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State of Makaska
Makobashpe Maka Ska
Flag of Makaska
FlagCoat of arms
"Au sein des eaux claires et neiges blanches, prospérité."
Amidst clear waters and white snows, prosperity.
Largest cityOhunkagan
Official languagesIngerish, Rakhoda
 • Regional languagesFranquese
 • GovernorJared J. Lucian
 • Lieutenant GovernorMichelle Perrault
LegislatureLegislature of the State of Makaska
 • Upper houseState Senate
 • Lower houseState Assembly
 • Total17831.67 km2
6884.85 sq mi
 • Estimate (2017)4132580
CurrencyFS Dollar (Template:Code)
Drives on theright

Makaska is a constituent state in the Federal States of Archanta, located in the south central "lakes" region along the southern borader, on a broad isthmus between the two large lakes, Lake "A" and Lake "B".

Makaska shares its isthmus with Oshweken to the north. To the south it has international boundaries with Brieland and Spero. To the west across the narrow Strait of Saint Michael, which is part of Lake "A", lies the state of Seneppi.


The name "Makaska" derives from the Rakhoda language phrase "maka ska," which means "white land" or "white earth." It is not clear whether this references an area of white and light-colored stone along the shores of Lake Ohunkagan, or whether this is simply a reference to the extensive and long-lasting snow covers of a typical Makaskan winter.

Human Geography

Political Divisions


Makaska's 2nd order political divisions are called parishes (equivalent to counties in most of the FS). There are 25 parishes. The largest in population is Swift Parish, and the largest in area is Battle Plain Parish.

Parish Listing

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Parish Name Parish Seat Map

Yellowtree Parish Yellowtree, Makaska (relation 106197)
Carbon Parish Wamanun Falls, Makaska (relation 106198)
Freeborn Parish New Volbrod, Makaska (relation 106229)
Maldonado Parish Dunning, Makaska (relation 106230)
Humble Parish Savage, Makaska (relation 106231)
Battle Plain Parish White Earth Agency, Makaska (relation 106232)
Many Ghosts Parish Wanaguitipie, Makaska (relation 106251)
Swift Parish Ohunkagan, Makaska (relation 106256)
Iyotanhaha Parish Iyotanhaha, Makaska (relation 106257)
Lake Parish Glensheen, Makaska (relation 106258)
Xanthippe Parish Antvale, Makaska (relation 106259)
Elizabeth Parish Riverton, Makaska (relation 106260)
La Porte Parish Eureka, Makaska (relation 106261)
Starr Parish Saint Michael, Makaska (relation 106266)
Churchland Parish Tchanhasan, Makaska (relation 106267)
Justice Parish Queen Rhiannon, Makaska (relation 106269)
Brown Buffalo Parish Pittsville, Makaska (relation 106270)
Ouroboros Parish Marksville, Makaska (relation 106281)
Lac Perdu Parish Lac Perdu, Makaska (relation 106282)
Taylor Parish Taylorsville, Makaska (relation 106283)
Cosmos Parish Bamberg, Makaska (relation 106284)
Mihm Parish Kanguisapa, Makaska (relation 106285)
Storey Parish Wichowoyakay, Makaska (relation 106286)
Vineland Parish Fort Carpenter, Makaska (relation 106287)
Deal Parish Deal City, Makaska (relation 106288)

Townships, Towns, Villages and Cities

Originally, Makaska's parishes were subdivided into rural townships based on the regional survey of 1841. There were 203 townships.

However, these townships are now obsolete, although their boundaries are still visible in the map of the current divisions. Currently, Makaska has a "full coverage" of 3rd order political divisions which go by the terms City, Town and Village. These terms are misleading with respect to size, however, since they refer to forms of government. Cities are any chartered municipality under the state government, but can be any size. Thus the "city" of Ragged Point, for example, has less than 500 inhabitants. Villages are autonomous and incorporated, but not chartered, and are rarely larger than a few thousand inhabitants. Towns are the inheritors of the township governments, which are not autonomous but are typically subsidiary to parish governments, and the concept applies mostly to rural areas. However, there is at least one "town" that has almost 100,000 inhabitants: Lower Uppington, which has seen a lot of suburban growth in recent years but whose inhabitants have so far resisted incorporating.

Township Listing

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Name Parish Map

Blunt Township La Porte (relation 105762)
Angus Township La Porte (relation 105763)
Archantana Township La Porte (relation 105764)
Tasman Township La Porte (relation 105765)
Hepburn Township La Porte (relation 105766)
Eureka Township La Porte (relation 105767)
Valor Township La Porte (relation 105768)
Bloom Township La Porte (relation 105769)
Boundary Township La Porte (relation 105770)
Poindexter Township Elizabeth (relation 105771)
Slade Township Elizabeth (relation 105772)
Red River Township Elizabeth (relation 105773)
Slope Township Elizabeth (relation 105774)
Bailhache Township Elizabeth (relation 105775)
Mars Township Elizabeth (relation 105776)
Cash Township Elizabeth (relation 105778)
Bdeota Township Elizabeth (relation 105780)
Monument Township Elizabeth (relation 105783)
Chase Township Xanthippe (relation 105784)
Circle Township Xanthippe (relation 105785)
Sceptre Township Xanthippe (relation 105786)
Trembling Township Xanthippe (relation 105787)
King Township Xanthippe (relation 105788)
Slack Township Xanthippe (relation 105789)
Homer Township Xanthippe (relation 105790)
Hollingsworth Township Xanthippe (relation 105791)
Blair Township Xanthippe (relation 105792)
Apex Township Xanthippe (relation 105793)
Barron Township Elizabeth (relation 105794)
Buckle Township Swift (relation 105796)
Pontifex Township Swift (relation 105797)
Vitali Township Swift (relation 105798)
Riderwaite Township Swift (relation 105799)
Quincey Township Swift (relation 105800)
Rollingstone Township Swift (relation 105801)
Buhne Township Swift (relation 105802)
Tlon Township Swift (relation 105803)
McDermott Township Swift (relation 105804)
Brick Township Swift (relation 105805)
Toole Township Iyotanhaha (relation 105812)
Rainbow Township Iyotanhaha (relation 105813)
Weaver Township Iyotanhaha (relation 105814)
Gissing Township Iyotanhaha (relation 105815)
Coffey Township Iyotanhaha (relation 105816)
Craig Township Iyotanhaha (relation 105817)
Sturgis Township Brown Buffalo (relation 105820)
Carter Township Brown Buffalo (relation 105821)
Barricade Township Brown Buffalo (relation 105822)
Borgia Township Brown Buffalo (relation 105823)
Nodossy Township Brown Buffalo (relation 105824)
Wright Township Brown Buffalo (relation 105825)
Sorensen Township Brown Buffalo (relation 105826)
Bopp Township Brown Buffalo (relation 105827)
Dilbert Township Brown Buffalo (relation 105828)
Besserat Township Brown Buffalo (relation 105829)
Badger Township Justice (relation 105832)
Quark Township Justice (relation 105833)
Whetstone Township Justice (relation 105834)
Troubador Township Justice (relation 105835)
Goldrock Township Justice (relation 105836)
Uranus Township Justice (relation 105837)
Fisherman Township Justice (relation 105838)
Lighthouse Township Justice (relation 105839)
Meteor Bay Township Justice (relation 105840)
Whittier Township Churchland (relation 105843)
Appareil Township Churchland (relation 105844)
Nerva Township Churchland (relation 105845)
Grass Township Churchland (relation 105846)
Spinoza Township Churchland (relation 105847)
Powers Township Churchland (relation 105848)
Stuckey Township Churchland (relation 105849)
Coast Township Starr (relation 105856)
Vail Township Starr (relation 105857)
Winonna Township Starr (relation 105858)
Van Horne Township Starr (relation 105859)
Peninsula Township Starr (relation 105860)
Carmel Township Starr (relation 105861)
Sunset Township Starr (relation 105862)
Dunbar Township Ouroboros (relation 105865)
Sergeant Township Ouroboros (relation 105866)
Anthem Township Ouroboros (relation 105867)
Harmony Township Ouroboros (relation 105868)
Meridian Township Ouroboros (relation 105869)
Orbison Township Ouroboros (relation 105870)
Ironhill Township Ouroboros (relation 105872)
Hackington Township Ouroboros (relation 105877)
Iain Township Storey (relation 105889)
Finnegan Township Mihm (relation 105890)
Saint Lucien Township Mihm (relation 105891)
Jupiter Township Mihm (relation 105892)
Gary Township Mihm (relation 105893)
Robbins Township Storey (relation 105894)
Brasonia Township Storey (relation 105895)
Nabakoff Township Storey (relation 105896)
Oblivia Township Storey (relation 105897)
Thorne Township Storey (relation 105898)
Chthonia Township Storey (relation 105900)
New Pern Township Storey (relation 105901)
Bluff Township Deal (relation 105902)
Magueriz Township Mihm (relation 105903)
Eagle Township Storey (relation 105905)
Schwartzkopf Township Vineland (relation 105906)
Mordecai Township Vineland (relation 105907)
Fournier Township Vineland (relation 105908)
Duchess Township Vineland (relation 105909)
DeForrest Township Vineland (relation 105910)
Skidmore Township Vineland (relation 105911)
Kellogg Township Deal (relation 105912)
Borland Township Deal (relation 105940)
Stearns Township Deal (relation 105941)
Barrister Township Deal (relation 105942)
Doyle Township Deal (relation 105943)
Leavenworth Township Deal (relation 105944)
Garfield Township Freeborn (relation 105945)
Patriot Township Freeborn (relation 105946)
Greenman Township Freeborn (relation 105947)
Daybreak Township Freeborn (relation 105948)
Zimmermann Township Freeborn (relation 105949)
Davison Township Freeborn (relation 105950)
Swann Township Freeborn (relation 105951)
Gasquet Township Battle Plain (relation 105952)
Whitewater Township Battle Plain (relation 105953)
Venus Township Battle Plain (relation 105954)
Imperial Township Battle Plain (relation 105955)
Liss Township Battle Plain (relation 105956)
General Township Battle Plain (relation 105957)
Taconite Township Battle Plain (relation 105958)
Traverse Township Battle Plain (relation 105959)
Ravenwing Township Battle Plain (relation 105960)
Le Blanc Township Battle Plain (relation 105961)
Eccles Township Battle Plain (relation 105962)
Butte Township Battle Plain (relation 105963)
Diamond Township Battle Plain (relation 105964)
Hardin Township Battle Plain (relation 105965)
Goose Lake Township Lac Perdu (relation 106007)
Elysian Township Lac Perdu (relation 106008)
Hawk Township Lac Perdu (relation 106009)
Foundation Township Lac Perdu (relation 106010)
Latif Township Lac Perdu (relation 106011)
Garvin Township Lac Perdu (relation 106012)
Meredith Township Lac Perdu (relation 106013)
Minor Township Lac Perdu (relation 106014)
Desire Township Lac Perdu (relation 106015)
Covenant Township Taylor (relation 106016)
Volante Township Taylor (relation 106028)
Roantra Township Taylor (relation 106030)
Painter Township Taylor (relation 106031)
Foxrock Township Taylor (relation 106032)
Nomad Township Cosmos (relation 106033)
Clearwater Township Yellowtree (relation 106102)
Saint Gabriel Township Taylor (relation 106106)
Congress Township Taylor (relation 106107)
Miklagard Township Taylor (relation 106108)
Independence Township Taylor (relation 106109)
Casaubon Township Taylor (relation 106110)
Bishop Township Carbon (relation 106112)
Prairie Township Carbon (relation 106117)
Saturn Township Carbon (relation 106119)
Perecost Township Carbon (relation 106120)
La Croix Township Carbon (relation 106123)
Element Township Carbon (relation 106125)
Verona Township Carbon (relation 106128)
Fickle Township Yellowtree (relation 106129)
Gravity Township Yellowtree (relation 106130)
Maple Township Yellowtree (relation 106131)
Catfish Township Yellowtree (relation 106137)
McGurk Township Yellowtree (relation 106138)
Cow Lake Township Cosmos (relation 106139)
Storm Township Cosmos (relation 106141)
Mercury Township Cosmos (relation 106142)
Melange Township Cosmos (relation 106145)
La Bonne Township Cosmos (relation 106146)
Almutatid Township Cosmos (relation 106147)
Grandpoint Township Cosmos (relation 106148)
Kestrel Township Cosmos (relation 106149)
Outgrabing Township Lake (relation 106154)
Nimrod Township Many Ghosts (relation 106157)
Wallace Township Many Ghosts (relation 106158)
Cathedral Township Many Ghosts (relation 106159)
Cairn Township Many Ghosts (relation 106160)
Gibson Township Maldonado (relation 106161)
Tower Township Lake (relation 106162)
Presidents Township Humble (relation 106163)
Crumlin Township Humble (relation 106164)
Fogg Township Many Ghosts (relation 106165)
Rolla Township Many Ghosts (relation 106166)
Marquis Township Many Ghosts (relation 106167)
Revelation Township Humble (relation 106170)
O'Hara Township Humble (relation 106171)
Wildhorse Township Humble (relation 106172)
Maiden Township Humble (relation 106173)
Albertson Township Humble (relation 106174)
Wootten Township Humble (relation 106175)
Neptune Township Maldonado (relation 106176)
Idle Township Maldonado (relation 106177)
Vernier Township Maldonado (relation 106178)
Beaubourg Township Maldonado (relation 106179)
Constant Township Maldonado (relation 106180)
Di Griz Township Lake (relation 106181)
Pindar Township Lake (relation 106182)
Beam Township Lake (relation 106183)
Sabre Township Lake (relation 106185)
Juliet Township Lake (relation 106255)

