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Udi's Status of Nations

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Udilugbuldigu’s Status of Nations WARNING: Do not read this if you are arachnophobic
Country Government type Global influence Spider infestations? OGF owner
Template:Akinyaka Cobweb-Kingdom of Akinyaka None Spiders! They're after us! tom_m7
Template:Andalaz Not-yet-wealthy Commonwealth of Andalaz None Spiders? They’re around…but we’re driving them out… okiazr
Template:Andover Cobweb-Kingdom of Andover None Spiders! They've completely taken over! Jakeroot
Template:Arataran Quasi-paradisiacal Developing Socialist Republic of Arataran Moderate Spiders? The State controls them. Respect the State. Sarepava
Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Paragon State of the Ardisphere Huge Spiders. Well, we know they exist... Collaborative territory, owner Luciano
Template:B'tuaga Secret Cobweb-Kingdom of B’tuaga None Spiders! We’re totally infested! Imhotep
Template:Balam-Utz Federation of Jaguar States of Balam-Utz Moderately moderate Spiders? Not many…maybe hiding in the jungle... anakes
Template:Belphenia Strangely Fascinating Theocracy of Belphenia High Spiders? The samurai will hunt them down!! Unless the pirates get there first… BelpheniaProject
Template:Brasonia Redlinked World Cup Winners of Brasonia Low Spiders? Man mark them…no, tackle, no, pass, no, move. I can’t decide…DO SOMETHING!!..1-0 to the spiders… BMSOUZA
Template:Calliesanyo Militant Federal Monarchy of Calliesanyo Moderately moderate Spiders? We shall surely overcome them! Reece202
Template:Cernou Teeny Tiny Island of Cernou Low Spiders? I suppose they might get here by boat… Pawl
Template:Chastechek The Un-Chaste Un-Checked Un-Cookielandic Kingdom of Chastechek Low Spiders? In the cookies? As long as we live, we resist... Zniwek
Template:Commonia Anarchic Bureaucratic-nightmare Jungle of Commonia Moderate Spiders. No spiders here - they all eat each other! Blue country free to edit
Template:Demacia Tropical Angular-regional Republic of Demacia Low Spiders? They’re found in our Atrocious shops, sometimes… Ragekwa
Template:Durië Rich Old Revelish Kingdom of Durië Low Spiders? They lives in the Greenzone and they comes out at night... KVh
Template:Drull Totally Free and Very Easy Republic of Drull Low Spiders? The Delta Spider is venomous…run! Blue country free to edit
Template:Elhadia Developing Semi-desert of Elhadia Low Spiders? Only one small species, I don't think they're poisonous... Collaborative territory:Sarepava
Template:Forrintië Incongruously-located Militarily-balanced Kingdom of Forrintia Moderate Spiders? They are under control! TRJ
Template:Freedemia Democratic Religious Half-clothed Republic of Freedemia High Spiders. What a pain...we don't have any though... Ernestpcosby
Template:Grum Semi-autonomous Cobweb-Principality of Grum Low Spiders! Should be shot! Udilugbuldigu
Template:Ingerland Kingdom of Ingerland-Ingerland-Ingerland... Moderately moderate Spiders? In Winburgh? in the Colonies? Lets hope they speak Ingerish... Andy
Template:Ionadàlba Cobweb-Kingdom of Ionadàlba Low Spiders! Crawling all over the place! Udilugbuldigu
Template:Kalm Calm Kalm Republic of Calm High Spiders? Deal with them Kalmly… joschi81
Template:Karolia Federal Well-organised Spiritual Democracy of Karolia High Spiders? No fear. Our Siikesillas protect us... Sarepava]
Template:Khaiwoon Exotic Bustling Port of Khaiwoon High Spiders? Hiding in the banana boxes? We have a plan to deal with them... Isleño
Template:Kojo Unified Unitary Kojolese-speaking Republic of Kojo Moderate Spiders? Ah - you mean ‘yotso’!

Template:Latina Free-trading non-Latin Republic of Latina High Spiders? No way San Jose…small> histor
Template:Luiveland Poor Old Revelish Republic of Luiveland Low Spiders? They lives in the Greenzone and they comes out at night... KVh
Template:Mahhal Mahhal Mahhal Mahhal Mahhal, Mahhal Mahhal Mahhal Moderate Spiders? We cultivate them ... then we eat them up! Luciano
Template:Mecyna Canalised Mechanical Republic of Mecyna Low Spiders? Yes, but as long as the canal stays open, who cares... Blue country free to edit
Template:Myrcia Modern Old-fashioned Kingdom of Myrcia Moderately moderate Spiders? They were all vanquished by St Cedric... Myrcia (Adam)
Template:Neo Delta Strongly-socialist Republic of Old Neo Delta Moderately moderate Spiders? I heard of them on wikipedia... deltanz
Template:North Glaster Historically Explainable non-Wysterian Republic of North Glaster Moderately moderate Spiders? They haven’t got here, yet... Yuanls
Template:Omniville Deeply Neglected Cobwebbed Desert of Omniville None Spiders! We’re open to all…and the spiders have come Collaborative territory, owner: GibranalNN
Template:Paroy Slightly-anarchic Well-organized Democratic Republic of Paroy Moderately moderate Spiders? They’re free to organize themselves... PortCal
Template:Paxtar Big and Bold Paxtaran Republic of Paxtar Moderately moderate Spiders? American spiders? No, never seen one... Paxtar
Template:Pretany Alleged Superpower Kingdom of Pretany High Spiders? They’re becoming a problem... bhj867
Template:Roantra Unknown Republic of Roantra High Spiders? They’re there, but nobody knows about them… thilo
Template:Rogolnika Democratic Former Dictatorship of Rogolnika Moderately moderate Spiders? They were ousted in the ‘80s... Boge
Template:Sathria Cat-worshipping Empire of Sathria (Nice Flag) Low Spiders! Yes, but we have a cat with wings...one day it will fly... thilo
Template:Tara Incongruously Religious Faded Republic of Tara None Spiders! Lord protect us, no one comes here anymore… Collaborative country, owner: histor
Template:Tircambry Valleys of Tircambry Moderately moderate Spiders. None here - not even in the mines... Pawl
Template:Ūdzđąnąrąt WTF of Where? Moderately moderate Spiders? They're infesting the stilt huts! Udilugbuldigu
Template:Vinnmark Slightly Aggressive Egalitarian Capitalist Kingdom of Vinnmark Low Spiders? On the march? Fight them! adminero_us
Template:Wenesinia Sunny Panwensinian Wesinian Islands Low Spiders? They occasionally get here – I don’t know how... Olufsen
Template:Wesmandy Historic Realm of Wesmandy Moderate Spiders? No, not many – and they’re very, very old... Pawl
Template:Wiwaxia Matriarchal Egalitarian Wierd-name Democracy of Wiwaxia Moderately moderate Spiders? The female of the species? Those are deadly... Demuth
Template:Woolonia Modern Sheepherding Sheep Kingdom of Woolonia Low Spiders? Yes, they sometimes infest our sheep... Ernestpcosby
Template:Zylanda Sub-tropical Trading Ports, Swamps and non-Desertified Desert Zones of Zylanda Moderately moderate Spiders? I suppose when people go to Latina, the spiders come back here... histor
Template:Ostermark Whaling Whining Wepublic of Østermark Low Spiders? Get out of here... Demuth