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Rewk Mahhal (Mahhalian, normally not translated, but its meaning is "the Alliance of the Snowy River"), is the capital of the nation of the Seven Kingdoms of the Mahhal Alliance. It is the third most populous proper city in the country (2014 est. population 527,000), but its metropolitan area is only seventh most populous (2014 est. population 1,043,000).

It is an old city, and until the early 19th century, as the capital, it was the country's largest city. Nevertheless, it is the only major city in the country with no salt-water port (although it is a major river and lake port for barge traffic in the interior of Wrid Island.

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Sarangdo (Gohangukian 사랑도, Castellanese Provincia de Amor, Ingerish Loveland) is a town in the Ardisphere, which is, uniquely, an exclave, entirely surrounded by Dandrian territory, situated on the north shore of Lago Moyica (Lac Mojique). It pertains to the Ardispherian federal subject Colonia Coreana, as a northern-shore appendage to Nudae County (누대군), the bulk of which lies across the lake on its southeast shore. As part of the Colonia Coreana, the town is officially Gohangukian in terms of culture and language, but in fact in recent decades, it has become a fairly cosmopolitan community, due to its international setting and isolation from the Ardispherian mainland across the lake. Sarangdo's current population is about 15,000 inhabitants, in a land area of 25.9 km2.

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