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Stubb & Flask's Coffee Company

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Stubb & Flask's Coffee Company
Industryfast food franchising
FounderCarlomagno Lopetegui
HeadquartersViejo Tárrases, Template:Tárrases
Area Served Global
Key PeopleMargalida Pawmisset, CEO
Parent CompanyCaja Negra Holding Ltda

Stubb & Flask's Coffee Company is a ubiquitous, small-format coffee vendor in Tárrases, also selling tea, sweet beverages, desserts and sandwiches. The chain has over forty locations in the city-state, and has become a kind of cultural touchstone for the country's residents. Stubb & Flask's has rapidly expanding international operations as well. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Duchy's ruling family's Caja Negra holding company, which also controls a vast array of other Tarrasean businesses, most notably the Caja Negra international banking operation.

Business entrepreneur Carlomagno Lopetegui founded the chain with a location in the Jomazara neighborhood of Viejo Tárrases in 1988, using seed money from the ruling family. He remains employed by the Caja Negra company, but in another division.


Stubb & Flask's Coffee Company currently has TBD locations worldwide, and is growing fast.

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