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Capital Boreal, DB

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Z13, -21.543 °S, 124.076 °E
Capital Boreal
Official Name:
Ciudad Capital Boreal
Other Names:
San Roque del Lago, CBDB (Cebedebe)

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Ciudad in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Status Capital Departamental (department capital)
Federal Subject Flag of Departamento Boreal Departamento Boreal
Comuna Comuna Vías
Elevation 220 m
Area 49.4 km2
Demonym Borealian, bóreo, cebeano, norcapitalino
Population 90,000 (2014)
Density 1821/km2
Mayor (Alcalde) Cabrias Jasán
Tram Capitales Light Rail Line (RUTA J707)

Capital Boreal (Castellanese, by custom not translated, but Ingerish meaning is "Northern Capital") is the capital and largest city in the Ardispherian federal subject Departamento Boreal. It is the westernmost anchor of the metropolitan region called Marverde-Jeongto, with the large city of Jeongto forming the eastern anchor of the region, and most of the intervening territory (about 40 km) fairly urbanized and developed.

Capital Boreal's current population is about 90,000 inhabitants, in a land area of 49.4 km2.




Pre-Colonial Period

Colonial Period

During the colonial period there was a small settlement at the city's current location, called San Roque del Lago.

Early Federation Period

When the Federation was formed, the original capital of the Departamento Boreal was the town of Isla Estranjeros (now Ynys Dieithriaid in Colonia Galesa). With the separation of the Colonia Galesa and Colonia Coreana from the Departamento Boreal in the 1870's, however, a new capital was needed, and so it was decided to design a new capital city from scratch near the townsite of San Roque. This "planned" aspect is visible in the city's layout.

Trade and Industrialization

Modern Progressive Urbanism



Capital Boreal had no tram system and is too far away from Jeongto to have been integrated to that city's subway system, but recently a light rail line was completed between CB and the Jeongto International Airport, which is also the terminus for one of the Jeongto subway lines. Thus Capital Boreal has now become more integrated to a regional rail transport system.


Light Rail



Sibling Cities

Capital Boreal has several sibling cities, as per the guidelines of Sibling Cities of the World:

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