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Sierra de los Cientoocho

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The Sierra de los Cientoocho (Castellanese, Ingerish Mountain Range of the One Hundred Eight) is one of the most notable geographic features of the Ardisphere. The rugged but relatively narrow range of mountains reach peaks as high as 2500 meters and stretch for a length of about 250 km, from northwest to southeast, crossing the boundary between the federal subjects Departamento Libertad and Departamento del Centro. The range drops rapidly to its southwest, to the flat alluvial plain called Costa de Dragones, while on the northeast side it drops much more gradually and has many subsidiary ranges of hills and lower mountains stretching transversely to the mid-valley of the Río Hierro. Since the prevailing rainy season rains come from the east, there is a slight rainshadow effect on the southwest side where the Costa de Dragones lies, but the fact that the Costa is a river delta means there is nevertheless no shortage of water in that region for agriculture. Likewise, the north side of the mountains are quite wet, with some higher slopes experiencing substatial additional rainfall bordering on rainforest conditions. The the rainiest part of the Ardisphere is the region centered on Comuna Jagualcho, stretching north to the city of Altazor, DL, and south to the area around Lago de Misterios.

The range is popular with tourists and famous for the many small canyons and valleys that weave into the range from both sides. Some of the valleys on the north side of the range are especially famous for their tea and coffee plantations, such as the teas grown at Lebrasca, DC, or the coffee groves near Ciudad Celestial, DL, or Bruto Bahaloj, DL.

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