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Marverde (Ardisphere)

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Z9, -21.9532 °S, 124.0192 °E
Official Name:
El Marverde
Other Names:
Greensea, 푸른해

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Lake in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Elevation 160 m
Area 3,641.5 km2

Marverde (Castellanese, conventionally untranslated, Ingerish meaning is "Greensea") is the largest inland body of water in the Ardisphere. With a surface area of 3,641.5 km2, it is the greatest of the country's "great lakes." Three different federal subjects abutt the lake: Departamento Boreal (DB) to the west and north, Departamento Libertad (DL) to the south, and Colonia Coreana (CC) to the east.

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