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Lautaro Lombardo-Lorentz

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File:Igor Tavčar 1949.jpg
Lombardo-Lorentz upon assuming the ambassadorship to Karolia in 1951
Lautaro Lombardo-Lorentz (born 1888, Villa Constitución, DF; died 1977, Albañiles, DO) was the 21st president of the Ardisphere, serving a single five-year term from 1945 until 1950. As a member of the Partido Federal during a period of backlash against the intense socialism of the 1930s and early 1940s under the Partido Socialista, he was considered a mediocre president, who seemed too bogged down in domestic politics to be effective. Further, the so-called "Caza de Rosaditos" ("hunt for pinkos"), a series of anti-communist trials and hearings in the Federal Congress, tainted his presidency when they were later discredited as having been based more on ideology than on genuine threats to Ardispherian security.

Recognizing his unpopularity, after ceding control of the party he declined the renomination for a second term. Instead, the Federalists nominated the charismatic Carlota Juárez y Cabal. Subsequent to his successor's victory in the 1950 election, she appointed him as ambassador to Karolia, where he served for 7 years before moving on to a position as Ardispherian representative to the Assembly of Nations. Most historians evaluate his diplomatic career more positively than his political career, as he seemed to effectively separate himself from the rough-and-tumble of Ardispherian domestic politics. In fact, he remained ambassador to the AN even after the opposition Socialists took the presidency in 1960.

Early Life and Background

Although born in the capital, Lombardo-Lorentz's family was based in rural Comuna de Ranas in Departamento Occidental.


Political Beginnings


He entered politics, becoming a commune council member (legislatura comunal) in 1920. In 1924, he became mayor of the city of Albañiles.


In 1933 he became governor of Departamento Occidental.

1945 Elections


Post-Presidency and Diplomatic Career

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