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Maomé Sakuba Lamar Institute of Arts

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Maomé Sakuba Lamar Institute of Arts
Instituto de Artes Maomé Sakuba Lamar
IndeAr Seal
"Con nuestros pensamientos creamos el mundo"
With our thoughts we create the world
 • CityMinas de Tigreblanco, DL
 • RectorLuz Yau
 • Undergraduate800
 • Postgraduate1600
ColoursCeleste and Orange

Instituto de Artes Maomé Sakuba Lamar (Maomé Sakuba Lamar Institute of Arts) is public-financed university of Fine Arts under the supervision of the education agency of the Departamento Libertad in the Ardisphere, located in the picturesque city of Minas de Tigreblanco, DL (map). It offers BFA, MFA and DFA degrees.

Commonly called "IndeAr" (from its initials) by locals and "Tigreblanco" nationally, currently the school is ranked second nationally among all undergraduate institutions in the subject areas in which is specializes, and ranked fourth among graduate schools. The institute is entirely dedicated to the fine arts, providing education in acting, music, dance, theatre, graphic and visual arts, design, and creative writing.

The school was founded in 1895 by the mining baron and arts afficionado Maomé Sakuba Lamar, in his hometown of Minas de Tigreblanco. He meant for it to provide an alternative to the mining-focused local economy, given the silver mine reserves were seeming to become exhausted. In this, it was singularly successful, as the Institute is now the locus of a tourism and arts-based economy that ensures the local area continued prosperity. The institution was taken over in 1931 by the Departamento del Centro government, and made a component of the departmental university system. When Departamento Libertad was split off from Departamento del Centro in 1947, the institute was realigned with the new departmental government.

The institute is best known for its annual arts festival, known colloquially as simply "Tigreblanco" (after the town's name). It is held each summer (in January). It draws internationally-reputed stage actors and directors, visual artists, musicians and others for a two-week long event that is now one of the largest international tourist draws in the Ardispehre outside of the capital.