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This is my current best effort at a data-driven overview table and map of countries in the OGF World.

I am very happy with the result, but Thilo and I have agreed that he will remain the main developer for rolling out any major changes to the overview map. I think he's right that making the "official" overview map data-driven is probably a bad idea - users mess up the data too much - it took me hours of edits to get the world's country relations in order to a sufficent level to make this map possible, and over time, if I don't maintain that, it will degrade

So, it cannot be the main overview map, because it is too easy for users to "break" the data in the map. But this map can be useful and fun in surveying the "current state" of world's countries or to look for countries where map-integrity problems have developed.

See discussion page for technical comments on the development of this page.

Scroll to bottom to see supercool slippyclicky map.

Table of Territories

This is a wikitable of the same OGF data used to generate the table above. Do not update this table - it is based on data in the OGF map database. To change a value in this table, edit your country's boundary relation.


  • ogf:status : the territory status according to this tag in the OGF data.
  • @id : the relation id in the databse - useful if you want to download the relation in JOSM to edit it, for example.
  • ogf:id : the assigned OGF territory id - this is NOT unique to each territory, because people are free to divide their territory into multiple countries.
  • name : the name tag attached to the territory boundary relation. It is wikilinked automatically, so if your country name in OGF matches an article name in the wiki, you can click through.
  • ogf:owner : the owner according to the territory boundary relation, with link to owner's OGF user page.
ogf:status @id ogf:id name ogf:owner
active 253 UL144 Republik Kalm joschi81
active 255 UL201 Mperiye Sathriada thilo
active 267 UL190 Grossherzogtum Erfeldien joschi81
active 285 UL202 UL202 thilo
active 328 UL003 Wiwaxia Demuth
active 330 UL005 Ataraxia dono87
active 331 UL006 UL006 Portopolis
active 333 UL008 Orinoco Easky30
active 339 UL014 Raiden Keapler
active 340 UL015 UL015 Connor
active 341 UL016 Belphenia BelpheniaProject
active 343 UL018 Xerneas Logan230
active 345 UL020 Kojo Leowezy
active 346 UL021 UL021 Mikele
free 348 UL023 UL023 [free [free]]
free 350 UL025 UL025 [free [free]]
free 355 UL030 UL030 [free [free]]
active 359 UL034 Eureisia JBstad1
active 366 UL204 United Kingdoms of Jirki Senz
active 367 UL205 Confoederatio Atlantica Faylin
active 368 UL206 Maalfland Oxalia
collaborative 369 UL207 Principauté de Guyenne frodrigo
free 370 UL208 UL208 [free [free]]
active 372 UL210 UL210 ArtNerdCirca1983
free 373 UL211 UL211 [free [free]]
active 374 UL212 UL212 Ghurvan
free 375 UL213 UL213 [free [free]]
active 376 UL214 Liberia EMKLI
free 377 AN155 AN155 [free [free]]
active 378 TA007 Oberland Dialh
free 379 TA107 TA107 Mirn
inactive 380 AN125 Paravel blurmac
active 381 TA104 TA104 Henry
reserved 382 TA026 TA026 admin
active 383 AN135 Republic of Hiltonia Zeffy
active 384 AN134 AN134 kj3400
active 385 TA116 Latina histor
collaborative 386 TA020 Drevet PColumbus73
active 387 AN144 Ovania Emelano
active 388 TA115 United Kingdom of Thul Elmo
free 389 TA016 Principauté d'Ordalie [free [free]]
active 390 AN140 B'tuaga Imhotep
collaborative 391 TA003 Omniville GibranalNN
active 392 TA108 Federal Republic of Achecaux NINTENPUG
active 394 AN129 Aiur BGFM88
inactive 395 AN139 Brythonn Imperium Saint Piran
active 397 AN127 AN127 NCX75
active 398 TA006 United Tegian Republic TEG24601
active 399 TA103 Republic of Narghana Robert
active 401 TA019 TA019 emoog
