Los Veintecinco 269 (node 8784567)
Pico Cebollas 375 (node 8784965)
Monte Cuchara 402 (node 8784996)
Pico Pequeño 291 (node 8785276)
Pico Aburrido 484 (node 8785314)
Pico de lo Ultramundano 658 (node 8785318)
Monte Peludo 371 (node 38088413)
Monte Cabo Gordo 251 (node 38336938)
Piquito Terrazas Norte 132 (node 38336948)
Pico Cortines 271 (node 38336950)
Pico La Caverna 273 (node 38336956)
Pico Creación del Mundo 285 (node 38336957)
Pico del Prado 367 (node 38336958)
Pico Aguantadolores 299 (node 38336967)
Monte El Diablo Amable 214 (node 38336975)
Monte Faraón 337 (node 38336983)
Monte San Caspio 88 (node 38336985)
Cerrito La Falda 237 (node 41528303)
Cerro Maíz 61 (node 41528317)
Cerrito de la Pera 166 (node 41551240)
Pico de Miel 385 (node 41551285)
Monte Espirales 86 (node 43672209)
Cerro Chubasco 77 (node 43749163)
Cerro Cuadrado 65 (node 43749164)
Cerro Flechas 74 (node 43749165)
Pico Génesis 89 (node 43749171)
Roca Podredumbre 38 (node 43801043)
Monte de Sangre 654 (node 43803795)
Pico Piedades 639 (node 43803796)
Cerro de Lucha 104 (node 43909531)
Monte Luminoso 95 (node 43909534)
Pico Agudo 211 (node 43917217)
Monte de Hongos 328 (node 44172422)
Cerrito del Gato Azul 166 (node 44179174)
Cerro Hojarasca 174 (node 44183494)
Monte Desnudo 425 (node 44183500)
Pico Ciempiés 483 (node 44183502)
Pico Los Pinos 339 (node 44183503)
Cerrito Vista del Mar 24 (node 44308441)
Pico La Fuente 312 (node 44319821)
Cerrito La Cortada 282 (node 44323227)
Pico La Fogata 611 (node 44323228)
Pico Kkan 317 (node 44379103)
Monte Ardalá 158 (node 44623340)
Cerrito La Flecha 76 (node 44939843)
Cerrito Princesa 63 (node 44939844)
Pico de la Gallina 205 (node 45072145)
Cerrito San Andrés 57 (node 45121507)
Cerro del Tubo 222 (node 45168723)
La Torreblanca 245 (node 45168728)
Pico Los Pantalones del Papa 263 (node 45284150)
Pico La Nabaja 402 (node 45322744)
Pico Niebla 257 (node 45322745)
Pico del Ermitaño 24 (node 45322746)
Pico del Puerco 292 (node 45322747)
Punta Cañones 33 (node 45322749)
Rocaverde 86 (node 45322750)
Cerrito de Humos 28 (node 45535230)
Cerrito de Pájaros 34 (node 45535231)
Cerrito Campos 37 (node 45611834)
Pico Pantera Blanca 431 (node 45659737)
Pico Ajibbyk 324 (node 45666403)
Pico del Paso 279 (node 45710774)
Pico Loro Antárctico 232 (node 45776546)
Roca de la Columna 97 (node 45964018)
Cerro Divisorio 133 (node 45964361)
Pico Menor 255 (node 47441067)
Cerro Monos Antártidos 77 (node 47754898)
Pico Cónico 301 (node 47755801)
Cerro de Nubes 222 (node 47770139)
Cerrito Cabo Gordo 133 (node 47933929)
Cerrito Colonos 77 (node 47933930)
Monte Moisés 184 (node 47933937)
Cerro Quemado 53 (node 47983089)

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