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Jeongto, CC

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Z11, -21.68 °S, 124.55 °E
Official Name:
정토시 (hanja 淨土市)
Other Names:
Tierra Pura, JT (Jotaté)

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Ciudad in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Status Federal Subject Capital
Federal Subject Flag of Colonia Coreana Colonia Coreana
County (군) Jeongtoseo-gun
Elevation 240 m
Area 327.01 km2
Demonym terrapurense, 정토사람
Population 657,000 (2014)
Density 2009/km2
Mayor (시장) Bruno Jisan Hah
Airports 정토국제공원
Passenger Rail Commuter Rail
6 lines + Regional Rail
Metro 정토메트로 (RUTA-JT)
3 lines+ monorail
Tram No

Jeongto (Gohangukian 정토시 [hanja 淨土市], Castellanese Ciudad Tierra Pura, Ingerish Pure Land City, Cambric Dinas Tirpur) is the capital of the Ardispherian federal subject Colonia Coreana and is the second-largest proper city (pop. 2014 est. 657,000) in the Ardispheric Federation, although it is only the third most populous metropolitan area (metro pop. 2014 est. 1,160,000).

Initially the city was founded as a utopian project in the 1840s by Gohangukian separatists under the leadership of the idealist Espartero Yun. After the civil war, as the Gohangukian-Ardispherian community grew more wealthy and powerful, Jeongto quickly grew to become an important agricultural and manufacturing center, and after the 1930s it grew even faster, drawing on the extensive hydroelectric infrastructure that was developed in the region.

While maintaining its lingustic and cultural identity as an ethnic Gohangukian enclave, it has nevertheless evolved into a well-integrated, internationally-oriented city. It has become a modern economic powerhouse of the Ardispherian, Archantan and World economies, with a highly educated and creative population, along with extensive high technology manufacturing, software development, venture capital and industrial design sectors, earning it the international sobriquet "Silicon Hills."




File:Luciano Photo Jeongto Hosubam.jpg
Sunset at the lakeshore near downtown Jeongto in a sector of the immense Hosu Park.


Politics and Government

Mayor and Council

Public Services




Transportation and Infrastructure

Streets and Highways

Public Transportation


There are six commuter rail lines radiating west, north and east, and a metro network with 3 lines along with the circular monorail tying the lines together. A light rail addition to the metro network is projected currently to connect southward to Bigu-si. Unlike most other major Ardispherian cities, no tram network was ever built in Jeongto. The monorail line built during the 1974 World's Fair serves a somewhat similar function, however.

Commuter Lines

Metro and Monorail


Taxis and "Combi" Vans

Interregional Transit Hubs


Regional Buses


The Jeongto International Airport provides connections to several domestic destinations including Villa Constitución and El Cabo, as well as locations all over the world via multiple national and international carriers.

There is also general aviation airport (the former main airport before the current one was built) located in a constrained location near downtown on the lakeshore, called simply 시립공항 ("Municipal Airport"). Although it offers no commercial flights, it has a substantial number of corporate and private jets and the one of the busiest passenger heliports in the country.



Cinema, Performing Arts and Media

Arts and Architecture



Along a hiking trail at 해산 (Cerro del Sol, Sun Hill) near the south border of Jeongto City
Jeongto has one of the largest per capita park systems in the Ardisphere, with more than TBD hectares. This is partly a result of its legacy as a "utopian" community and the foresight of its early planners, but is also a consequence of it featuring the rugged and beautiful range of hills and mountains along its southern perimeter.





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Jeongto has several sibling cities, as per the guidelines of Sibling Cities of the World:

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