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Faro Grand Septentriont

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Faro Grand Septentriont (officially in Castellanese Gran Setentrionte del Faro Ardesférico del Rito Comuniano) is a Freecyclopedian Septentriont (i.e. "head loggia," cf. a religious archdiocese) headquartered in the Ardispherian city of Faro, DS.

List of Loggia

Both Commonian Rite and Gwynian Rite Loggia in the Ardisphere have a custom of maintaining small shrines dedicated to identified Hrönir (objetos jerónicos). This custom has led to the so-called "mapas jerónicos," which the so-called "secular pilgrims" (itinerantes laicos) will use to travel from loggia to loggia in attempts to see all of them. The notes in the table below show each loggia's enshrined object.

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Map Country Location Name Rite Note

C-FA.057 Ardisphere Bahía de la Jacaranda, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 57 "Gran Jirafa" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: Luciano Doon d'Orange's handwritten shopping list dated 1903-12-16
C-FA.082 Ardisphere Campo de Hormigas, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 82 "Hormigas Simbólicas" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: a discarded chicken bone from 1887
C-FA.007 Ardisphere Elefantes Rosados, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 7 "Elefantes Rosados" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: Eulalia Pérez de Gómez's red skirt
C-FA.059 Ardisphere Güegabandia, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 59 "Águilas" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: unknown, but there is a hand-lettered sign that says "¡Definitivamente aquí se encuenta un objeto jerónico!"
C-FA.020 Ardisphere Capital Boreal, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 20 "Granos Finos" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A black and white photograph of Mahhalian spruce tree in an unidentified seaside setting taken in the early 1960s
C-FA.110 Ardisphere Bago, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 110 "Molino de Viento" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: a gold nugget found in Hector Cura's garden in 1921
C-FA.079 Ardisphere Sin Sueño, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 79 "Trasnochados" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A sleepless night experienced by president Isabel Richard in the winter of 1848
C-FA.137 Ardisphere Mambochánchicor, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 137 "Bicho Verde" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: the moonlight as seen between the branches of a tree beside Lago Avestruz on a windy night in 1911
C-FA.080 Ardisphere Totenina, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 80 "Máquina Rota" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: an abucus brought from an unknown country with a mysterious inscription
C-FA.101 Ardisphere Puerto de Árboles, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 101 "Árbol Volante" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: the over-use of the Castellanese subjunctive mood in Ardispherian print media during the presidency of Ramón Calles
C-FA.042 Ardisphere Samosata, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 42 "Ficciones" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: a hand drawn map labeled "Ardisphere, an Imaginary Country" and signed "Lucian of Samosata"
C-FA.150 Ardisphere Côte des Roses, DB Loge Cartographique No. 150 "La Rose" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: a dessicated rose found in an airtight container in hold of a sunken Castellanese vessel on Lake Moyica
C-FA.043 Ardisphere Zohulla, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 43 "Cicadas" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: a drawing of cicada by naturalist Luciano Eun
C-SM.199 Shadze-Ma Yshon, Shadze-Ma Pendo Community Centre Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: five honey bees, caught sequentially within 30 minutes on a ship in the middle of the Asperic Ocean in 1947
C-SM.204 Shadze-Ma Pendo, Shadze-Ma Logia Cartográfica No. 160 "Ruidoso" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: an iron ingot inscribed with the letters 'LW'
C-SM.208 Shadze-Ma Loudon Erth, Shadze-Ma Logia Cartográfica No. 174 "Cicadas" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: a map of a planned golf course entitled 'Royal Lydon and St Mauds'
C-FA.160 Ardisphere Hoz y Martillo, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 201 "Lo Viejo" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: The sounds of the lake waters crashing against the breakwater during a monsoonal storm
C-FA.174 Ardisphere Báyel, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 68 "Hierba Gatera" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: a child's wooden toy horse from mid 1800's, found floating in the stream
C-FA.201 Ardisphere Anamaría Lincoln de Gómez, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 37 "Sombras" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A sedimentary rock confidently dated to the cenozoic, but only until it was enshrined
C-FA.068 Ardisphere Parque Nébeda, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 34 "Ciudad de Sueños" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: That time that one cat jumped off the shelf and startled its owner
