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Ardispheric Central Gautamic University

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Ardispheric Central Gautamic University
Universidad Gautámica Central Ardesférica
Luciano Seal UGCA.png
Ardispheric Central Gautamic University Seal
"마음이 곧 부처요, 부처가 곧 마음이니라"
Mind is Guatama, and Gautama is Mind
 • CityVilla Constitución, DF
 • RectorSilvana Duarte Yue
 • Undergraduate9000
 • Postgraduate17500
ColoursGold and Blue
AthleticsLos Elefantes

Universidad Gautámica Central Ardesférica (Ardispheric Central Gautamic University) is one of the top-ranked universities in the Ardisphere, and it is the flagship (and largest) Chogué-affiliated university in the country. The main campus is located in Villa Constitución, with a satellite campus in Sórabol and a new international campus recently opened in TBD.

Currently ranked number 3 nationally among all undergraduate institutions regardless of language-of-instruction, and ranked number 5 among graduate schools, the university is strong in liberal arts, pure and applied sciences, social sciences, and the arts.

The school was founded in 1834 by the newly independent Chogué order as the Colegio Gautámica. Like Gautamism in general, although originally associated with the Gohangukian minority in the country, currently and for the last 100 years there is no perceived ethnic affiliation for the university, and Ardispherians of all religious and ethnic backgrounds freely attend the university.

The number of important graduates is quite numerous, and includes politicians, leaders in the Chogué order, business people and artists, and a past president, the famous Eva Shinoda (1930-1940), who founded the Partido Socialista.