Major cities

  • Ohunkagan
    • largest metro
    • major grand lakes port, other industries include food processing, mercantile exchange, manufacturing, emergent biotechnology
    • pop. ~ 1.5 million ?
    • regional trains, small subway, legacy streetcars
  • Marksville
    • state capital and second largest metro
    • pop. ~ 200,000
    • site of major horse-racing industry, and UMM (secondary land-grant campus)
  • Riverton/Apple River/Uppington
    • "tri cites", collectively third-largest metro, lake/river port
    • site of most prestigious "land grant" University of Makaska at Uppington (UMU)
    • pop. ~ 150,000

Other important towns

  • Kanguisapa - Callister
    • site of the renowned Mihm Clinic and other medical industries
    • pop. ~ 40,000
  • Queen Rhiannon
    • pop. ~ 35,000
    • tourism, agriculture, motor-home manufacturing
  • Tatankagui
    • pop. ~ 30,000
    • Tatankagui State University (teacher's college and agricultural extention)
  • Deal City - Buffalo Danger
    • pop. ~ 25,000
    • food processing and agricultural center, trucking
  • White Earth Agency
    • pop. ~ 20,000
    • center of native Makaska tribes culture (Rakhoda Peoples)
  • Roan Stallion
    • pop. ~ 20,000
    • southern lake-lands tourism
  • Normal - Fort Humble
    • pop. ~ 15,000
    • Humble State University (teacher's college and agricultural extention)

Informal Regions

The state does not have a formal division into regions, but there are some fairly well-established regional subdivisions.

  • "Snowdrift Riviera" - the southwest: Carbon, Cosmos, Starr, and Taylor Parishes, so named because of the high snowfalls due to lake-effect snows in the winter.
  • "Downstate" - the east coast: La Porte, Swift, Iyotanhaha, Lake, and Many Ghosts Parishes.
  • "Bluffland" - the north/northwest: Elizabeth, Xanthippe, Brown Buffalo, and Justice Parishes, so named because of the prominent bluff and plateau topography of the region.
  • "Portage Corridor" - the central/west: Churchland, Ouroboros, Vineland, Storey, Mihm, Lac Perdu and Deal Parishes, so named because of the two rivers (Makaska River and Kanguisapa River) that drain in opposite directions from the area around the state capital.
  • "Spiritland" - the central south: Humble, Maldonado, Freeborn, and Battle Plain Parishes.
  • "Lakeland" - the flanks of Lac Perdu: Lac Perdu and Yellowtree Parishes.

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High quality universities drive development, so the placement of the best universities has a lot to do with which cities and towns are most successful and fastest-growing.

Public Universities

  • University of Makaska at Uppington, Uppington (UMU, flagship campus of UM system)
  • University of Makaska at Marksville, Marksville (UMM, secondary campus of UM system)
  • University of Makaska at Ohunkagan, Ohunkagan (UMO, recent addition to system, includes new business school)
  • University of Makaska at Kanguisapa, Kanguisapa (UMK, primary medical school of UM system, proximate to renowed Mihm Clinic)
  • Tatankagui State University, Tatantagui (TSU, flagship campus of MSU system)
  • Humble State University, Normal (HSU, secondary campus of MSU system)
  • Makaska State University at Witchakawoka, Witchakawoka (MSUW, tertiary campus of MSU system, formerly Mihm State University)
  • Makaska State University at Lac Perdu, East Oliphant (MSULP, upgrade of community college)
  • Makaska State University at Suburbia, Suburbia (MSUS, upgrade of community college)
  • Makaska State University at Grand Crossing, Grand Crossing (MSUGC, upgrade of community college)

Private Universities

  • Isthmic University, Ohunkagan (endowment, formerally religious but no longer)
  • Grants-Hogarth University, University Village (endowment, founded by wealthy magnates 19th c., best private university in Makaska)
  • Southern Lakes University, Alexandretta (endowment, founded by Freecyclopedians, Commonian Rite)
  • Saint Clothilde College, Sainte-Clothilde (religious but mainline)
  • Ashbery College, Ashbery (endowment, high quality liberal arts)
  • MacBeth College, Roan Stallion (endowment, tribal affiliate)
  • Throckmorton College, Edgemere (endowment, formerly religious)

Native Makaskans

A substantial portion of the state is given over to "Native Lands." The history of the "tribes and bands" is fraught and these groups were once quite marginalized and even the victims of genocide, but currently these groups are becoming increasingly prosperous and well-integrated, thanks to the legalization of casino gambling only on tribal lands in the 1980's (giving them a reliable monopoly source of revenue), as well as some well-placed social services programs and a state-level reparations settlement that created an endowed fund in 1992.

Native Lands

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Name Headquarters Map

White Earth Native Lands White Earth Agency, Makaska (relation 106290)
Deadtree Native Lands Treaty Post, Makaska (relation 106293)
Wakinyan Native Lands Wakinyan, Makaska (relation 106294)
Ahanji Band Native Lands Ahanji, Makaska (relation 106369)
Tokahan Native Lands Tokahan, Makaska (relation 106371)
Upizicha Band Native Lands Upizicha, Makaska (relation 106374)
Wanaguitipie Band Native Lands Black Hand, Makaska (relation 106376)
Mazaska Band Native Lands Mazaska Camp, Makaska (relation 131375)
Bdeota Band Native Lands Bdeota, Makaska (relation 182883)
Woakipa Band Native Lands Inyasa, Makaska (relation 196472)


Professional Sports Teams

Football (Soccer)

Makaska has one professional soccer team, who play at University Stadium in Marksville. They are known as FC Marksville Southstars.

Football (Gridiron)

Makaska has one professional gridiron team, who play at the venerable Veterans Stadium in the Northeast area of Ohunkagan. They are known as the Ohunkagan Lakers.


Makaska has one professional basketball team, who play at the newly built Lakesbank Center in Ohunkagan. They are known as the Ohunkagan Lumberjacks.

Ice Hockey

Makaska has one professional ice hockey team, who play at the newly built Gorram Arena in Iyotanhaha. They are known as the Makaska Warriors.


