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Some major rule changes will be subject to public vote by active members at time of proposed change.

Vote on procedure change for existing members, as of 2020-01-24.

Proposed change

The following would replace the territory-assignment concepts on the main page (see items 3-6 under Implementation, here).

  • 3. There are no assigned territories - map where you want, what you want
  • 4. There is no "verisimilitude rule" - map fantasy or alien things, if you want
  • 5. Respect other people's creations - do NOT map on top of other people's work. This doesn't mean that Luciano will be your "enforcer." People getting into edit wars are likely to be both banned.
  • 6. No megalomaniacs. Creating a large continent doesn't give you a right to it. The world is big, but focus on detailed mapping, and large objects and spaces should be collaborative.

Vote (open until 2020-01-26 23:59 Alaska Standard Time)

User Vote
luciano approve
sockpuppet reject
Infrarrojo maybe approve (as seen in discord)
Rhiney boi maybe approve (as seen in discord)
Trombonist2003 reject
plainoldbread <vote>
JoJoBa approve
Tito_zz <vote>
diamantschiff <vote>
Moskva approve
iiEarth <vote>

Email your vote to arhetvote@geofictician.net, it will be recorded above.