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Chango Tottenham

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Chango Tottenham (born 1981, Princesa, DS) is a lead member of the OGFIA Premier Formula racing team called Verde y Blanco, which is considered the Ardisphere's "national" team.

Tottenham is from a kind of "racing dynasty" in the Ardisphere, since both his mother (Anita-Elena Way) and father (Taurino Tottenham) were accomplished racers in their own time, although they have retired now. He grew up in Princesa, in and around the famous Autódromo Internacional Princesa located there. He brags that he drove his first racecar before learning to walk. He is not well-liked by the media, being considered as eccentric and arrogant, and he rarely grants interviews. Nevertheless, his skill behind the wheel is almost unparalleled, and furthermore, he managed to complete a Ph.D. in automotive engineering at the Universidad Autónoma del Distrito Federal - thus he is directly involved in the design of many of the cars he and his teammates drive.