Makaska has one professional baseball team, who play at the venerable baseball venue, Strawberry Field, on Ohunkagan's South Side. They are known as the Makaska Saints.

Collegiate Sports Teams

Other Notable Sports Venues


The famous Twombly Downs are located just south of Marksville. They host the Meredith Cup.

Economy and Business

Regional Businesses

Leading Daily Newspapers

Major Shopping Malls

Banks and Financial Companies

Restaurant Chains

"Silicon Shore"

The Silicon Shore is the popular name for a string of suburbs south of Ohunkagan, mostly lining the shore of Lake X, where there is a high concentration of technology companies, research labs, and corporate campuses. The suburbs generally included are (from north to south): Paisley Gardens, Blooming Shore, Cherry Grove, Petachona, Land, and Rhodesylvania. The largest in population and most important, by far, is the city of Blooming Shore, with the corporate headquarters of XTech Inc., including their main chip design and manufacturing facilities. Marginal members of the Silicon Shore category are the cities of Craig, Elphinstone, De Telling, and Radio Park, which lie farther south, and the cities of Paragon and Halesburg, which lie inland. The exclusive lakeshore residential community of Cape Torment, to the east of De Telling, is not typically included, but many of the newly wealthy tech executives have homes there. (map)


State Highway System

Luciano Shield Makaska202.png

Notable People

Historical Makaskans

  • Leonora Grants - 19th c. lumber and rail baroness and philanthropist
  • H. Abner Humble - first territorial governor, 1816-??
  • Benoit Le Becq (AKA The Beast Priest) - early 18th c. Franquese priest who ran a private slavery operation
  • Philostratus Lynggaard - 19th c. rail baron
  • Absolom Ignatius Carr - early 20th industrialist, took over Carnelian Carriage Works and created the Carr Motorcar Company
  • Timothy Daladier - late 19th mayor of Ohunkagan during World's Fair, later Makaska governor
  • Marvin MacBeth (AKA Chief Roan Stallion) - early to mid 20th c. Native (Yellowtree Band Rakhoda) who became a philanthropist late in life
  • Balthazar Ming - early 20th c. entrepreneur and politician
  • Ezekiel Mongo - 19th c. frontier merchant and entrepreneur, leveraged early investment from Leonora Grants to found Makaska's most successful bank, Grants-Mongo.
  • Mathieu Jonnequiel - late 18th c. Franquese explorer and mercenary working for Effessian independence
  • John J. Hogarth - 19th c. land baron in Ohunkagan area
  • Solomon Swift - early 19th c. territorial governor, went on to Senator, and Federal political career (wanted to be president)
  • Abishai Brown - Colonel, FS Army, 19th c. military commander in wars against the natives, notably the Battle at Thrift Ridge.
  • Not-a-Wolf - chieftain, Rakhoda Tribe, Hotanka-Petachona Band, commanded the natives during several of the last major battles of resistance, notably the Battle at Thrift Ridge.
  • Josiah Marks - early explorer of Makaska (late 18th c. / early 19th c.)
  • Raymond Deal - frontiersman and last territorial governor (mid 19th c.) before statehood.

Cartographic and Cyclopedic Lodges

The Cartographic and Cyclopedic fraternal organizations had a strong role in 19th century Makaska. Their "loggia" (Lodges or Rites Halls) are scattered throughout the state.

The following data has been retrieved from this URL, using the External Data MediaWiki extension.

Name Rite City County Hronic Object Map

Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Logia Number 661 Commonian (Cartographic) Apple River Elizabeth Hrönic Object: A coup stick used by Rakhoda Chief Standing Deer (node 130844929)
Cyclopedian's Hall - Loggia #741 Gwynian (Cyclopedic) Ohunkagan Swift Hrönic Object: A rocking chair (node 153616731)
Cyclopedian's Hall - Loggia #733 Gwynian (Cyclopedic) Ohunkagan Swift Hrönic Object: A sword used by Ardispherian war hero Victoria Persson during her time in training (node 153616753)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 604 Commonian (Cartographic) Ohunkagan Swift Hrönic Object: Page 45 of the 1831 edition of Ballantine's Ingerish Dictionary, Stanton (node 153616798)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 602 Commonian (Cartographic) Ohunkagan Swift Hrönic Object: An incomplete skeleton of a horse ridden by Territorial Governor Solomon Swift (node 153616805)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 607 Commonian (Cartographic) Iyotanhaha Iyotanhaha Hrönic Object: The building occupied by this Loggia (node 154055813)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 610 Commonian (Cartographic) Ohunkagan Swift Hrönic Object: A ceramic blue cup, broken into 4 pieces and missing its handle (node 159334352)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 619 Commonian (Cartographic) Ohunkagan Swift Hrönic Object: The broken-off handle of a ceremic blue cup (node 159338455)
Cyclopedian's Hall - Loggia #767 Gwynian (Cyclopedic) Riverton Elizabeth Hrönic Object: A trout skeleton (node 175385627)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 683 Commonian (Cartographic) Ohunkagan Swift Hrönic Object: The frontispiece of a book about rabbits (node 175734269)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 684 Commonian (Cartographic) Riverton Elizabeth Hrönic Object: A wrench found among weeds in the town of Painter, Makaska (node 175734270)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 619 Commonian (Cartographic) Prairie Forge La Porte Hrönic Object: A mirror (node 175799413)
Cyclopedian's Hall - Loggia #737 Gwynian (Cyclopedic) Prairie Forge La Porte Hrönic Object: The highly vandalized first galley proof for the Ingerish translation of L. Doon's "Verdades y Creencias" (node 175810935)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 622 Commonian (Cartographic) Ohunkagan La Porte Hrönic Object: A paper clip (node 176114360)
Cyclopedian's Hall - Loggia #729 Gwynian (Cyclopedic) Wachacha Swift Hrönic Object: A fine top hat (node 176194877)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 617 Commonian (Cartographic) Hookvale Swift Hrönic Object: The regurgitated bones of a mouse found in a nearby pumpkin field (node 176194878)
Cyclopedian's Hall - Loggia #771 Gwynian (Cyclopedic) Redbank Ouroboros Hrönic Object: A knitting needle found in a vacant lot in 1893 (node 189810822)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 668 Commonian (Cartographic) Meridian Ouroboros Hrönic Object: The lowest-scored essay submitted to the 1969 Meridian High School senior essay contest (node 189810836)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 642 Commonian (Cartographic) Marksville Ouroboros Hrönic Object: A ticket stub from the Marksville tram dated December 1st, 1942 (node 190018887)
Cartographer's Temple - Cartographic Loggia Number 699 Commonian (Cartographic) Marksville Ouroboros Hrönic Object: A flowering shrubbery found on the site of the temple, now preserved in a glass case (node 191650991)
Cyclopedian's Hall - Loggia #700 Gwynian (Cyclopedic) Highland Swift Hrönic Object: The tomb in the next door graveyard closest to this building (node 198025156)
Cartographer's Grand Auditorium - Cartographic Loggia Number 691 Commonian (Cartographic) Ohunkagan Swift Hrönic Object: A floor tile from a former mental institution (node 243284835)
Cartographer's Hall - Cartographic Loggia Number 677 Commonian (Cartographic) Ohunkagan Swift Hrönic Object: The right fender to a 1919 "Model Three" Carr Motorcar, painted navy blue (node 248998104)

Physical Geography & Hydrology


"Major" Lakes (relations)

The following data has been retrieved from this URL, using the External Data MediaWiki extension.

