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Anaximandro Fukuda

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Anaximandro Fukuda (born 1928, Ocho Fuegos, DC; died 1987, Porto Colon, Latina) was an Ardispherian author and journalist, most noted for his gritty, hyperrealist novel about the laborors' life in and around the docks along the Río Grande and Río Hierro, El río metafísico (published 1965).

In his youth Fukuda enlisted in the Ardispherian Merchant Marine, and after finishing his term he spent many further years working as a sailor for various international shipping companies, especially across the Central Ocean in Latina, where he returned many times in later life as an active participant in the cultural scene there, after becoming famous.

He worked with the director Ponce Pato Pimentel on the latter's popular cinematic adaptation of the novel in 1974, arguably one of the most critically acclaimed works of Ardispherian cinema of all time. When Pato Pimentel won the International Film Festival Award in Khaiwoon, the noted director is quoted as having said, "This prize is not mine. It belongs to Fukuda."

Fukuda collaborated on several other screenplays in subsequent years, and even bought a condo in Josusí in order to be close to the major Ardispherian film studios.

Fukuda died in a traffic accident while in Porto Colon in 1987, at the age of 59. His surviving family donated his papers to the library at the Universidad Wisniewski, among which the noted Ardispherian literature scholar Rosario Carvajal King discovered two untitled, unpublished novelas. She edited and published the works together in a single volume in 2001, under the title Sin títulos. The book received wide admiration and topped bestseller lists, and Pato Pimentel, despite his advanced age, has said he wants to try adapt them into movies too.

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