C-FA.037 Ardisphere Población Filosófica, DC Logia Cartográfica No. 38 "Nueces" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: Shadows seen on a wall in an ancient parable
C-FA.034 Ardisphere Oneirópolis, DO Logia Cartográfica No. 44 "Invenciones" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: the water of the Río Albañiles flowing past the malecón on August 13, 1902
C-FA.038 Ardisphere Nueces de Quián, DO Logia Cartográfica No. 48 "Perales" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A collection of about 60 nuts found in a box buried in a meadow
C-FA.044 Ardisphere Gondal, DO Logia Cartográfica No. 53 "Patíbulo" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A machine of indeterminate purpose delivered to the loggia in May, 1941
C-FA.048 Ardisphere Perales, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 33 "Máquina Rota" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: An overripe pear that fell from the tree in Vilencio López's back garden in 1928
C-FA.053 Ardisphere Estumachonche, DB Gran Septentrionte No. 1 "El Mapa del Mundo" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: The gallows used to hang Crispín Caperecitaroja in 1797
C-FA.033 Ardisphere Totenina, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 77 "Errores" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: The poem "Te pintaba verde" by Polidoro Grijalva, as read by the author at a public reading in Capital Boreal in 1921
C-FA.001 Ardisphere Faro, DS Logia Cartográfica No. 195 "Loros Antárcticos" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A putative perfect map of the world at 1:1 scale, as viewed from somewhere outside the universe
C-FA.077 Ardisphere Yoiqueque, DB Logia Cartográfica No. 197 "Las Batallas" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A misunderstanding that occurred during a colloquy entitled "¿Qué es la realidad en realidad?" on June 17th, 1961
C-DT.195 Tárrases Viejo Tárrases Logia Cartográfica No. 203 "Los Utópicos" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A species of antarctic parrot found only on the Island of Lyr, but not any particular member of that species
C-DT.197 Tárrases Las Batallas Logia Cartográfica No. 209 "Lo Incógnito" Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A battle which occured between some pirates and some Mahhalian boats off the coast in 1747
C-DT.203 Tárrases Nuevo Tárrases Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Logia Number 661 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A discarded ceramic bottle dating from about 1100 CE, found during the construction of the Loggia
C-DT.209 Tárrases Viejo Tárrases Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 604 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: The ellipses used on odd-numbered pages in the local Latin-lettered print editions of the Azza newspaper between 1938 and 1955
[1] Federal States Apple River Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 602 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A coup stick used by Rakhoda Chief Standing Deer
[2] Federal States Ohunkagan Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 607 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: Page 45 of the 1831 edition of Ballantine's Ingerish Dictionary, Stanton
[3] Federal States Ohunkagan Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 610 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: An incomplete skeleton of a horse ridden by Territorial Governor Solomon Swift
[4] Federal States Iyotanhaha Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 619 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: The building occupied by this Loggia
[5] Federal States Ohunkagan Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 683 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A ceramic blue cup, broken into 4 pieces and missing its handle
[6] Federal States Ohunkagan Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 684 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: The broken-off handle of a ceremic blue cup
[7] Federal States Ohunkagan Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 619 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: The frontispiece of a book about rabbits
[8] Federal States Riverton Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 622 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A wrench found among weeds in the town of Painter, Makaska
[9] Federal States Prairie Forge Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 668 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A mirror
[10] Federal States Ohunkagan Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 642 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A paper clip
[11] Federal States Meridian Cartographer's Temple - Cartographic Loggia Number 699 Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: The lowest-scored essay submitted to the 1969 Meridian High School senior essay contest
[12] Federal States Marksville Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A ticket stub from the Marksville tram dated December 1st, 1942
[13] Federal States Marksville Commonian (Cartographic) Hrönic Object: A flowering shrubbery found on the site of the temple, now preserved in a glass case

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