Name Parish Map

Goblin Lake Lake (relation 103027)
Junk Lagoon Lake (relation 103028)
Camp Lake Starr (relation 103035)
Peninsula Lake Starr (relation 103044)
Rusty Gun Lake Swift (relation 103046)
Grasshopper Lagoon Iyotanhaha (relation 103056)
Lake Ellison Swift (relation 103057)
Lake Darius Iyotanhaha (relation 103060)
Reed Lake Starr (relation 103069)
Marquis Lake Many Ghosts (relation 103071)
Cathedral Lake Many Ghosts (relation 103074)
Widget Lake La Porte (relation 103076)
Six Cats Lake Swift (relation 103082)
Lake Petachona -Multiple- (relation 103084)
Saltpeter Lake Swift (relation 103085)
Lake Ohunkagan -Multiple- (relation 103087)
Lake Maroney Swift (relation 103090)
Lake Tiberius Iyotanhaha (relation 103091)
Lake Akentorian Taylor (relation 103097)
Deadtree Lake Carbon (relation 104233)
Roan Stallion Lake -Multiple- (relation 104234)
Gravity Lake Yellowtree (relation 104235)
Lake Abraham -Multiple- (relation 104236)
Lac Perdu -Multiple- (relation 104238)
Lake Ouroboros Ouroboros (relation 104995)
Lake Wazishecha Carbon (relation 105208)
Lac La Bonne Cosmos (relation 105209)
Blackduck Lake -Multiple- (relation 105210)
Pyramid Lake Lac Perdu (relation 105211)
Kalm Lake -Multiple- (relation 105212)
Lake Elysian -Multiple- (relation 105213)
Peace Lake Cosmos (relation 105214)
Lake Saint Gabriel Taylor (relation 105215)
Strawberry Lake -Multiple- (relation 105216)
Bishop Lake Carbon (relation 105218)
Lake Woyawashtay Carbon (relation 105219)
Raccoon Lake Vineland (relation 105263)
Lake De Ruyter Xanthippe (relation 105264)
Smith Lake Brown Buffalo (relation 105265)
Lazarus Lake Storey (relation 105266)
Lake Marie Vineland (relation 105267)
Claw Lake Mihm (relation 105344)
Taliesen Lake Vineland (relation 105345)
Tornado Lake Mihm (relation 105355)
Black Raven Lake Mihm (relation 105356)
Lake Christopher Ouroboros (relation 105367)
Tengri Lake Ouroboros (relation 105368)
Des Chevaux Lake Ouroboros (relation 105369)
Great Mound Lake Churchland (relation 105376)
Marks Lake Ouroboros (relation 105377)
Bad Beer Lake Ouroboros (relation 105378)
Lake Robert Ouroboros (relation 105379)
Cord Lake Ouroboros (relation 105380)
Wild Radish Lake Ouroboros (relation 105381)
Lac du Pin Humble (relation 105419)
Quichago Lake Humble (relation 105420)
Bleak Lake Humble (relation 105421)
Lake Tedanuway -Multiple- (relation 105422)
Lake Tachasapa Humble (relation 105423)
White Lake Battle Plain (relation 105424)
Guy Lake Freeborn (relation 105425)
Bell Lake Freeborn (relation 105426)
Buffalo Lake La Porte (relation 105428)
Lake Valor La Porte (relation 105430)
Big Smoke Lake Battle Plain (relation 105448)
Little Smoke Lake Battle Plain (relation 105449)
Lake Mongo Carbon (relation 105502)
Shilling Lake Carbon (relation 105505)
Tchanhasan Lake -Multiple- (relation 105528)
Perris Lake Churchland (relation 105593)
Lac Des Arbres Ouroboros (relation 105598)
Fern Lake Ouroboros (relation 105599)
Five Tipis Lake Taylor (relation 105600)
Lake Rufus Taylor (relation 105601)
Lake Miklagard Taylor (relation 105602)
Lake Hackington Ouroboros (relation 105603)
Lac Des Fous Carbon (relation 105640)
Lake Huhuwanapin -Multiple- (relation 105650)
Oliphant Lake Lac Perdu (relation 105651)
Monksbane Lake Lac Perdu (relation 105690)
Greenleaf Lake Dean (relation 105692)
Williams Lake Dean (relation 105693)
Laughing Bird Lake Ouroboros (relation 105719)
Lake Lacustrian Justice (relation 105745)
Pershing Lake -Multiple- (relation 105759)
Moss Lake Elizabeth (relation 105777)
Trent Lake Elizabeth (relation 105781)
Campbell Lagoon Elizabeth (relation 105782)
Lake Vandal La Porte (relation 105795)
Bull Lake Swift (relation 105806)
Tatosny Lake Swift (relation 105818)
Hayden's Pond Brown Buffalo (relation 105830)
Rondo Lake Justice (relation 105841)
Bug Lake Starr (relation 105852)
Raft Lake Starr (relation 105863)
Tribe Lake Ouroboros (relation 105871)
Richardson Lake Ouroboros (relation 105875)
Faust Lake Ouroboros (relation 105876)
Triangle Lake -Multiple- (relation 105878)
Round Lake Storey (relation 105899)
Township Line Lake Battle Plain (relation 105966)
Vacation Lake Battle Plain (relation 105967)
Lac De La Neige -Multiple- (relation 105968)
Baseline Lake Battle Plain (relation 105969)
Gopher Lake -Multiple- (relation 105970)
Long Lake Battle Plain (relation 105971)
Third Fire Lake -Multiple- (relation 105972)
Celebration Lake -Multiple- (relation 106005)
Broken Tile Lake -Multiple- (relation 106006)
Covenant Lake Taylor (relation 106017)
Excision Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106018)
Whiskey Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106019)
Busted Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106020)
Window Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106021)
Money Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106022)
Smoothwater Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106023)
Pinochet Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106024)
Draper Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106025)
Latina Lake Taylor (relation 106027)
Tircambry Lake -Multiple- (relation 106029)
Cross Lake -Multiple- (relation 106104)
Nash Lake -Multiple- (relation 106105)
Conyers Lake -Multiple- (relation 106113)
Todd Lake -Multiple- (relation 106114)
Two Snakes Lake -Multiple- (relation 106115)
Rotten Egg Lake -Multiple- (relation 106116)
Antarephia Lake -Multiple- (relation 106118)
Vaughn Lake Yellowtree (relation 106132)
No Head Lake Yellowtree (relation 106133)
Pompous Lake Yellowtree (relation 106134)
Thinman Lake Yellowtree (relation 106135)
Beavertail Lake Yellowtree (relation 106136)
Argument Lake Cosmos (relation 106140)
Schoolhouse Lake Cosmos (relation 106143)
Collar Lake Cosmos (relation 106144)
Foster Lake -Multiple- (relation 106168)
Sky Lake -Multiple- (relation 106169)
Narrow Lake Lake (relation 106184)
Mirror Lake Many Ghosts (relation 106248)
Toussaint Lake Many Ghosts (relation 106250)
Heyatemde Lake Battle Plain (relation 106291)
Bde Psin Brown Buffalo (relation 106375)
Cave Lake Many Ghosts (relation 106648)
Spillany Lake Humble (relation 106650)
Windmere Lake Many Ghosts (relation 106673)
Swarthmore Lake Many Ghosts (relation 106674)
Hourglass Lake Lake (relation 106676)
Goodwin Lagoon Iyotanhaha (relation 106685)
Hilbert Lagoon Swift (relation 106725)
Townsend Lake Cosmos (relation 106748)
Melange Lake Cosmos (relation 106751)
Lower Goose Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106754)
Upper Goose Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106755)
Hawk Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106758)
Booze Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106760)
St Gertrude Lake Justice (relation 106803)
Bdeota Elizabeth (relation 106812)
Uglybird Lake Freeborn (relation 106862)
Miller Lake Cosmos (relation 106921)
Okay Lake Cosmos (relation 106922)
Breaks Lake Cosmos (relation 106935)
Happy Camp Lake Cosmos (relation 106936)
Bastard Lake Cosmos (relation 106941)
Stone Lake Cosmos (relation 106942)
Antler Lake Taylor (relation 106943)
Spook Lake Cosmos (relation 106944)
DuPlessis Lake Cosmos (relation 106945)
Beaver Lake Cosmos (relation 106946)
Valerie Lake Cosmos (relation 106947)
Little Cake Lake Cosmos (relation 106948)
Pilgrim Lake -Multiple- (relation 106949)
Reynolds Lake Cosmos (relation 106950)
Cow Lake Cosmos (relation 106951)
Blankenship Lake Cosmos (relation 106954)
Lake Henrietta Taylor (relation 106955)
Swimmer Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106964)
Johnson Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106965)
Wobbly Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106966)
Bass Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106967)
Oreille Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106968)
Foundation Lake Lac Perdu (relation 106969)
Moth Lake Cosmos (relation 106970)
Centipede Lake Cosmos (relation 107034)
Cabot Lagoon Carbon (relation 107035)
Phalanx Lake Carbon (relation 107036)
Deer Lake -Multiple- (relation 107037)
Bussy Lake Cosmos (relation 107038)
Sellars Lake Cosmos (relation 107039)
Rich Lake Cosmos (relation 107040)
Migrant Lake Cosmos (relation 107041)
Lac Le Genévrier Carbon (relation 107042)
Montague Lake -Multiple- (relation 107043)
Lake Pariah Cosmos (relation 107044)
Beauharnais Lake Cosmos (relation 107045)
Tourniquet Lake Cosmos (relation 107046)
Lake Caroline Cosmos (relation 107047)
Longspring Lake Cosmos (relation 107048)
Elm Lake Cosmos (relation 107049)
Sleeping Wolf Lake Cosmos (relation 107050)
Carnelian Lake Cosmos (relation 107051)
Almutadid Lake Cosmos (relation 107052)
Musgrove Lake Ouroboros (relation 107115)
Horn Lake Swift (relation 108055)
Dante Lake Swift (relation 108056)
Banshee Lake Many Ghosts (relation 108057)
Lake Rolla Many Ghosts (relation 108058)
Thunderbird Lake Battle Plain (relation 108084)
Ferlenghetti Lake Lac Perdu (relation 108085)
Bennett Lake Mihm (relation 108478)
Mugwort Lake -Multiple- (relation 108548)
Yoder Lake -Multiple- (relation 108549)
Gorham Lake -Multiple- (relation 108550)
Saint Timothy Lake -Multiple- (relation 108650)
Rowboat Lake Churchland (relation 108651)
Massacre Lake Churchland (relation 108654)
Hart Lake Churchland (relation 108655)
Pumpkin Lake Justice (relation 113873)
Doe Lake Justice (relation 113874)
Spinner Lake Brown Buffalo (relation 113877)
Flintlock Lake Taylor (relation 113900)
Konk Lake Taylor (relation 113901)
Lake Minnesnie Churchland (relation 116385)
Lake Maldonado Maldonado (relation 116530)
Hangman Lake Taylor (relation 116573)
Ebbert Pond Elizabeth (relation 128131)
Possum Lake Taylor (relation 139563)
Rusalca Pond Swift (relation 143232)
Chalk Lake Swift (relation 143234)
Jonnequiel Pond Swift (relation 143270)
Duck Lake Swift (relation 145333)
Tarott Lake Swift (relation 145334)
Swamp Lake Elizabeth (relation 146699)
Forsythe Lake Elizabeth (relation 146700)
Lake Wowashakay La Porte (relation 147212)
Lake Saint Louis La Porte (relation 147213)
Harp Lake La Porte (relation 147244)
Tin Whistle Lake La Porte (relation 147249)
Fluhardy Lake La Porte (relation 147254)
Mallard Lake La Porte (relation 147364)
Punk Lake La Porte (relation 147401)
Dead Harvey Lake La Porte (relation 147437)
Nelson Pond La Porte (relation 151624)
Primrose Pond Ouroboros (relation 195990)
Lake Arco Ouroboros (relation 196223)
Lump Lake Ouroboros (relation 196830)
Clover Lake Cosmos (relation 200874)
North Stick Lake Lac Perdu (relation 200877)
South Stick Lake Lac Perdu (relation 200878)
Fallen Arrow Lake Lac Perdu (relation 200879)
Long Lake Swift (relation 262221)
Beechgrove Lake Lake (relation 271543)
Albertina Lake Lake (relation 271544)
Penny Lake Lake (relation 271545)
Lake Pindar Lake (relation 271692)
Sacksville Lake Lake (relation 271694)
Lake Juliet Lake (relation 273867)
Black Pine Lake Lake (relation 274301)
Rosemary Lake Lake (relation 274523)