active 402 AN126 Andover jakeroot
active 403 AN128 Vidipurpula vtk
active 404 AN133 Woolonia NE2
active 405 TA021 TA021 Motwera
active 406 AN145 Hidara Bickendan
active 407 TA009 Republic of Arciv ijzer
active 408 AN131 Seisyll Thing342
active 409 AN130 Eŋrige riiga
active 410 TA110 TA110 stennes
active 411 TA010 TA010 Pablosky2000
free 412 TA114 Oridica [free [free]]
active 413 TA121 Luslandia BMSOUZA
free 415 TA106 TA106 [free [free]]
active 416 TA025 Phoenicia oscar2002
active 417 TA024 Yureg Magor
active 418 AN137 AN137 tjj25
inactive 420 AN152 AN152 micah
active 421 TA004 TA004 Eleander
active 423 AN160 Mahhal Luciano
inactive 424 AN150 Harda Francesco Persano Adorno
active 425 TA105 Tamarindia Tamarindia
active 426 TA102 Freedemia Ernestpcosby
free 428 UL050 Mesuma Geaquinto
active 429 UL052 UL052 alicefu
active 430 UL055 Nucia kajigafliga
free 431 UL057 UL057 [free [free]]
active 433 UL070 Tibrin TheRiverSticks
active 434 UL072 Neberly antoon
active 435 UL075 Darcodia Yiyi
active 436 UL077 Wabinaar Leyshire
free 437 UL079 UL079 Brunog98
active 438 UL080 Jörmungand herickdaufenbach
active 439 UL082 Bevantiana sidney
free 440 UL084 UL084 [free [free]]
free 441 UL085 UL085 [free [free]]
active 442 UL086 UL086 Daniel Vallbi
free 443 UL088 UL088 [free [free]]
active 446 UL094 Palamo moronaut
active 447 UL096 Frostmarken medelheim
active 448 UL098 Hyildien daLaponia
free 449 UL100 UL100 [free [free]]
free 450 UL102 UL102 [free [free]]
active 451 UL104 Ispelia jak
active 452 UL105 Vartasimalia jak
active 471 UL106 Чара Danny11
active 472 UL108 Egailia Janmanly
active 473 UL110 Dagelanden KVh
free 474 UL112 UL112 [free [free]]
active 475 UL114 UL114 pablopilar
active 476 UL116 Byórn ddtuga
active 479 UL130 Republic of Alora Indyroads
active 480 UL131 Celesto Republic CarolinaAvenue
active 481 UL133 Takora Indyroads
active 483 UL137 Mazan Wal
active 484 UL139 Kingdom of Pretany bhj867
active 486 UL142 Garlis joschi81
collaborative 503 UL145 Ísztianország joschi81
active 504 UL147 Bayland Fleur
active 505 UL149 Rienuva knutux
active 506 UL150 Lanyenja Krshnaber
active 507 UL151 Konsiat adminero_us
active 511 UL152 Galicja waa
active 516 UL168 Slavonia Andy
active 517 UL170 Florescenta Andy
active 518 UL172 Scandmark Andy
free 525 UL019 UL019 [free [free]]
active 558 Roantra Roantra none
community 665 TA111 Tara [all [all]]
active 714 ul172-north Ingerland Andy
active 715 UL170-north Swaldia Andy
active 861 AN141 Paxtar Paxtar
free 944 AR048 AR048 (free)
free 945 AR040 AR040 [free [free]]
active 946 AR028 Principado de Vega JSanchez
free 947 AR043 AR043 [free [free]]
active 948 AR009 AR009 Turha
active 949 AR039 AR039 BartLeDuc
active 950 AR051 AR051 Blackstar
free 951 AR024 AR024 [free [free]]
free 952 AR013 AR013 Matt
inactive 953 AR064 AR064 City_Master
free 954 AR020 AR020 [free [free]]
free 955 AR053 AR053 DuckShuffler
free 956 AR023 Arnolein zts16
active 957 AR042 Maurician Republics Sil
free 958 AR022 Seeosa [free [free]]
active 959 AR025 Ardisphere Luciano
free 960 AR007 AR007 [free [free]]
active 961 AR061 AR061 Ghost Quarter
active 962 AR060 Inretsk Asparagus
free 963 AR012 AR012 [free [free]]
free 964 AR011 AR011 [free [free]]
free 965 AR006 AR006 [free [free]]
active 966 AR052 Rogolnika Boge
active 967 AR045 Koninkrijk Forrintië TRJ
free 969 AR033 AR033 [free [free]]
free 970 AR047 AR047 [free [free]]
active 971 AR056 Pedwatír Pawl
free 972 AR046 AR046 (free)
free 973 AR008 AR008 [free [free]]
free 974 AR054 AR054 [free [free]]
active 975 AR015 Zylanda histor
active 976 AR027 Ismikk Asparagus
active 977 AR049 Principado de Hugo JSanchez
active 978 AR034 AR034 Frodolf
free 979 AR058 AR058 rpenna
free 980 AR035 AR035 [free [free]]
free 981 AR055 AR055 Macs
active 982 AR030 Kronkite noelp
free 983 AR062 AR062 [free [free]]
free 984 AR018 AR018 [free [free]]
