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How do I name things?

Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere

For the Ardisphere, names are mostly based on Spanish (Castellanese), with other minority languages too. When minority languages are used some areas, I try to include the Spanish in brackets, in the name= tag, e.g. تَمسا (Lagartópolis) - note that the Spanish version of a name is not always a translation of the minority name, but is instead an alternate name, i.e., the two linguistic communities refer to the same place with different names.

Most of the minority languages in the Ardisphere are copies of real-world languages, e.g. Korean, Welsh, English or French. But I also have some made-up languages, such as Bofobundan, Mahhalian, and the various Ardispherian "native" languages (Altazorian, Lonica, Albalongan, Caruque, etc.). For all of these languages, these are made-up strings for the most part, following various phonological patterns. Some vocabulary items (especially Mahhalian, Caruque and Altazorian) have been borrowed but with alterations from native American languages or from extinct languages (e.g. Mahhalian borrows from Ojibwe and Sumerian, or Caruque is based to some extent on the native Californian language Karuk).

The vast majority of streets and roads in the Ardisphere are named on three basic patterns:

  • numbering and lettering schemes (e.g. Avenida A, Avenida B... or Calle 1, Calle 2... etc.)
  • named after various random noun groups (lists of animals, lists of trees, lists of tarot cards, etc.)
  • named after "famous Ardispherians" (presidents, authors, landowners, etc.)

To support the third style, above, I maintain a spreadsheet on my computer with a list of Ardispherian people, reproduced on my onomastics page