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Derindonderak is no longer the largest and most important city in Mahhal. It may be a fairly small town. I'll work on this later, meanwhile it has been moved to the "unmapped" category. If you link to Derindonderak in the wiki or with e.g. airline routes, you will need to reconsider. I'm sorry for the inconvenience - the change is being done as part of the effort to improve the climate verisimilitude for Mahhal.

Derindonderak (properly Derindonder Special Consolidated City, Mahhalian Derindonder-mohhoak), Par Dinsi Prefecture, Rakka Kingdom, is the most populous city and center of the most populated metropolitan area in Mahhal, and is located on the southeast corner of the Jessitim Sea on the west coast of the island of Wrid (the second largest island of the Mahhalian Archipelago). The city straddles both sides of the long estuary of the Par Dinsi (an important river).

Derindonderak Mercantile Exchange in the Wassi financial district in downtown Derindonderak.