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Table of Communities

This is an experimental wikitable of OGF data, in the early phase of development. Do not update this table - it is based on data extracted from the OGF map database using a semi-automated script. To change a value in this table, edit the OSM tags associated with the community below (nodes and relations). Note, however, that updates will only show up after Luciano downloads a backup file, runs the script, and pastes the output - it is not an automated connection.


  • ref : a census id or registry id
  • postal_code : the postal code or range of codes for the community.
  • place : the general size of the community.
  • capital : indicates if the community is a capital or seat of an administrative region. 6=county seat, 4=state capital.
  • county : county or county-equivalent where the community is located.
  • name : the mapped name of the community.
  • alt_name : an alternate or historical name of the community.
  • population : number of inhabitants in the community.
  • MAP : link to map of the community.
  • ogf:text : remarks in the map database about the community.
ref postal_code place capital county name alt_name population MAP ogf:text
village Drull City Bentfeldt Nord node 5538733
village Drull City Hove node 5538734
village Drull City Landseinde node 5538735
village Drull City Bentfeldt Sør node 5538736
village Drull City Sjøby Bentfeldt node 5538738
city Drull City Drull 800000 node 5538739
village Drull City Drull Nyby node 5538740
village Drull City Landseinde aan Zee node 5538741
village Drull City Sjøby Øststrand node 5545458
village Drull City Øststrand node 5545617
suburb Drull City Borden node 5729786
suburb Drull City Sentrum node 5729793
suburb Drull City Barbabianca node 5729796
suburb Drull City Helterbo node 5729800
city Drull City Walbo node 6185308
village Drull City Barkel node 6185987
town Drull City Laecken node 6185998
town Drull City Nieuw-Groenendaal node 6193464
village Drull City Collalbo node 6202302
town Drull City Walbo Kirkby node 6206211
town Drull City Suikerveld node 6210808
town Drull City Tolhuizen node 6210809
town Drull City West-Velden node 6210892
town Drull City Oost-Velden node 6210906
town Drull City Duinkerken node 6348598
town Drull City Nieuw-Furen node 6348706
town Drull City Meeuwegat node 6434125
hamlet Drull City Angmunn Nord node 18453666
hamlet Drull City Angmunn Sør node 18453667
hamlet Drull City Angmunn node 18453668
hamlet North Delta Atenheia node 18453669
hamlet Punktland Barlow node 18453670
hamlet North Delta Berkelroda node 18453671
hamlet Gallingach Binelsing node 18453672
hamlet North Delta Bitzerheim node 18453673
hamlet Northeast Blomdalen node 18453674
hamlet Punktland Blåbæk node 18453675
hamlet North Delta Bodar node 18453676
hamlet Northwest Bricksoff node 18453677
hamlet Gallingach Brielen node 18453678
hamlet North Delta Brunby node 18453679
hamlet Punktland Buckersin node 18453680
hamlet Northeast Burlestad node 18453681
hamlet Gallingach Bømund node 18453682
hamlet North Delta Børswyler node 18453683
hamlet Drull City Debo node 18453684
hamlet Gallingach Depmølle node 18453685
hamlet Northwest Drausen node 18453686
hamlet Gallingach Drevelsstol node 18453687
hamlet Gallingach Eisel node 18453688
hamlet Gallingach Elftenburg node 18453689
hamlet Punktland Eriksby Spa node 18453690
hamlet Northeast Essingen node 18453691
hamlet Gallingach Fakbad node 18453692
hamlet Northeast Falstav node 18453693
hamlet Northeast Valkenierstad node 18453694
hamlet Northwest Flinklund node 18453695
hamlet North Delta Fostening node 18453696
hamlet Gallingach Friks node 18453697
hamlet Gallingach Føse node 18453698
town Gallingach Gallingach node 18453699
hamlet Northwest Gammelzursten node 18453700
hamlet Punktland Garaltz node 18453701
hamlet North Delta Gastrikby node 18453702
hamlet Punktland Gerlandsby node 18453703
hamlet Punktland Glintøvre node 18453704
town Punktland Gonborn node 18453705
hamlet North Delta Gorba node 18453706
hamlet Gallingach Gordikon node 18453707
hamlet Punktland Gulbæk node 18453708
hamlet Gallingach Hasselbach node 18453709
hamlet Drull City Hauge Sjøby node 18453710
town Punktland Hauge node 18453711
hamlet Gallingach Hellerup node 18453712
hamlet Punktland Hilbæk Småby node 18453713
hamlet Punktland Hilbæk node 18453714
hamlet Gallingach Holmland node 18453715
hamlet North Delta Hvidøvre node 18453716
hamlet Northeast Iprechtshagen node 18453717
