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Achtung.svg This page is a draft. Please ignore for now.

This page will eventually be renamed, to match the name chosen for AR120.

The idea here is that there will be a "Covenant" (a sort of contract), which will place certain limitations on the mappers who choose to own territories that are part of AR120.

The below, for now, is just some brainstorming...


  1. US Analogue. This project is meant to be the OGF-based country most like the real world's USA. That means:
    1. Ingerish is the dominant language (but not official - just as in the real US)
    2. Lots of immigrants
    3. A deeply mistreated and disgruntled native population
    4. A strong economy and diverse culture
    5. More?...
  2. Federation. Member states must remain member states. No secession allowed. If you decide you don't like participating in the project, you should give up your territory.
    1. It is possible, however, to have an active (but failing) "secessionist movement" - this kind of thing can be interesting (cf. the Alaskan Independence Party, an actual, active US minor party).
    2. It is possible to imagine a past, temporarily successful secession (cf. the US Civil War).
  3. Teamwork. Since you are a member of a federation, some degree of collaboration is required with fellow members. Don't make arbitrary decisions about shared questions of economy, history, culture, etc., without first getting some degree of consensus among members. In fact, perhaps for the first year or so, these sorts of questions should even be mostly avoided.
    1. Geographic and physiographic coordination is critical. There will be:
      1. consensus TOPO map (at low level of detail, for each mapper to elaborate for their own territories)
      2. consensus climate map (at low level of detail, for each mapper to elaborate for their own territories)
      3. etc.
  4. Ownership. You own your territory and your creative work, but... if other users have integrated it into their own (e.g. through meshing histories, economies, namings, etc.), you must negotiate major removals or deletions. For example, if I create a city called "Metropolis" and you build a nice set of expressways called "Metropolis Expressway" (named after the destination), then it's kind of unfair for me to then rename or delete my city.
  5. More...

Simplified draft?

About AR120

The territories in this area are not independent countries, but rather states within AR120, which is like the USA of this world.

Declaring "independence" isn't an option, so before requesting a territory here, please make sure that you are OK with the following points:

  1. AR120 is like the USA. This is a highly developed country with a strong economy and a diverse culture formed by immigrants from around the globe, as well as the indigenous peoples of the continent. Just like in the United States, the dominant language is English ("Ingerish" in this world).
  2. Teamwork is important. Any decisions regarding shared questions of economy, history, culture, etc, should be discussed as a team. Geographic coordination is also important — for example, every territory owner should be familiar with the areas of inspiration map to help coordinate issues of climate, topography, etc. Before taking any action that affects your neighbor states, you should talk about it with them first.
  3. Have fun! AR120 is the first real "superpower" of the OGF world and we expect it to be a dynamic new place with lots of mappers working together to build something really amazing. We urge everyone involved to have fun and help make it the best country anywhere.

Please ignore this page

The header on this page says "Please ignore". That's dead serious. We are not ready to have a community discussion about this project. Don't panic. Announcement and discussion will come in due time - probably in a special Forum thread. For now, please limit inquires to private messages to admin - but those may not be answered promptly.