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Ampelis blanquiano

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Drawing of a Bombycilla blanquianensis by field naturalist Luciano Eun, 1923
The Ampelis Blanquiano (Castellanese, Ingerish "Gwynian waxwing") is a species of waxwing, Bombycilla blanquianensis, whose wintering range encompases most of the Gwynian subcontinent, including all of the Ardisphere. Their summer breeding range is farther south, across the White Sea in western Astrasia.


Although popularly called picotero in the Ardisphere, they are a type of waxwing closely related to other species such as the Ulethan waxwing or laurel waxwing.


The most distinguishing characteristics that differentiate the bird from other waxwings are the crimson markings on tips of the tail feathers, along with a general orangish cast to the upper half.


The Gwynian waxwing is endemic throughout western Archanta, wintering in the Gwynian subcontinent and western Archanta Major, and summering farther south in western Astrasia.

In Ardispherian Culture

Because the birds appear each April or May in large numbers around the capital, Villa Constitución, at the onset of the southern hemisphere winter, sometimes this period is called the "época del picotero" in popular culture. Also, one of the most famous poems by Polidoro Grijalva is entitled "El Ampelis Muerto."