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Premier of Tárrases

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The Premier of Tárrases is the head of government for the Duchy of Tárrases, the chief executive minister of the cabinet serving under the Duke or Duchess, who is the head of state. The position was established by the 1920 Basic Law that serves as the autonomous city-state's constitution. Although elections have been declared "free and fair" by numerous international agencies, every Premier since 1920 has been a member of the Tarrasean Partido Soberano ("Partido Negro"). Thus the election process for the Premier is de facto carried out at the level of the party-internal election of the leadership of the party, however, since law allows non-party members to participate in this process, the selection is thus fairly democratic.


List of Premiers


  • Order: The ordinal number of the Premier
  • Years: Years served as Premier
  • Name: Name of the Premier
  • Party: Party affiliation
  • Sovereign: Duke(s) or Duchess(es) under which served
  • Notes: Observations or notable occurances
Order Years Name Party Sovereign Notes
1 1920-1944 Gerardo McKay Partido Soberano Cleopatra I Author of the 1920 Basic Law and founder of the party
2 1944-1953 Leocasta Debesseremet Partido Soberano Cleopatra I
3 1953-1954 Alejandro Vivaldi Partido Soberano Cleopatra I
4 1954-1967 Nicolás García de Montano Partido Soberano Cleopatra I, Roberto, José III
5 1967-1994 Miranda Nicolaides Partido Soberano José III Longest-serving Premier
6 1994-1999 Bartolomeo Cunningham Partido Soberano José III
7 1994-1999 Miguel Ángel Castillo Castillo Partido Soberano José III
8 2002-2008 Bartolomeo Cunningham Partido Soberano José III, Cleopatra II
9 2008- Dimitrio Angelopoulos Partido Soberano Cleopatra II

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