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Ximena Ata

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Ximena Ata le Quercitain (born 1964, Caracol, DS) is the current mayor of the Ardispherian city of Caracol in the federal subject Departamento del Sur. Elected in 2012, Ata represents the first significant electoral victory for the newly formed Partido Verde in the country. She was elected after a scandal erupted surrounding the previous mayor, Danilo Yoh (the most recent of a dynasty of Yohs who ruled Caracol with their Federalist "machine" for almost 60 years), regarding kickbacks over brownfield toxic waste cleanup in the industrial southeast of the city. Previously she had been an activist and organizer with AQUAL (Ardesféricos quieren usar agua limpia "Ardispherians want to use clean water"), a community rights and environmentalist movement. Her educational background is in classical music from the Conservatorio Nacional Lirio Kovács, and she is currently not only mayor but also first violin in the Filarmónica de Caracol. She also plays electric bass in the punk collective "Las ¿Que Quieren?"

2015 Presidential Bid

In February of 2015, the Ardispherian Green Party nominated Ata to be their presidential candidate for the August 2nd presidential election. Polling in the wake of the Geolympiad Scandal on June 28th showed that Ata was in second place behind the incumbent Montserrat Nowak de Chang of the Partido Socialista, the strongest showing by a "third party" candidate in modern Ardispherian history.