"Minor" Lakes (closed ways)

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Name Parish Map

Townsend Lagoon Swift (way 11262411)
Mussel Lake Swift (way 11262491)
Rufus Pond Swift (way 11262529)
Rainy Pond La Porte (way 11262531)
Hawk Lake La Porte (way 11262540)
Slime Creek Pond La Porte (way 11262543)
Ascension Lake Swift (way 11262545)
Locust Lake Swift (way 11262548)
Moss Pond Swift (way 11262549)
Garnet Lake Swift (way 11262551)
Morris Pond Iyotanhaha (way 11262552)
Bowstring Lake Swift (way 11262553)
Mouse Lake Swift (way 11262557)
Elm Pond Swift (way 11262559)
Dogmeat Pond Iyotanhaha (way 11262562)
Dragon Pond Lake (way 11262563)
Melvin Lake Iyotanhaha (way 11262566)
Jasmine Lake Iyotanhaha (way 11262567)
Horse Lake Lake (way 11262568)
Wichanata Pond Swift (way 11262569)
Lily Pond Maldonado (way 11262570)
Departure Lake Lake (way 11262578)
McDonald Pond Lake (way 11262581)
Velasco Lake Battle Plain (way 11262894)
Crystal Lake Yellowtree (way 11262895)
Gallon Lake Battle Plain (way 11262896)
Custer Lake Yellowtree (way 11262902)
Dust Lake Yellowtree (way 11262903)
Rongo Lake Yellowtree (way 11262904)
Happy Cat Lake Yellowtree (way 11262906)
Ottertail Lake -Multiple- (way 11262908)
Dogtail Lake Yellowtree (way 11262909)
Nail Lake Yellowtree (way 11262910)
Dog Ear Lake Battle Plain (way 11262912)
Edmonds Lake Yellowtree (way 11262914)
Lindstrom Lake Yellowtree (way 11262915)
Dauntless Lake Battle Plain (way 11262916)
Toomey Lake Yellowtree (way 11262919)
Constantine Lake Battle Plain (way 11262920)
Jeannette Lake Yellowtree (way 11262921)
Furnace Lake Battle Plain (way 11262923)
Feather Lake Yellowtree (way 11262925)
Lantern Lake Battle Plain (way 11262926)
Navigator Lake Yellowtree (way 11262927)
Multitudes Lake Yellowtree (way 11262928)
Douglas Lake Yellowtree (way 11262929)
Lake Atreides Yellowtree (way 11262930)
Ivory Lake Battle Plain (way 11262931)
Mule Lake Yellowtree (way 11262932)
Hogarth Lake Yellowtree (way 11262934)
Plantt Lake Battle Plain (way 11262938)
Holden Lake Yellowtree (way 11262939)
Brown Lake Yellowtree (way 11262940)
Pelham Lake Battle Plain (way 11262941)
McGovern Lake Yellowtree (way 11341514)
Braintree Lake Battle Plain (way 11341517)
Brand Lake Battle Plain (way 11341518)
Trinity Lake Yellowtree (way 11341519)
Far Lake Yellowtree (way 11341520)
Zombie Lake Battle Plain (way 11341522)
Grouper Lake Battle Plain (way 11341523)
Peach Lake Battle Plain (way 11341524)
Bat Lake Battle Plain (way 11341525)
Stake Lake Yellowtree (way 11341526)
O'Hara Lake Yellowtree (way 11341527)
Walter Lake Battle Plain (way 11341528)
Deleuze Lake Battle Plain (way 11341529)
Johnny Lake Battle Plain (way 11341530)
Carrot Lake Yellowtree (way 11341532)
Bridger Lake Battle Plain (way 11341533)
Blacks Lake Carbon (way 11341534)
Snowmonkey Lake Battle Plain (way 11341535)
Duncan Lake Yellowtree (way 11341536)
Frustration Lake Yellowtree (way 11341537)
Worship Lake Battle Plain (way 11341538)
Cucumber Lake Yellowtree (way 11341539)
Near Lake Yellowtree (way 11341540)
Goodwin Lake Battle Plain (way 11341541)
Locke Lake Battle Plain (way 11341542)
Jensen Lake Yellowtree (way 11341543)
Aberystwyth Lake Battle Plain (way 11341544)
Seneca Lake Battle Plain (way 11341545)
Pistol Lake Battle Plain (way 11341546)
Moulin Lake Battle Plain (way 11341547)
Roper Lake Battle Plain (way 11341548)
Pot Lake Battle Plain (way 11341549)
Camel Lake Yellowtree (way 11341550)
Janice Lake Carbon (way 11341551)
Histor Lake Yellowtree (way 11341552)
Swift Lake Carbon (way 11341553)
Distraction Lake Battle Plain (way 11341554)
Bergson Lake Yellowtree (way 11341555)
Breakfast Lake Yellowtree (way 11341556)
Desert Lake Carbon (way 11341557)
Justice Lake Battle Plain (way 11341558)
Lake Inferior Battle Plain (way 11341559)
Radio Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341560)
Walleye Lake Battle Plain (way 11341561)
Shelley Lake Battle Plain (way 11341562)
Poorman Lake Battle Plain (way 11341563)
Stevens Lake Battle Plain (way 11341564)
Dagger Lake Battle Plain (way 11341565)
Clemens Lake Yellowtree (way 11341566)
Murder Lake Battle Plain (way 11341567)
Northridge Lake Battle Plain (way 11341568)
Sin Lake Battle Plain (way 11341569)
Balboa Lake Battle Plain (way 11341570)
Jungfrau Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341571)
Minney Lake Yellowtree (way 11341572)
Pegleg Lake Yellowtree (way 11341573)
Moorcock Lake Carbon (way 11341574)
Perfect Lake Carbon (way 11341575)
Incitement Lake Battle Plain (way 11341576)
Bowl Lake Carbon (way 11341577)
Grifter Lake Yellowtree (way 11341578)
Lavender Lake Yellowtree (way 11341579)
Middle Yellowtree Lake Yellowtree (way 11341580)
Marie Lake Yellowtree (way 11341581)
Ransom Lake Carbon (way 11341582)
Exodus Lake Yellowtree (way 11341583)
Nerlich Lake Yellowtree (way 11341584)
Apple Lake Yellowtree (way 11341585)
Sergeant Lake Battle Plain (way 11341586)
Fickle Lake Yellowtree (way 11341587)
Chancellor Lake Yellowtree (way 11341588)
Boss Lake Battle Plain (way 11341589)
Bed Lake Carbon (way 11341590)
Countess Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341591)
Paddle Lake Yellowtree (way 11341592)
Hidden Lake Yellowtree (way 11341593)
Catfish Lake Yellowtree (way 11341594)
Pony Lake Battle Plain (way 11341595)
Lower Yellowtree Lake Yellowtree (way 11341596)
Shaman Lake Yellowtree (way 11341597)
Fork Lake Yellowtree (way 11341598)
Kimberley Lake Carbon (way 11341599)
Mary Lake Carbon (way 11341600)
Cosgrove Lake Battle Plain (way 11341601)
Pickle Lake Carbon (way 11341602)
Piss Lake Battle Plain (way 11341603)
Talent Lake Yellowtree (way 11341604)
Ilyanov Lake Carbon (way 11341605)
Fern Lake Yellowtree (way 11341606)
Plato Lake Battle Plain (way 11341607)
Carpenter Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341609)
Souza Lake Yellowtree (way 11341610)
Long Pole Lake Yellowtree (way 11341611)
Uribe Lake Yellowtree (way 11341612)
Throop Lake Carbon (way 11341613)
Railroad Lake Battle Plain (way 11341615)
Fir Lake -Multiple- (way 11341616)
Nurse Lake Carbon (way 11341617)
Ecstacy Lake Carbon (way 11341620)
Arthur Lake Battle Plain (way 11341621)
Hamilton Lake Carbon (way 11341622)
Quintus Lake Carbon (way 11341623)
Cranberry Lake Yellowtree (way 11341624)
Easter Lake Battle Plain (way 11341625)
Muret Lake Battle Plain (way 11341626)
Lake Rossa Battle Plain (way 11341627)
Last Chance Lake Carbon (way 11341630)
Red Spider Lake Yellowtree (way 11341631)
Grandee Lake Carbon (way 11341632)
West Skull Lake Battle Plain (way 11341633)
Winger Lake Carbon (way 11341634)
Tamara Lake Battle Plain (way 11341635)
Trainer Lake Yellowtree (way 11341636)
Tranquil Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341637)
Franquese Lake Yellowtree (way 11341638)
Golding Lake Battle Plain (way 11341639)
Almost There Lake Carbon (way 11341640)
Olsen Lake Carbon (way 11341641)
Mordred Lake Yellowtree (way 11341642)
Floating Lake Battle Plain (way 11341643)
Spiral Lake Carbon (way 11341644)
Wyner Lake Carbon (way 11341645)
Dollar Lake Carbon (way 11341646)
Pinecone Lake Carbon (way 11341647)
Ptolomy Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341648)
Cervantes Lake Yellowtree (way 11341649)
Skull Lake Battle Plain (way 11341650)
Sparrow Lake Yellowtree (way 11341652)
Pohl Lake Yellowtree (way 11341653)
Sorghum Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341655)
Winchester Lake Carbon (way 11341656)
Telegraph Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341657)
Claire Lake Carbon (way 11341658)
Bubble Lake Carbon (way 11341659)
Bismarck Lake Yellowtree (way 11341660)
Muffin Lake Yellowtree (way 11341661)
Upper Yellowtree Lake Yellowtree (way 11341662)
Rommel Lake Yellowtree (way 11341663)
Temptation Lake Battle Plain (way 11341664)
Rag Lake Yellowtree (way 11341665)
Thilo Lake Yellowtree (way 11341666)
Loose Lake Yellowtree (way 11341667)
Kitchen Lake Yellowtree (way 11341668)
Pepper Lake Yellowtree (way 11341669)
Intrigue Lake Carbon (way 11341670)
Mint Lake Yellowtree (way 11341671)
Allende Lake Carbon (way 11341672)
Bottle Lake Carbon (way 11341673)
Gersten Lake Carbon (way 11341674)
Kennedy Lake Yellowtree (way 11341675)
Duckling Lake Yellowtree (way 11341677)
Squash Lake Carbon (way 11341678)
Circle Lake Yellowtree (way 11341679)
Mood Lake Carbon (way 11341680)
