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Sarangdo, CC

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Z12, -20.799 °S, 124.216 °E
Official Name:
Other Names:
Provincia de Amor, Loveland

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Municipio in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Status Exclave
Federal Subject Flag of Colonia Coreana Colonia Coreana
County (군) Nudae-gun
Elevation 320 m
Area 25.9 km2
Demonym 사랑도사람, amoruño, Sarangdoian
Population 15,000 (2014)
Density 579/km2
Mayor (시장) Yisu Be
Airports 사랑공항 (Aéropuerto Amor)
Ferries 사랑항여객터미널 (Terminal de Transbordadores de Sarangdo)
Passenger Rail No
Metro No
Tram No

Sarangdo (Gohangukian 사랑도, Castellanese Provincia de Amor, Ingerish Loveland) is a town in the Ardisphere, which is, uniquely, an exclave, entirely surrounded by Dandrian territory, situated on the north shore of Lago Moyica (Lac Mojique). It pertains to the Ardispherian federal subject Colonia Coreana, as a northern-shore appendage to Nudae County (누대군), the bulk of which lies across the lake on its southeast shore. As part of the Colonia Coreana, the town is officially Gohangukian in terms of culture and language, but in fact in recent decades, it has become a fairly cosmopolitan community, due to its international setting and isolation from the Ardispherian mainland across the lake. Sarangdo's current population is about 15,000 inhabitants, in a land area of 25.9 km2 (map 20.799 S, 124.216 E).


The town is the result of an emmigration of a group Gohangukian settlers from around Buju City, during the Ardispherian civil war in the 1850s, under the charismatic leadership of Nuno Yang (a Gohangukian autonomist). Perhaps due to misinformation or perhaps due to willful disregard, they established their outpost on the north shore of the lake in what was then sparsely settled but well-demarcated Dandrian territory.

For the first several decades the town's legal status was vague, but after the diplomatic crises of 1871, the Dandrians and Ardispherians signed the Treaty of Mojique, which clarified their international borders and the rights of residents on both sides of the border. As part of that comprehensive border settlement, the Ardisphere allowed the Dandrians their claim along the north shore of Río Caballo Blanco (White Horse River, north of Xánadu in Departamento de Montañas, but retaining a 1200 meter strip on the north bank of the river - see Templo de Frontera) in exchange for allowing the Yangites to remain at Sarangdo under Ardispherian sovereignty.

From its establishment until the 1920s, Sarangdo was quite isolated, with the economy being strictly agricultural and based on fishing from the lake. However, with the regularization of ferry service across the lake to Jangmi City in 1924, the town gradually evolved into a fairly famous tourist zone with a specialization in the cultivation of Ardispherian Black Raspberries (Rubus gwynianis, Castellanese Frambuesa Negra, Gohangukian 복군자 [bokbunja]) and the crafting of the tradional Bokbunja Wine. A number of bokbunja orchards and wineries in the town's rural areas grew up in the 1930s and 1940s, and the Sarangdo "bokbunja terroir" is now firmly established as the world's premium for both the fruit and wine.

With high-end tourists beginning to filter into the region because of the wine industry, in the 1950s the landowner and entrepreneur Gyeonguk "Cúpido" Pio began marketing Sarangdo as an ideal honeymoon getaway for Ardispherians seeking something exotic but domestic and affordable. Partly capitalizing on the town's unique name, which means simply "land of love," it turned out to be marketing genius, and now "sunny Sarangdo" is the number two honeymoon destination for Ardispherians, who generally book package tours including lake cruises, hotel stays and bokbunja winery tours.


The town is situated on the west shore of Sarang-man (사랑만) (Love Bay), which is an inlet on the north shore of Lake Mojique. The town is roughly coterminous with the Sarang-gang (사랑강) (Love River) valley, which is an oblong about 8 km north-to-south and 4 km wide. The valley occupies the eastern slope of the low ridge of forested hills (mostly eucalypts and some live oaks, pines and cypresses) that extend southward down the Cypress Peninsula, with the western border of the town following the ridge. The eastern border of the town is the lake shore at the mouth of the river, and, north of that, a roughly right-angled zig-zag pattern following the 1871 treaty survey line (mostly the old Yangite homesteaders' property lines).

The floor of the valley is mostly urbanized near the mouth of the river, with many hotels and tourist facilities along the lakeshore, and the valley is mostly agricultural upstream.


Multiple daily vehicle ferry and passenger-only hydrofoil ferry crossings to Jangmi City are available at the Sarangdo Ferry Terminal (사랑항여객터미널 / Terminal de Transbordadores de Sarangdo). Crossings take about 35 minutes on hydrofoil and an hour and a half on the vehicle ferry. Additionally, charter and cruise boats depart from Jangmi City and Mojique (at the east and west ends of the lake respectively) and stop at the same terminal.

There are two international highway border crossings with Dandria, the main one along the lake shore northeast of the ferry terminal (past the airport), and a smaller one at Point Cypress (편백곶) at the southermost extent of the town limit. For local Dandrians and local Sarangdoians the border crossing is unrestricted and requires only ID cards which are issued by the countries' respective consulates - others must have valid passport and visas as at any normal border crossing. The Dandrian consulate in Sarangdo is located in offices at the ferry terminal.

Rail transit directly to the exclave is not available, but rail-ferry packages from points south are common, connecting through Jangmi City, where the rail terminal and ferry terminal are conveniently next to each other.

Near the northeast border crossing is the Sarangdo Airport (사랑공항 / Aéropuerto Amor), which hosts a number of charter flights and private aircraft but currently does not provide scheduled service.


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