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Namgung University

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Namgung University
남궁대학교 / Universidad Namgung
Namgung University Seal
"피할수 없는 고통이라면 차라리 즐겨라"
 • CityVilla Constitución, DF
 • RectorAlberto Kim
 • Undergraduate9500
 • Postgraduate11500
ColoursCrimson and Black
AthleticsDragones Negros

Namgung University is the primier university in the Ardisphere that offers 100% of its curriculum in Gonhangukian language. It is one of the historic cultural centers of the Gohangukian community in the country, and because of the prominence of that community in national affairs, it has played a major role in the formation of many important Ardispherians through its history.

Currently ranked number 5 nationally among all undergraduate institutions regardless of language-of-instruction, and ranked number 10 among graduate schools, the university is especially strong in the liberal arts, fine arts and social sciences, as well as the top ranked Business School in the country, the Instituto Gustavo Im.

Founded in 1866 as the Universidad Coreana Nacional, in 1910 it was renamed Universidad Namgung after the then retiring, popular president, Yuna Namgung. who was an alumna. Other prominent alumni include the former presidents Abel Ja Castro and Dante Benengeli, as well as the current prime minister, Eusebio Pérez.

Many important non-Gohangukian families in the Ardisphere try to get their children entrolled in the university, because its rigorous adherence to the Gohangukian language for instruction means that successful graduation serves as a kind of bona fide that can give access to the influential Gohangukian community, which is indispensable for careers in Ardispherian business or politics.