Big Hole Lake Yellowtree (way 11341681)
Spencer Lake Yellowtree (way 11341682)
Chapeau Lake Yellowtree (way 11341683)
Heinlein Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341684)
Briar Lake Yellowtree (way 11341685)
Breen Lake Yellowtree (way 11341686)
Tigard Lake Carbon (way 11341687)
Yvonne Lake Yellowtree (way 11341688)
Whitetail Lake Battle Plain (way 11341690)
Oestermark Lake Battle Plain (way 11341691)
Winooski Lake Yellowtree (way 11341692)
Brinks Lake Yellowtree (way 11341693)
Driller Lake Yellowtree (way 11341696)
Tooth Lake Yellowtree (way 11341697)
Plate Lake Yellowtree (way 11341698)
Tomato Lake Yellowtree (way 11341699)
Melvin Lake Yellowtree (way 11341701)
Mortar Lake Yellowtree (way 11341702)
Purple Onion Lake Yellowtree (way 11341703)
Clover Lake Carbon (way 11341704)
Best Lake Yellowtree (way 11341705)
Steel Lake Yellowtree (way 11341706)
Brass Lake -Multiple- (way 11341707)
Embankment Lake Battle Plain (way 11341708)
Confidence Lake Carbon (way 11341709)
Cardinal Lake Battle Plain (way 11341711)
Four Spikes Lake Yellowtree (way 11341713)
Blackberry Lake Yellowtree (way 11341714)
Joy Lake Yellowtree (way 11341715)
Wood Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341716)
Rover Lake Battle Plain (way 11341717)
Sunshine Lake Carbon (way 11341718)
Atlas Lake Carbon (way 11341719)
Brunner Lake Yellowtree (way 11341720)
Lake Anne Carbon (way 11341722)
Cushion Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341723)
Hanged Man Lake Yellowtree (way 11341724)
Tradesman Lake Battle Plain (way 11341725)
Astrid Lake Yellowtree (way 11341726)
Hibiscus Lake Carbon (way 11341727)
Haunted Lake Carbon (way 11341728)
Klopp Lake Carbon (way 11341729)
Fence Lake Carbon (way 11341730)
Alessa Lake Battle Plain (way 11341731)
Grolin Lake Yellowtree (way 11341733)
Colbert Lake Carbon (way 11341734)
Orthodox Lake Carbon (way 11341735)
Bullet Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341736)
Tollhouse Lake Yellowtree (way 11341737)
Sally Lake Battle Plain (way 11341738)
Jeffers Lake Carbon (way 11341739)
Pemmican Lake Yellowtree (way 11341740)
Gilman Lake Carbon (way 11341741)
Racer Lake Yellowtree (way 11341742)
Holly Lake -Multiple- (way 11341743)
Sweet Lake Battle Plain (way 11341744)
Lundgren Lake Carbon (way 11341745)
Beetle Lake Yellowtree (way 11341746)
Paste Lake Carbon (way 11341747)
Ingerish Lake Yellowtree (way 11341748)
Council Lake Yellowtree (way 11341749)
Gilbert Lake Yellowtree (way 11341750)
Courtney Lake Carbon (way 11341751)
Orange Lake Battle Plain (way 11341752)
Boot Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341753)
Seton Lake Lac Perdu (way 11341754)
Tulip Lake Battle Plain (way 11341755)
Daisy Lake Yellowtree (way 11341756)
Maitresse Lake Yellowtree (way 11341757)
Mission Lake Yellowtree (way 11341758)
Sophia Lake Yellowtree (way 11341759)
Spruce Lake Battle Plain (way 11341760)
Steeple Lake Yellowtree (way 11341761)
Dumfries Lake Yellowtree (way 11341762)
Ox Lake Carbon (way 11341763)
Trimble Lake Carbon (way 11341764)
Demuth Lake Battle Plain (way 11341765)
Porker Lake Carbon (way 11341766)
Valise Lake Battle Plain (way 11341767)
Rufus Lake Yellowtree (way 11341768)
Petreus Lake Carbon (way 11341769)
Loomis Lake Carbon (way 11341770)
Witherspoon Lake Battle Plain (way 11341771)
Gearhart Lake Yellowtree (way 11341772)
Jacket Lake Battle Plain (way 11341773)
Koos Lake Yellowtree (way 11341774)
Masterson Lake -Multiple- (way 11341775)
Gibbon Lake Yellowtree (way 11341776)
Keith Lake Yellowtree (way 11341777)
Voorhees Lake Yellowtree (way 11341778)
Sheba Lake Battle Plain (way 11341780)
Soup Lake Battle Plain (way 11341781)
Luoma Lake Yellowtree (way 11341782)
Yancey Lake Carbon (way 11341783)
Keum Lake Carbon (way 11341785)
Sleepy Lagoon Elizabeth (way 11370503)
Booker Lake Ouroboros (way 11376567)
Anthem Lake Ouroboros (way 11376586)
Veronica Lake Taylor (way 11383499)
West Stick Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383501)
Chevron Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383505)
Squirrel Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383506)
Jupiter Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383507)
Hero Lake Taylor (way 11383508)
Section Lake Taylor (way 11383509)
Villa Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383512)
Barbeque Lake Cosmos (way 11383513)
Wellborn Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383515)
Voisin Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383516)
Sand Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383517)
Galindo Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383518)
Taconite Lake Carbon (way 11383520)
Mercury Lake Cosmos (way 11383524)
Lake Dorian Taylor (way 11383532)
Silver Lake Cosmos (way 11383533)
Chopper Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383537)
Stained Tunic Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383538)
Spartero Lake Cosmos (way 11383539)
Fritz Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383541)
Ravo Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383542)
Rice Lake Cosmos (way 11383546)
Icebox Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383548)
Storm Lake Cosmos (way 11383549)
Smith Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383552)
Tango Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383553)
Rembrandt Lake Taylor (way 11383554)
Link Lake Cosmos (way 11383556)
Felix Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383557)
Baker Lake Cosmos (way 11383558)
Bamburg Lake Cosmos (way 11383559)
Celestine Lake Cosmos (way 11383560)
Spinnaker Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383563)
Medicine Lake Taylor (way 11383565)
Razor Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383567)
Jameson Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383568)
Isleno Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383570)
Sock Lake Taylor (way 11383574)
Basin Lake Taylor (way 11383577)
Rat Lake Cosmos (way 11383578)
Fake Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383582)
Omnibus Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383583)
Doubt Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383592)
Ash Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383661)
Marsh Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383662)
Worm Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383663)
Heaven Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383664)
Corpse Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383665)
Romantian Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383666)
Pink Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383667)
Leech Lake Carbon (way 11383672)
Flea Lake Carbon (way 11383673)
Pullman Lake Carbon (way 11383680)
McCann Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383681)
Alphabet Lake -Multiple- (way 11383683)
No Fish Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383684)
Upside Down Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383685)
Michelle Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383686)
Wald Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383687)
Flat Lake Carbon (way 11383688)
Flesh Lake Carbon (way 11383689)
Poison Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383690)
Baby Moose Lake Carbon (way 11383691)
Tartan Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383692)
Crash Lake Carbon (way 11383693)
Mosquito Lake Carbon (way 11383694)
Colleen Lake Carbon (way 11383695)
Fairmont Lake Carbon (way 11383696)
Curie Lake Carbon (way 11383697)
Agate Lake Carbon (way 11383698)
Louse Lake Carbon (way 11383699)
Wells Lake Carbon (way 11383700)
Tolkien Lake Yellowtree (way 11383701)
Spoon Lake Carbon (way 11383702)
Brocolli Lake Lac Perdu (way 11383703)
Misty Lake Vineland (way 11385773)
Companion Lake Vineland (way 11385782)
Hesse Lake Vineland (way 11389366)
Lesser Mound Lake Starr (way 11390878)
Broken Knife Lake Ouroboros (way 11390882)
Native Lake Ouroboros (way 11390883)
Winchell Lake Ouroboros (way 11390884)
Fogarty Lake Ouroboros (way 11390885)
Water Lake Ouroboros (way 11390886)
Salt Lick Lake Ouroboros (way 11390887)
Bow Lake Ouroboros (way 11390888)
Kelso Lake Humble (way 11396657)
Bent Lake Freeborn (way 11396660)
Grease Lake Freeborn (way 11396661)
School Lake Freeborn (way 11396662)
