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Valle del Au

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The Valle del Au (Castellanese, Ingerish Au River Valley) is one of the geographic regions of the Ardisphere. The mostly flat, alluvial plain froms the core of Departamento del Sur (DS) is separated from the similar Costa de Dragones to the north by the uplifted Bahía Negra hills. As a geographic region, it normally includes the extensive delta lands around the river's mouths into the Bahía Negra to the west, which in terms of area is almost half of the region's total. The most significant city is Palmeras Grises and combined surbubs, on the northwest corner of the delta. Otherwise, the land is mostly agricultural or undeveloped swamps and wetlands. The delta is the focus of the Ardispherian fossil fuels extraction industry (petroleum and natural gas), as well as a nascent aquaculture industry, while the eastern valley is mostly focused on cereals crops like rice, rye or wheat.

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