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Greetings, geoficticians;

A new process for assigning territories will be starting shortly. The admin team has been expanded and each admin will be looking after a continent as a "regional manager".

Regional Managers

Admin team members are assigned as follows:

  • Antarephia - Thilo
  • North Archanta - Wangi
  • South Archanta - Luciano
  • Tarephia - BMSOUZA
  • West Uletha - stjur
  • East Uletha - Sarepava

Different admin team members have wide discretion to set their own additional requirements for the granting of territory. Some may be more strict than others. Also, different regional admins may have different "start dates" for their regions, due to different time constraints outside of OGF - so please be aware of those start dates.

The regional managers' policies and start dates are outlined on this wiki page: OGF:Regional_management_notes

Requesting a Territory

If you have requested a territory in the last 5 months (October - February), and did not receive an answer or did not complete your application process, we would like to proceed as follows:

  • Send a NEW message to the admin team - NOTE: previously sent messages are only going to be looked at to establish precedence (see below)
  • Based on the region for which you are making a request, you will be interacting with different members of the admin team (regional managers). They may have different rules and different start dates for their regions! Please pay attention to this (see OGF:Regional_management_notes).
  • Request exactly 1 (one) territory. Do NOT request multiple territories. If you request multiple territories in your first message, you may be moved to the end of the queue.
  • Do NOT request "advanced territories" (as shown on the OGF:Territories map) if you are a new user. You will be automatically rejected.
  • you must meet the requirements for owning a territory (i.e. no history of rule-breaking)
  • Priority will be given as follows:
    • 1) if you sent a previous message in the last 4 months requesting the same territory before anyone else
    • 2) if you are an "older" user (longer time registered) than others requesting the territory

These above rules are ONLY for new users whose requests have been missed over the last 5 months. If you are an even newer user who has not yet made a request, your requests will be "on hold" until this backlog is resolved.

Also, if you made a request for a second (or third) territory, or to move / change territories, this message is not for you. Your requests will continue to be "on hold" until this backlog is resolved.

Thank You for your Patience

Thank you all for understanding.

Happy mapping and may your 2019 be fictionally cartographic!