Lily Pad Lake Freeborn (way 11396663)
Rush Lake Freeborn (way 11396664)
Package Lake Freeborn (way 11396665)
Butcher Lake Freeborn (way 11396666)
Hammill Lake Freeborn (way 11396667)
Green Lake Freeborn (way 11396668)
Smoke Lake Freeborn (way 11396669)
Tweety Lake Humble (way 11396680)
Leaf Lake Humble (way 11396681)
Buffalo Lake Humble (way 11396682)
Gomperts Lake Humble (way 11396683)
Jason Lake Humble (way 11396684)
Eagle Lake Humble (way 11396685)
Three Eggs Lake Humble (way 11396686)
Pendle Lake Humble (way 11396687)
Nest Lake Humble (way 11396688)
Blanket Lake Humble (way 11396689)
Prairie Lake Humble (way 11396690)
Fly Lake Humble (way 11396691)
Upper Pillow Lake Humble (way 11396694)
Reed Lake Humble (way 11396696)
Austin Lake Humble (way 11396699)
Mud Lake Humble (way 11396700)
Cold Lake Humble (way 11396702)
Grog Lake Humble (way 11396718)
Stone Lake Battle Plain (way 11396721)
Orphan Lake Humble (way 11396723)
Lower Pillow Lake Humble (way 11396726)
Blue Lake Humble (way 11396729)
Clear Lake Battle Plain (way 11396730)
Red Deer Lake Battle Plain (way 11396732)
Cartographer Lake Humble (way 11396734)
Swamp Lake Elizabeth (way 11398621)
Grog Pond La Porte (way 11398622)
Bride Lake La Porte (way 11398623)
Barris Lake La Porte (way 11398624)
Beowulf Lake La Porte (way 11398625)
Hook Lake La Porte (way 11398627)
Billy Goat Lake La Porte (way 11398628)
Lost Surveryor's Lake La Porte (way 11398629)
Shallow Lake La Porte (way 11398630)
Dent Lake La Porte (way 11398631)
Natural Lake La Porte (way 11398632)
Leech Lake La Porte (way 11398633)
Bean Lake La Porte (way 11398634)
Grief Lake La Porte (way 11398636)
Benbow Pond La Porte (way 11398637)
Thurston Lake La Porte (way 11398638)
Overhang Lake La Porte (way 11398650)
Ruby Lake Swift (way 11398944)
Marsh Lake Carbon (way 11400833)
Violin Lake Carbon (way 11400834)
Caufield Lake Carbon (way 11400837)
Filigree Lake Carbon (way 11400873)
Second Fire Lake Humble (way 11400881)
First Fire Lake Humble (way 11400882)
Willowwood Lake Carbon (way 11403103)
Castro Lake Churchland (way 11403435)
Deklein Lake Starr (way 11403437)
Sloan Lake Starr (way 11403765)
Cloud Lake Starr (way 11403790)
Tamarack Lake Churchland (way 11403793)
Pocket Lake Taylor (way 11403795)
Warbler Pond Starr (way 11403798)
Ford Lake Starr (way 11403800)
Dirt Lake Churchland (way 11404036)
Lake Tobias Churchland (way 11409656)
Rum Lake Churchland (way 11409663)
Van Ess Lake Taylor (way 11409684)
Goose Lake Churchland (way 11409693)
North Star Lake Ouroboros (way 11410107)
South Star Lake Ouroboros (way 11410108)
Tanner Lake Ouroboros (way 11410109)
Cup Lake Ouroboros (way 11410110)
Farmer Pond Ouroboros (way 11410113)
Hope Lake Ouroboros (way 11410125)
Maggot Lake Ouroboros (way 11410126)
Corbitt Lake Taylor (way 11410136)
Festival Lake Taylor (way 11410137)
Tuttle Lake Taylor (way 11410138)
Kettle Lake Taylor (way 11410140)
Jarvis Lake Ouroboros (way 11410141)
Rabbit Lake Taylor (way 11410142)
Draco Lake Ouroboros (way 11410157)
Rampart Lake Ouroboros (way 11410162)
Lake Pie Ouroboros (way 11410164)
Drum Lake Ouroboros (way 11410169)
Tusk Lake Ouroboros (way 11410171)
Leech Lake Ouroboros (way 11410172)
Paradise Lake Ouroboros (way 11410173)
Burnt Steak Lake Ouroboros (way 11410174)
Chop Lake Ouroboros (way 11410175)
Lake Desire Lac Perdu (way 11410419)
Haircut Lake Ouroboros (way 11410421)
Thierry Lake Carbon (way 11414822)
Washerwoman Lake Carbon (way 11414823)
Cabinet Lake Carbon (way 11414824)
Enterprise Lake Carbon (way 11414825)
Constellation Lake Carbon (way 11414826)
Foremost Lake Carbon (way 11414827)
Acorn Lake Carbon (way 11414828)
Oil Lake Carbon (way 11414829)
Seven Stones Lake Carbon (way 11414830)
Proust Lake Battle Plain (way 11419945)
College Lake Lac Perdu (way 11419946)
Rafferty Lagoon Maldonado (way 11419968)
Lake Lowman Lake (way 11420392)
Clyburn Lake Lake (way 11420402)
Prior Lake Lake (way 11420417)
Yeager Lake Lake (way 11420421)
Axle Lake Lake (way 11420560)
Chive Lake Lake (way 11420574)
Jackson Pond Lake (way 11420582)
Marble Lake Lake (way 11420587)
O'Gara Lake Ouroboros (way 11421486)
Moose Lake Ouroboros (way 11421487)
Logan Lake Lac Perdu (way 11421488)
Dancingman Pond Lac Perdu (way 11421506)
Bloody Lake Justice (way 11424872)
Thread Lake Justice (way 11424877)
St Tamar Lake Justice (way 11424883)
Loaf Lake Justice (way 11424885)
Genevieve Lake Justice (way 11425143)
Pretanian Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11425328)
Standing Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11425346)
Red Cloud Lake Vineland (way 11425595)
Lodge House Lake Vineland (way 11425596)
Silent Lake Vineland (way 11425597)
Nunes Lake Vineland (way 11425727)
Gasquet Lake Battle Plain (way 11431629)
Jack's Pond Many Ghosts (way 11444508)
Tripp Lake Many Ghosts (way 11444509)
Allen Lake Many Ghosts (way 11444519)
Prescott Pond Many Ghosts (way 11444521)
Longfellow Lake Many Ghosts (way 11444522)
Saussure Lake Many Ghosts (way 11444523)
Pennant Lake Many Ghosts (way 11444524)
Stairway Lake Many Ghosts (way 11444525)
Wreath Lake Many Ghosts (way 11444526)
Grady Lake Many Ghosts (way 11444527)
Zagat Lagoon Justice (way 11445958)
Gray Lake Taylor (way 11454968)
Lute Lake Taylor (way 11454969)
Montgomery Lake Taylor (way 11454970)
Sopwith Lake Taylor (way 11454971)
Otto Lake Cosmos (way 11455322)
Pretorius Lake Cosmos (way 11504920)
Brigade Lake Cosmos (way 11505242)
Lost Cabin Lake Cosmos (way 11505244)
Bounty Lake Cosmos (way 11505268)
Rockford Lake Cosmos (way 11513198)
Monday Lake Cosmos (way 11513199)
Hawkins Lake Cosmos (way 11513200)
Braddock Lake Cosmos (way 11513201)
Fall Lake Cosmos (way 11513219)
Shell Lake Cosmos (way 11513220)
Turnabout Lake Cosmos (way 11513221)
Marylebone Lake Cosmos (way 11513843)
Little Paddle Lake Cosmos (way 11513845)
Big Paddle Lake Cosmos (way 11513846)
Baldwin Lake Cosmos (way 11513847)
Ross Lake Cosmos (way 11513848)
Parapet Lake Cosmos (way 11513849)
Reflection Lake Cosmos (way 11513850)
Antigone Lake Cosmos (way 11513860)
Puck Lake Cosmos (way 11513861)
Grouse Lake Cosmos (way 11513865)
Chapterhouse Lake Cosmos (way 11513868)
Delaney Lake Elizabeth (way 11527555)
Lower Asphodel Lake Starr (way 11646453)
Upper Asphodel Lake Starr (way 11646456)
Burning Hand Lake Starr (way 11646457)
Boring Lake Starr (way 11646458)
Dancing Bird Lake Yellowtree (way 11647623)
Rush Lake Humble (way 11647776)
Mahomet Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654639)
Washingtown Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654640)
Cloister Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654642)
Amulet Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654643)
Stanfield Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654644)
Bird Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654645)
Shoe Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654646)
Rufino Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654647)
Upper Nodossy Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654649)
Lower Nodossy Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654650)
Seed Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654651)
Jackson Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654652)
Homestead Lake Xanthippe (way 11654653)
Trembling Lake Xanthippe (way 11654654)
Billings Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654655)
Plume Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654656)
Colridge Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654657)
Bellamy Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654658)
Sturgis Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654659)
Gaffney Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654660)
Cherry Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654661)
Hatcher Lake Brown Buffalo (way 11654662)
Hatcher Lake Elizabeth (way 11654663)
Raspberry Lake Elizabeth (way 11654664)
Log Lake Elizabeth (way 11654665)
Montmercy Lake Elizabeth (way 11654666)
Thrush Lake Elizabeth (way 11654667)
Beartrap Lake Mihm (way 11679724)
Nellis Lake Mihm (way 11679726)
String Lake Mihm (way 11679727)
Dude Lake Mihm (way 11679729)
Howth Lake Mihm (way 11679730)
Armand Lake Mihm (way 11679735)
Butcher Lake Mihm (way 11679740)
Curran Lake Mihm (way 11680738)
Veronica Lake Mihm (way 11680739)