active 985 AR005 AR005 polo
free 986 AR038 AR038 Lord Wolfgang
free 987 AR037 AR037 (free)
inactive 988 AR059 AR059 Mercator
free 989 AR032 AR032 [free [free]]
active 991 AR044 Randalia Y Knott
free 992 AR050 AR050 [free [free]]
active 993 AR017 Dandria david
free 994 AR036 AR036 [free [free]]
active 995 AR063 Řots (AR063) Rasmus Rasmusson
active 996 AR057 Balavalonia Hbot
inactive 997 Realengo Realengo Leo79
active 998 Suprema Federazione di Lollmer Suprema Federazione di Lollmer lollmer
inactive 1000 AR016 AR016 AdamKlenovich
active 1002 AR019 Karolia Sarepava
inactive 3250 AR001 Gregtonia LivingWithDragons
active 3339 AR100 Чёнова Chionova Tâmyña
active 3340 AR101 Troipoline Patjennings
free 3341 AR102 AR102 [free [free]]
active 3342 AR103 Cookieland Zniwek
free 3343 AR104 AR104 [free [free]]
active 3344 AR105 Congary Cowman
active 3345 AR106 AR106 Zypou
collaborative 3430 UL301 Khaiwoon isleño
active 3431 UL300 Onnutu isleño
community 3432 UL302 Lonowai District (Gobrassanya) [all [all]]
free 3433 UL303 UL303 [free [free]]
free 3434 UL304 UL304 [free [free]]
collaborative 3435 UL305 Niulutan-Riu histor
active 3436 UL306 Lallemand Portopolis
active 3437 UL307 UL307 BMSOUZA
active 3438 UL308 Kairranui Islands Boge
free 3439 UL309 UL309 [free [free]]
active 3441 UL311 Nahuwa Atoll (Onnutu) isleño
free 3442 UL312 UL312 [free [free]]
free 3443 UL313 UL313 [free [free]]
active 3460 UL029 UL029 Maxwell Black
community 3461 UL031 UL031 [all [all]]
community 3463 AR901 AR901 [all [all]]
community 3490 UL220 Gobrassanya [all [all]]
free 3758 AR001b Holiday Island [free [free]]
collaborative 3798 UL139a Pretanic Faction State bhj867
active 3930 UL135 Arcania kalh79
active 4465 UL090 Sonela Gohi renal cow
active 4614 UL059 Neutra tomcoates
community 4765 AR026 Mecyna [free [free]]
active 5661 AN160b Tárrases Luciano
active 5862 UL001 Pasundan Padjadjaran okiazr
active 6341 TA119a 美兰 Meilan Subway
active 6342 TA119 Beaudry Subway
active 6699 AR041 Orlenna yanagi-chan
active 7432 TA013 Picard FBG
community 7654 AR900 Commonia [all [all]]
reserved 8072 TA027 TA027 admin
active 8682 AN131 South Placeholderland Thing342
active 9033 AR049 Principado de Diana JSanchez
active 9304 UL203 Egani clik
active 9567 UL125 UL125 isleño
active 10087 AR056 Cadwynwg Pawl
active 10105 AR056 North Pedwatir Pawl
active 10140 AR019 Arataran Sarepava
active 10141 UL120 Akinyaka (UL120) tom_m7
free 10143 UL092 UL092 [free [free]]
free 10371 AN330 AN330 [free [free]]
free 10372 AN331 AN331 [free [free]]
free 10373 AR330 AR330 [free [free]]
free 10374 AR331 AR331 [free [free]]
free 10375 AR332 AR332 [free [free]]
free 10376 AR333 AR333 [free [free]]
free 10377 AR334 AR334 [free [free]]
free 10378 AR335 AR335 [free [free]]
free 10379 AR336 AR336 [free [free]]
free 10380 AR337 AR337 [free [free]]
free 10381 AR338 AR338 [free [free]]
free 10382 AR339 AR339 [free [free]]
free 10383 TA330 TA330 [free [free]]
free 10384 TA331 TA331 [free [free]]
free 10385 TA332 TA332 [free [free]]
free 10386 TA333 TA333 [free [free]]
free 10387 TA334 TA334 [free [free]]
free 10388 TA335 TA335 [free [free]]
free 10389 TA336 TA336 [free [free]]
free 10390 TA337 TA337 [free [free]]
free 10391 UL330 UL330 [free [free]]
free 10392 UL331 UL331 [free [free]]
free 10393 UL332 UL332 [free [free]]
free 10394 UL333 UL333 [free [free]]
free 10395 UL334 UL334 [free [free]]
free 10396 UL335 UL335 [free [free]]
free 10397 UL336 UL336 [free [free]]
free 10398 UL337 UL337 [free [free]]
free 10399 UL338 UL338 [free [free]]
active 10418 TA121 Belgravia BMSOUZA
active 10419 TA121 Brasonia BMSOUZA
community 10420 AR902 West Commonia [all [all]]
active 10461 AR015 Jørpenislands (Zylanda) histor
free 10499 UL033 UL033 [free [free]]
active 10534 UL164 Norðurland EMKLI

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