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Carapreta Dynasty

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The Carapreta Dynasty has been the ruling family of the Duchy of Tárrases since the duchy's fouding by Omar Carapreta in 1757. For its first 163 years, the dukes and duchesses were absolute rulers, nominally embedded in the Mahhalian feudal system, but since the promulgation of the 1920 Basic Law by Duchess Cleopatra I, they have ruled constitutionally as semi-sovereigns (under the Mahhalian Kingdom of Lyr).


List of Dukes and Duchesses


  • Order: The ordinal number of the duke/duchess
  • Regnal Years: Years as sovereign
  • Regnal Name: Name under which the duke/duchess ruled
  • Birth Year: Year born
  • Full Name: Name at birth (and/or by marriage)
  • Notes: Observations or notable occurances
Order Regnal Years Regnal Name Birth Year Full Name Notes
1 1757-1802 Duque Omar 1726 Omar Carapreta Castillo
2 1802-1808 Duque Román 1760 Román Carapreta Dakkamemeset
3 1808-1813 Duque Manuel 1766 Manuel Diego Carapreta Dakkamemeset
4 1813-1855 Duque Román II 1788 Román Gerardo Carapreta Romorossy
5 1855-1877 Duquesa Eulogia 1825 Eulogia Carapreta de Aguinaldes
6 1877-1899 Duque José 1849 José María Aguinaldes Carapreta
7 1899-1916 Duque José II 1870 José Miguel Carapreta Foliot
8 1916-1961 Duquesa Cleopatra 1900 Atena Cleopatra Carapreta Lollohhopeset de Redcrosse
9 1961-1964 Duque Roberto 1928 Roberto Omar Redcrosse Carapreta
10 1964-2007 Duque José III 1938 José Miguel Redcrosse Carapreta
11 2007- Duquesa Cleopatra II 1979 Cleopatra Carapreta Noraggamenon de Dimitredes

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