L'Atelier Lake Freeborn (way 11680741)
Lost Faith Lake Mihm (way 11680742)
Breakfast Lake Mihm (way 11680743)
Custer Lake Mihm (way 11680744)
Tenney Lake Mihm (way 11680745)
Splinter Lake Mihm (way 11680748)
Bonhomme Lake Mihm (way 11680749)
Flynn Lake Mihm (way 11680752)
Glove Lake Mihm (way 11680753)
Callister Pond Mihm (way 11680754)
Saint Judas Lake Mihm (way 11680755)
Dang Lake Mihm (way 11680756)
Thompson Lake Mihm (way 11680758)
Antimony Lake Mihm (way 11680765)
Taube Lake Mihm (way 11680766)
Tucker Lake Mihm (way 11680767)
Masterson Lake Mihm (way 11680768)
Purple Rain Lake Mihm (way 11680769)
Lemieux Lake Mihm (way 11680770)
Hobart Lake Storey (way 11687858)
Broceliande Lake Storey (way 11687859)
Claude Lake Storey (way 11687860)
Dekalb Lake Storey (way 11687861)
Finlay Lake Storey (way 11687862)
Volunteer Lake Vineland (way 11687869)
Buchanan Lake Storey (way 11687872)
Nye Lake Storey (way 11687874)
Domino Lake Storey (way 11687875)
Wreath Lake Storey (way 11687876)
Upper Eagle Lake Storey (way 11687878)
Middle Eagle Lake Storey (way 11687879)
Lower Eagle Lake Storey (way 11687880)
Blue Beetle Lake Storey (way 11687881)
Glencoe Lake Vineland (way 11687893)
Lake Anger Vineland (way 11687894)
Bertolet Lake Vineland (way 11687896)
Jorgensen Lake Storey (way 11687901)
Nordlinger Lake Storey (way 11687902)
Thorne Lake Storey (way 11687904)
Lake Wobegon Storey (way 11687906)
Meade Lake Storey (way 11687909)
Paragraph Lake Storey (way 11687910)
Jeremiah Lake Churchland (way 11696669)
Skyblue Lake Churchland (way 11696672)
Milford Lake Churchland (way 11696673)
Twenty Acre Lake Churchland (way 11696674)
Happy Goat Lake Churchland (way 11696676)
Argument Lake Churchland (way 11696677)
Bussy Lake Churchland (way 11696680)
Huemer Lake Churchland (way 11696681)
Longfellow Lake Churchland (way 11696682)
Sadlowski Lake Churchland (way 11696687)
Lake Paladin Churchland (way 11696688)
Quest Lake Churchland (way 11696690)
Brody Lake Churchland (way 11696692)
Fanning Lake Churchland (way 11696693)
Egerton Lake Churchland (way 11696694)
Clement Lake Churchland (way 11696695)
Kaine Lake Churchland (way 11696900)
Pourchot Lake Churchland (way 11696903)
Leroux Lake Churchland (way 11696913)
Cottage Lake Churchland (way 11696914)
Mikoskie Lake Churchland (way 11696915)
Bodet Lake Churchland (way 11696916)
Schimmel Lake Churchland (way 11696917)
Marcotte Lake Churchland (way 11696918)
South Margrave Lake Churchland (way 11696921)
North Margrave Lake Churchland (way 11696922)
Sykes Lake Churchland (way 11696923)
Upper Horton Lake Churchland (way 11697051)
Middle Horton Lake Churchland (way 11697052)
Lower Horton Lake Churchland (way 11697053)
Centipede Lake Churchland (way 11700494)
Philip Lake Churchland (way 11700495)
Gladwell Lake Churchland (way 11700496)
Acid Lake Churchland (way 11700497)
Lombardi Lake Churchland (way 11700500)
Pitchfork Lake Churchland (way 11700501)
Draper Lake Churchland (way 11700505)
Stovepipe Lake Churchland (way 11700507)
Lowry Lake Churchland (way 11700508)
Booker Lake Churchland (way 11700509)
Caruthers Lake Churchland (way 11700511)
Scarp Lake Churchland (way 11700514)
Goldfinch Lake Deal (way 11719123)
Prosper Lake Deal (way 11719124)
Sopwith Lake Ouroboros (way 11719125)
Heard Lake Ouroboros (way 11719126)
Stewart Lake Lac Perdu (way 11719127)
Notch Lake Lac Perdu (way 11719128)
Benzon Lake Lac Perdu (way 11719129)
Dreyer Lake Lac Perdu (way 11719130)
Ingalls Lake Lac Perdu (way 11719131)
Needles Lake Lac Perdu (way 11719132)
Untermeyer Lake Lac Perdu (way 11719133)
Zest Lake Lac Perdu (way 11719134)
Lake Lyle Lac Perdu (way 11719135)
Heidenheim Lake Lac Perdu (way 11753944)
Onyx Lake Justice (way 12262952)
Mouse Lake Justice (way 12262953)
Fry Bread Lake Justice (way 12262954)
Little Badger Lake Justice (way 12262955)
Big Badger Lake Justice (way 12262956)
Connell Lake Justice (way 12262957)
Rubble Lake Justice (way 12262958)
Roach Lake Justice (way 12262959)
Lake Pegasus Xanthippe (way 12262964)
Long Lake -Multiple- (way 12262966)
Black Duck Lake Brown Buffalo (way 12262967)
Perkins Lake Brown Buffalo (way 12262968)
Fassbinder Lake Brown Buffalo (way 12262969)
Dove Lake Storey (way 12262970)
Great Bog Lake -Multiple- (way 12262971)
Upper Weed Lake Storey (way 12262972)
Middle Weed Lake -Multiple- (way 12262973)
Lower Weed Lake Brown Buffalo (way 12262974)
Box Lake Brown Buffalo (way 12262975)
Powderhorn Lake Brown Buffalo (way 12262976)
Vinegar Lake Brown Buffalo (way 12262977)
Roscoe Lake Justice (way 12267401)
Drunken Brawl Lake Justice (way 12267407)
Radish Lagoon Justice (way 12267408)
Peskov Lake Justice (way 12267409)
Wild Turkey Lake Justice (way 12267410)
Massey Lake Justice (way 12267411)
Moratin Lake Justice (way 12267412)
Capp Lake -Multiple- (way 12267413)
Albertson Lake Justice (way 12267414)
Peltier Lake Justice (way 12267415)
Whistler Lake Justice (way 12267416)
Blackberry Lake Justice (way 12267417)
Camber Lake Justice (way 12267418)
Lorenzo Lake Justice (way 12267419)
Fossil Lagoon Justice (way 12267420)
Pentecost Lake Justice (way 12267421)
Dogwood Lake Justice (way 12267422)
Harp Lake Justice (way 12267423)
Dogwood Lake Justice (way 12267424)
Milk Lake Brown Buffalo (way 12270764)
Sad Fish Lake Yellowtree (way 12270768)
Hackington Lake Brown Buffalo (way 12270795)
Walnut Lake Brown Buffalo (way 12270796)
Spruce Lagoon Maldonado (way 12419549)
Thomas Lake Maldonado (way 12419550)
Zinc Lake Maldonado (way 12419551)
Fox Lake Maldonado (way 12419552)
Ferdinand Lake Maldonado (way 12419558)
Two Ravens Lake Taylor (way 12423971)
Morton Lake Taylor (way 12423972)
Cranston Lake Taylor (way 12423975)
Lost Coins Lake Ouroboros (way 12423980)
Lake O'Reilly Ouroboros (way 12423981)
Springer Lake Ouroboros (way 12423982)
West Wolf Lake Ouroboros (way 12423983)
East Wolf Lake Ouroboros (way 12423984)
Bearclaw Lake Ouroboros (way 12423985)
Dancing Gopher Lake Ouroboros (way 12423986)
Woods Hole Lake Cosmos (way 12428773)
South Phalanx Lake Cosmos (way 12428774)
North Phalanx Lake Cosmos (way 12428775)
Berryman Lake Cosmos (way 12428776)
Nomad Lagoon Cosmos (way 12432908)
Cruikshank Lake Lac Perdu (way 12432909)
Mutton Lake Cosmos (way 12432911)
Fist Lake Lac Perdu (way 12432912)
Lesser Mugwump Lake Lac Perdu (way 12432913)
Great Mugwump Lake Lac Perdu (way 12432914)
Bailyn Lake Lac Perdu (way 12432915)
Longmire Lake Cosmos (way 12432918)
Leaping Ant Lake Taylor (way 12435326)
Leaping Ant Lake Taylor (way 12435327)
Bag Lake Taylor (way 12435328)
Mouette Lake Starr (way 12435330)
Marsh Lake Starr (way 12435331)
Britt Lake Starr (way 12435332)
Sandfly Lagoon Starr (way 12435333)
Three Hearts Lake Taylor (way 12436044)
Brandt Lake Taylor (way 12436045)
Nabob Lake Taylor (way 12436047)
Lake Svoboda Taylor (way 12436048)
Frog Lake Taylor (way 12436049)
Gaston Lagoon Taylor (way 12436050)
Tyrant Lake Taylor (way 12436053)
South Flick Lake Taylor (way 12436054)
North Flick Lake Taylor (way 12436055)
MIddle Flick Lake Taylor (way 12436056)
Standing Bear Lake Taylor (way 12436057)
Cowan Lake Lac Perdu (way 12436109)
Hawk's Talon Lake Battle Plain (way 12439127)
Talmadge Lake Freeborn (way 12439129)
Archer Lake Battle Plain (way 12439130)
Hargis Lake Freeborn (way 12439131)
Goddard Lake Humble (way 12440768)
Curian Lake Battle Plain (way 12440773)
Fogg Lake Many Ghosts (way 12443610)
Midsommer Lake Swift (way 12767874)
Lodge Lake Taylor (way 14672361)
Dorman Pond La Porte (way 15251485)
Four Acre Pond Swift (way 15302111)
Sonnenblume Pond La Porte (way 15573141)
Bloodwood Pond La Porte (way 15629125)
Sundungeon Lake Justice (way 19621235)
Sergeant Pond Justice (way 19621236)
Outgrabing Lake Lake (way 24256154)
Gormogon Lake Lake (way 24323991)


Contour Work

Organized by "degree square" files for eventual upload

  • S44E146_S43E147_Ragged Point contour - about 95%
  • S44E145_S43E146_North Savage contour - about 90%
  • S44E144_S43E145_Lac Perdu contour - about 90%
  • S43E146_S42E147_Ohunkagan contour - about 95%
  • S43E145_S42E146_Uppington contour - about 90%
  • S43E144_S42E145_Marksville contour - about 90%
  • S43E143_S42E144_Saint Michael contour - about 95%
  • S42E146_S41E147_Lake Valor contour - about 95%
  • S42E145_S41E146_Prairie Forge contour - about 95%

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