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My first successful "leaflet" multimap was for the successful OGF:Territories map. Since then, I have been making multimaps for many territories, including my own, community territories, and other mappers' territories upon request. If you want multimaps for your territories, you need to "clean up" your boundary relations in JOSM and then let me know, I'll be happy to make one.


How is it possible to get the "popup" information on the multimap as in the picture below?

Luciano Screenshot Popupdemo FA-ND.png

First, before running the script that makes the multimap text file, you have to edit your boundary relations (preferably in JOSM).

While editing in JOSM, you add some tags to support the multimaps, as in the picture below.

Luciano Screenshot Popupdemo JOSM.png

The three tags are:

  • ogf:colour - this is a hex color code to match the color you want this boundary relation to have on the multimap
  • ogf:popup-text - this is the title of the wiki popup template (see below)
  • ogf:wiki_article - this is the wiki article title, which, at least in my work, isn't always the same as the name used in the map (sometimes I want the display name on the map to show multiple languages, for example)

You have to create wiki popup templates to match the names that you placed on your boundary relations. Here is a link to an example:

Template:Popup FA.CC.ND

Once you've set these things up for all the boundary relations you want included in the multimap, I will be happy to run my monstrous Perl/Python script to make the multimap.