hamlet Gallingach Jaller node 18453718
hamlet Punktland Jamernstadt node 18453719
hamlet Gallingach Jehnsford node 18453720
hamlet Punktland Jonsby node 18453721
hamlet Punktland Jundeløse node 18453722
hamlet Gallingach Juntzen node 18453723
hamlet Northwest Kakes node 18453724
hamlet Punktland Kalmølle node 18453725
hamlet North Delta Kalunda node 18453726
hamlet Northwest Kasken node 18453727
hamlet Gallingach Kerntorf node 18453728
hamlet Northeast Kirkby Lemur node 18453729
hamlet Gallingach Klosterbad node 18453730
hamlet Gallingach Klønstad node 18453731
hamlet Northwest Kragismunn node 18453732
hamlet Northwest Krugerstad node 18453733
hamlet Northwest Krustenmølle Reservoir node 18453734
hamlet Northeast Larting node 18453735
hamlet Northeast Lemer node 18453736
hamlet Gallingach Lilleprutz node 18453737
hamlet Northwest Lodengast node 18453738
hamlet Northeast Løretten node 18453739
hamlet North Delta Makenstad node 18453740
hamlet Punktland Midtbrarup node 18453741
hamlet Gallingach Mora node 18453742
hamlet Punktland Morbus node 18453743
village Punktland Mussenhagen node 18453744
hamlet Gallingach Måtstad node 18453745
hamlet Punktland Nordbrarup node 18453746
hamlet Northwest Nyfinhus node 18453747
town Northwest Nygastrikland node 18453748
hamlet Northwest Nygastrikland node 18453749
hamlet Northwest Nyzursten node 18453750
hamlet Gallingach Nømølle node 18453751
hamlet Northeast Odam node 18453752
hamlet Northwest Oks node 18453753
hamlet Punktland Opole Småby node 18453754
hamlet Punktland Opole node 18453755
hamlet Gallingach Pagiskirke node 18453756
hamlet Gallingach Penoltz node 18453757
hamlet North Delta Pettersby node 18453758
hamlet Gallingach Prannyshus node 18453759
hamlet Northwest Pres node 18453760
hamlet Gallingach Prutz node 18453761
hamlet North Delta Punktfostening node 18453762
hamlet North Delta Punktheia node 18453763
hamlet North Delta Smith node 18453764
hamlet Punktland Punktland node 18453765
hamlet Punktland Punktland node 18453766
hamlet Northeast Suikerrietdorp node 18453767
town Northeast Walnootbosdorp node 18453768
hamlet Northeast Purgarong node 18453769
hamlet Northeast Pustbæk node 18453770
hamlet Gallingach Queder node 18453771
hamlet Gallingach Riedingwik node 18453772
hamlet Gallingach Riegers node 18453773
hamlet Drull City Rinkedal node 18453774
hamlet Northeast Roda node 18453775
hamlet North Delta Rosdalen node 18453776
hamlet Punktland Rødbæk node 18453777
hamlet Northeast Sansheim Serif node 18453778
hamlet Northeast Sansheim node 18453779
hamlet Gallingach Schwarzby node 18453780
hamlet North Delta Sekstenhuse node 18453781
hamlet North Delta Semersbro node 18453782
hamlet Gallingach Silkeborg node 18453783
hamlet Northwest Skjønn node 18453785
hamlet Gallingach Skjønå node 18453786
hamlet Drull City Skævinge node 18453787
hamlet Gallingach Slortenlyst node 18453788
village Punktland Småby Punktland node 18453789
hamlet Gallingach Spornen node 18453790
hamlet North Delta Sprickborn node 18453791
hamlet Punktland Sprogenitz node 18453792
hamlet Gallingach Sprouldorf node 18453793
hamlet Northwest Sprøres node 18453794
hamlet Gallingach Spuks node 18453795
village Northeast Strand Sint Goud 8000 node 18453796
village Punktland Steffenstorp node 18453797
hamlet Northwest Sterresgast node 18453798
hamlet Gallingach Stockhus node 18453799
hamlet North Delta Stralgiskant Nord node 18453800
hamlet Punktland Stralgiskant Sør node 18453801
hamlet North Delta Struch node 18453802
hamlet Punktland Struggen node 18453803
hamlet Punktland Struggenstrand node 18453804
hamlet North Delta Strusoff node 18453805
hamlet North Delta Støvløse node 18453806
town Punktland Sørbrarup node 18453807
hamlet Gallingach Sørrich node 18453808
hamlet Northwest Tarenfeldt node 18453809
hamlet North Delta Thorn node 18453810
town North Delta Thornberg node 18453811
hamlet Gallingach Tichtenheim node 18453812
hamlet Northeast Tilby node 18453813
hamlet Gallingach Tonnen node 18453814
hamlet Punktland Trerres node 18453815
hamlet Gallingach Trestad node 18453816
hamlet Northwest Trilgersbro node 18453817
hamlet Punktland Trundt node 18453818
hamlet North Delta Unsjø node 18453819
town Northwest Plantage Landgoederen node 18453820
hamlet North Delta Varg node 18453821
hamlet Punktland Vestbrarup node 18453822
hamlet Gallingach Vestholmia node 18453823
hamlet Punktland Vick node 18453824
hamlet Northeast Wock node 18453825
hamlet Gallingach Ålborg node 18453826
hamlet Drull City Østbrarup node 18453827